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Universities in the United Kingdom have generally been instituted by Popular university business plan advice CharterPapal BullAct of Parliament or an instrument of government under the Further and Higher Education Act For new public universitiesapproval is required from the Privy Councilwhile private universities may be granted for art & architecture case study right to use the title by Companies House.

The exact criteria for University title vary between the four countries top phd essay writers services united kingdom the United Kingdom. Degree awarding powers, which are three-tiered and allow the granting of foundation degrees, taught degrees, top phd essay writers services united kingdom research degree, are granted by the Privy Council on the advice of the Quality Assurance Agency.

Degree courses may also be provided at Listed Bodiesleading to degrees validated by a Recognised Body. Undergraduate applications to almost all UK universities are managed by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service UCAS While legally, University refers to an institution that has been granted the right to use the title, in common usage it now normally includes colleges of the University of London, including in official documents such as the Dearing Report.

The central co-ordinating bodies for universities in the United Kingdom are Universities UK and GuildHE. No other universities were successfully founded in England during this period; opposition from Oxford and Cambridge blocked attempts to establish universities in Northampton [4] and Stamford.

Post-Reformation, these were joined by EdinburghMarischal College, Aberdeenand the short-lived Fraserburgh University. The 18th century saw the establishment of top phd essay writers services united kingdom schools at Edinburgh and Glasgow universities and at hospitals in London. A number of dissenting academies were also established. But the next attempt top phd essay writers services united kingdom found a university did not come until top phd essay writers services united kingdom Andersonian Institute now Strathclyde University was established in Glasgow in From universities innumbers fell to only 83 in The next quarter century saw a rebound, with 15 new universities founded, bringing numbers back to 98 by Cheap dissertation conclusion services for then, higher education revolution was well under way.

Between and ten medical schools were established in provincial cities; many of these went on to form the nuclei of the redbrick universities, [11] and in there was serious talk of founding a third English university in York. The opinion of Robert Peel — cabinet minister and MP for Oxford University — was sought, and after consulting with his constituents he advised against proceeding.

The first of these, established in Edinburgh inwould eventually become Heriot-Watt University[14] while the London Mechanics Institute, established intop phd essay writers services united kingdom into Do my course work, University of London. The Polytechnic Institution now the University of Westminster opened at Regent Street, London, in Augustto provide "practical knowledge of the various arts and branches of science connected with manufacturers, mining operations and rural economy".

This would become UCLfounded in as a joint stock company under the name of London University. Then, later ina plan was announced to found a university in Durham. Thus the University of Durham was established by Act of Parliament inand opened in In it pioneered the system of external examiners for its final degree examinations, bringing in Oxford academics to ensure the same standards.

It was incorporated by royal charter in and awarded its first degrees the same year. Inthe House of Commons backed the granting of a charter to the Top phd essay writers services united kingdom University.

Inthe government responded by announcing its intention to establish the University of London as an examining board that would grant degrees to affiliated colleges and medical schools. This was done inwith the old London University accepting a charter as a college under the name of University College, London. The new University of London achieved one of the principal goals of the founders of UCL: it would award degrees without any religious test, the first university in England to do so.

But from it affiliated other colleges and schools, opening up the possibility of degrees for many students who would not previously have attended a university. Another big step came in when the system of affiliated colleges was abandoned and London top phd essay writers services united kingdom were opened to any man who passed the examination.

FromClick the following article of London degrees were opened to women — the first in the United Kingdom.

In response, the Catholic University of Ireland never recognised as a University by the British state, although granted degree awarding power by the Pope was established in Dublin by the Catholic Church.

It was followed by Royal Holloway with which it merged in the s and the London School of Medicine for Women in London and colleges in Oxford and Cambridge. After London opened its degrees to women inUCL opened its courses in Arts, Top phd essay writers services united kingdom and Science to women, although it took the First World War to open up the London medical schools. By the end of the 19th century, the only British universities not granting degrees to women were Oxford, Cambridge and Dublin.

Non-Anglicans were admitted to degrees at Oxford inCambridge in and Durham in The remaining tests were except in theology removed by the University Tests Actallowing non-Anglicans to become full members of the University membership of Convocation at Oxford and Durham or the Senate at Cambridge and to hold teaching positions.

This was followed in by Owens College, Manchester. Further university colleges followed in Newcastlenotable for admitting women to its courses from the start, [27] Aberystwyth[28] Leeds[29] BristolSheffieldMason College, BirminghamDundee[30] Liverpool[31] NottinghamCardiffand Bangor With the exceptions of Newcastle associated with Durham and Dundee associated with St Andrewsall of the university colleges prepared their students for London degrees.

In the late s, Owens College applied for University status. After objections by other civic colleges, it was decided instead to erect the Victoria University as a federal body, with Owens College as, initially, its only college. It was joined by Liverpool in and Leeds in Bedford College in London[33] Reading [34] and Southampton [35] were later added to the grant to university colleges.

Royal Commissions were held and a charter was drawn up for the "Albert University" that would have seen the two colleges leave the University of London and form a federal body, like the colleges of the Victoria University. In the end it was decided to reform the University of London itself, this was put into effect by an Act of Parliament inleading to completely new statutes establishing the federal University of Go here in This was the first of the redbrick universities to gain university status.

Over the next decade the Victoria University dissolved, its colleges becoming the universities of ManchesterLeedsand Liverpooland the colleges in Sheffield and Bristol also gained University status as the University of Sheffield and the University of Bristol. The last of the original provincial university colleges, in Newcastle, remained connected to the University of Durham, but moved to a federal structure with equal Newcastle and Durham divisions.

The First World War caused financial crises in many British universities and university colleges. This led to the formation of the University Grants Committee after the war, with Oxford, Cambridge and the Durham division of Durham University finally accepting government funding. Only one institution, Reading Universitybecame a university between the wars. New University colleges were set up in LeicesterExeter top phd essay writers services united kingdom Hull After the Second World War, there was an enormous expansion in the demand for higher education.

Between Nottingham and Dundee all of the university colleges except those that had become colleges of the University of London achieved independent university status. Newcastle University is notable for having been made a university in by Act of Parliament rather than by royal charter. The s saw a large expansion in the number of universities in the UK with eight universities, known as the plateglass universitiesestablished as new institutions rather than from earlier university colleges, a number of other institutions that had not been university colleges promoted directly to university status following the Robbins Report inand the Open University founded as a distance-learning University.

In the University College at Buckingham was established as a private sector, non-profit college, opening in It awarded "licences" that were externally examined in the same manner as degrees, rather than being associated with the University of London or another parent University like the earlier university colleges.

By the Further and Higher Education Actthe polytechnics and the Scottish central institutions all became universities, nearly doubling the number of universities in the UK.

In the University of London underwent a major shake-up, with the top phd essay writers services united kingdom colleges being granted direct access to government funding and the right to confer University of London degrees themselves. This was a major step towards their being recognised generally as de facto universities. InCardiff University then the University of Wales, Cardiff was granted degree awarding powers.

This was the first time such powers had been granted to a constituent institution of a University although the University of Wales, Lampeter held degree awarding powers, these were granted prior to it joining the federal university.

Over the next decade, all of the constituent institutions of the University of Wales and many of those of the University of London gained their own degree awarding powers. InCardiff University left the University of Wales, which shifted to a confederal structure in before being essentially dissolved following a series of scandals in In Imperial College left the University of London, raising fears about the future of that federal institution. However, it has survived and attracted new members, although many of the larger colleges now award their own degrees.

InCity University, London will be the first institute to voluntarily surrender university status when it becomes a college of the University of London. In the years following the end of the Second World War, local education authorities LEAs paid student tuition fees and provided non-mature read article clarification needed ] top phd essay writers services united kingdom with a maintenance grant.

Under the Education Act a national mandatory award of student maintenance grant was established, payable popular analysis essay proofreading school the LEAs to students on most full-time courses.

Fromthe grant was abolished altogether. In fact, there is very little variation in the tuition fees charged by universities—nearly all charge the maximum tuition fee on all courses. There top phd essay writers services united kingdom been considerable debate since the s about the tendency toward vocationalism and the decline in the humanities, as well as a growing mindset among senior administrators that is preoccupied with marketing and corporate-like measured of "success.

In the early s the University Grants Commission divided British universities by age into five groups by age and location.

The English universities were divided into three: ancient, Durham and London, and the civic universities, with the other groups being the ancient Scottish universities then the only universities in Scotland and the University of Wales then the only university in Wales. The top tier consisted of only Oxford and Cambridge. The second tier contained the remaining universities from the Russell Group along with the former members of the defunct Group except for the University of Essexall of the pre universities in Scotland, and the University of Kent.

The fourth tier has the remaining polytechnics and the majority of the former HE colleges, along with UWTSD. Applications must be made by 15 October for admissions to Oxford and Cambridge and medicine, dentistry and veterinary science courses and by 15 January for admissions to other UK universities.

One-half of universities now have one or more course that top phd essay writers services united kingdom an entrance examination. All UK universities are independent bodies; unlike in the US and other European countries there are no government-owned universities. Esl phd paper example the exception of three private for-profit universities, British universities are charities. There are four principal charity regulators for UK universities.

For universities outside England, this is the relevant national regulator, i. The form and objectives of the corporation are laid down in the individual charter and statutes, but commonly all graduates are top phd essay writers services united kingdom of the university. Many London colleges were also incorporated by this route.

At the ancient Scottish universities the corporation is formed, under the Universities Scotland Actby the Top phd essay writers services united kingdom rather than the graduates. A chartered corporation may not change its statutes without the approval of the Privy Council.

Newcastle University is the only UK university to be a statutory corporationand the only "old" University not incorporated by royal charter, having been created by the Universities of Durham and Newcastle upon Tyne Act Among London colleges, Royal Holloway, University of London was created in by the Royal Holloway and Bedford New College Act merging the 19th century Royal Holloway and Bedford collegesand is similarly a statutory corporation.

The main difference between this and a chartered corporation is that a statutory corporation has no power to do something that is not aligned with its defined aims and objectives.

In a higher education corporation, only the governing board is incorporated, not the graduates. Some newer London colleges share this status. Some new universities are companies limited by guaranteea common form of incorporation used inter alia for some charities.

The London School of Economics is also incorporated in this manner. The University of Chester and Bishop Grosseteste University are both unincorporated trusts within the Church of England. This was also the original form of Durham University at that time also a church university between its foundation in and its incorporation by royal charter in Under the Education Reform Acthigher education providers will be either Recognised Bodies or Listed Bodies. A Recognised Body is defined as "a university, college or other body which is authorised by Royal Charter or by or under Act of Parliament to grant degrees" [82] or a body authorised by such a body "to act on its behalf in the granting of degrees" [83] this later category covers the colleges of the University of London with regard to the issuing of London degrees.

There is also the non-profit Richmond, The American International University in London which essentially offers an American liberal arts education; this is not a UK university but is accredited by the American Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

A government-provided loan may only be used towards tuition fee costs. Scottish and European Union students studying in Scotland have their tuition fees paid by the Student Awards Agency for Scotland. Students are also entitled to apply top phd essay writers services united kingdom government-provided loans to pay for living costs, a portion of which is also means-tested.

A new [ when? As part of the deal allowing universities to charge higher tuition fees, all universities are required to offer bursaries to those in receipt of the full government grant. Different funding arrangements are in place top phd essay writers services united kingdom students on [ clarification needed ] National Health Service NHS being eligible for a non-means tested bursary, while healthcare students on degree level courses are eligible for a means tested bursary, and are not eligible for the full student loan as a result of their bursary entitlement.

Students living in the UK, if they are from a non-European country, have to pay the same very high fees as overseas students, even if they have been in the UK for more than 3 years, without indefinite leave to remain. Such students top phd essay writers services united kingdom not eligible for a loan from the Students Loan Company either.

Students in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are also eligible for a means-tested grant, and many universities provide bursaries to poor students. Non-European Union students are not subsidised by the United Kingdom government and so have to pay much higher tuition fees. In principle, all postgraduate students are liable for tuition fees—though a variety of scholarship and assistantship schemes provide support.

Top phd essay writers services united kingdom main sources of funding for postgraduate students are research councils such as the AHRC Arts and Humanities Research Council and ESRC Economic and Social Research Council. British universities tend to have a strong reputation internationally for two reasons: history and research output. The University of Cambridgefor example, has produced 90 Nobel Laureates to date—more than any other university in the world.

The larger research-intensive universities, including many civic universities visit web page, are members of the Russell Group top phd essay writers services united kingdom, which receives two-thirds of all research funding in the UK. The perceived rankings of universities in the United Kingdom are also heavily influenced by the popularity in recent years of newspaper league tables that rank universities by teaching and research.

Only three universities in the UK have never since the start of university league tables in the s been ranked outside the top ten, with Cambridge and Oxford being consistently ranked in top phd essay writers services united kingdom top 3 positions and Warwick no lower than tenth. A further 9 UK universities 16 in total rank in the top for — The school was ranked 11th in the world in and within the THE-QS World University Rankingsthe School, but dropped to 66th and 67th in the and edition.

The school administration asserts that the fall was due to a controversial change in methodology which hindered social science institutions. This is in sharp contrast to domestic league tables where in the rankings, i. Similarly, Exeter, Surrey and Lancasterwhich make the top 10 in the majority of domestic tables, do not rank highly on international tables, while St Andrews and Durham make the top 5 in most domestic tables but fail to make the top 50 internationally.

In England and Wales the majority of young full-time university students live away from home; [] this is not generally the case for universities in most European countries, such as Italy and Spain.

So most universities in the United Kingdom provide or at least help organise rented accommodation for many of top phd essay writers services united kingdom students, particularly in the first year; some British universities provide accommodation for the full duration of their courses. So the lifestyle of university students in the United Kingdom can be quite different from those of European universities where the majority of students live at home with their parents.

The University of London from its reform in[] and the University of Wales from its inception in until its reform inhave been federal universities. They have a central governing body with overall responsibility for the maintenance of standards at the constituent colleges. Recently, however, there has been considerable pressure from the larger colleges to become more autonomous and, in some cases, completely independent institutions.

Examples of this were the secession of Imperial College London from the University of London and Cardiff University leaving the University of Wales. The University of Buckingham was the only private university in the UK until Two source, Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln and the University of Chesterare unincorporated trusts under the trusteeship of their local Church of England dioceses.

The University of Warwickoriginally to be named the University of Warwickshire when it was established inis several miles from Warwickthe county townand is situated on the southern edge of Coventry in the West Midlands county. Whether or not universities actually do conform to such statutory obligations, and if, for example, the code of practice of the NUS is followed when determining the make-up of such bodies is a hotly contested and ambiguous matter. In common with practice worldwide, graduates of universities in the United Kingdom often place not only their academic qualifications but also the names of the universities that awarded them after their name, the university typically but not universally being placed in parentheses, thus: John Smith, EsqBSc Sheffieldor John Smith BSc Sheffield.

Degrees are generally listed in ascending order of seniority followed by diplomas. An exception may be made when a degree of a different university falls between two degrees of the same university: [] [] John Smith, MSci YorkPhD London ; Jane Smoth BA, PhD LondonMA Bristol.

Some older British universities are regularly denoted by an abbreviation of their Latin name. Notably OxonCantabDunelm are used for the Universities top phd essay writers services united kingdom OxfordCambridge and Durhamwhich are different from the English abbreviation.

For other universities, such as Top phd essay writers services united kingdom And for St AndrewsGlas for GlasgowAberd for AberdeenEdin for Edinburgh or Lond for University of Londonthe Latin and English abbreviations are identical both Aberdon [] and Londin [] are used occasionally, making the Latin explicit.

More recently established universities top phd essay writers services united kingdom sometimes use Latin abbreviations, especially when they share the name of an episcopal see, in which case they sometimes use the same abbreviation that the bishop uses for his signature. The general rule is to use the first syllable and the first letter of the second syllable.

The change was controversial p. This document also counsels against the use of parentheses. In the New University of Ulster merged with Ulster Polytechnic to form Ulster University. There have also been a number of mergers between colleges of the University of London, of particular note is the merger of Royal Holloway College and Bedford College in by Act of Parliament. Cardiff University merged with the University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology inand then re-merged with the University of Wales College of Medicine inthe two having previously been separated in the s.

Also inthe Victoria University of Manchester and the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology merged to form the University of Manchester. InLondon Guildhall University and the University of North London merged to form London Metropolitan University.

This similarly did not occur. In Wales, the University of Wales Lampeter and Trinity University College merged in to form the University of Wales, Trinity Saint Davidwith Swansea Metropolitan University joining in and the University of Wales committed joining once out has completed its commitments to current students.

Also in Wales, the University of South Wales was formed in by a merger of the University of Glamorgan and the University of Wales, Newport. The University of Wales Institute Cardiff declined to take part in the merger, becoming Cardiff Metropolitan University.

A study by the Office for National Statistics in found that, although university graduates are consistently more likely to be employed than other people, they are increasingly likely to be overqualified for the jobs which they do hold. The study also found that the type of degree is significant.

This can be explained at least in part by the higher proportions of students studying medicine, engineering, and physical or environmental sciences at Russell Group institutes, and their higher entrance requirements selecting these, making them more likely to go on to higher-paid jobs.

There is also a wide variation in the proportion of graduates who are underemployed. For example, the most common employment fields for civil and mechanical engineers are engineering and construction. On the see more hand, the most common workplaces for media studies graduates are shops and restaurants. Despite this, polling for the report found that apprenticeships have a lower perceived value than degrees.

It also found that there is a wide variation in top phd essay writers services united kingdom earnings within subjects, even between graduates from the same institution. They argue that the graduate premium has been diluted by the large number of graduates, in particular those with non-vocational degrees from non-elite institutions.

Making matters worse, employers have responded to the oversupply of graduates by raising the academic requirements of many occupations higher than is really necessary to perform the work.

The study concludes by asking "why bother to study at any Buchweizen top letter ghostwriters sites us kann than the top few institutions when a lifetime of debt will be the almost certain consequence?

What then of the public good of having a huge range of purely academic courses on offer? It is also claimed that academics who enforce rigorous standards risk receiving poor student course evaluations. Other experts, however, link this decline to problems getting visas for international staff and lack of investment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the cricket team of this name, see British Universities cricket team.

See also: Ancient universitiesThird oldest university in England debateRed brick universityRobbins ReportPlate glass universityCollege of Advanced Technology United Kingdomand Jarratt report See top phd essay writers services united kingdom Tuition fees UK. Main article: League Tables of British Universities See also: Governance in higher education.

Retrieved 15 February Over the past 10 years the university has become an increasingly loose federation of independent institutions that are universities in their own right and receive their grants directly from the Higher Education Funding Council top phd essay writers services united kingdom England, although they still hand out degrees on behalf of the central university.

Higher Education in the learning society — Main Report. Today there are higher education institutions in the UK of which are titled universities which include the various constituent parts of both the University of London and the University of Wales. Retrieved 30 November The English Church in the Fourteenth Century. Durham University: Earlier Foundations and Present Colleges. A Brief History of Gresham College — PDF. Archived from the original PDF on 2 July A History of the University in Europe: Volume 3, Universities in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries — Retrieved 29 November Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser.

Retrieved 30 November — via British Newspaper Archive. Retrieved 1 December Birkbeck, University of London. Retrieved 17 November Retrieved 28 November — via British Esl rhetorical analysis sites uk Archive.

Catholic University of Ireland. New York: Robert Appleton Company. Retrieved 7 February — via New Advent. Retrieved 4 December Retrieved 5 December — via British Newspaper Archive. Phillips Bedson December Archived from the original on 2 September Education of Girls and Women in Great Britain. Archived from the original on 2 March Retrieved 5 December Studies in Higher Education in England and Scotland.

Department of the InteriorBureau of Education. In fact, in its Durham division it is an inchoate Oxford or Cambridge, the third of the ancient universities in England, brought forth after an interval of years as one born out of due time. Retrieved 29 December Higher Education and Opinion Making in Twentieth-century England.

Retrieved 24 November Higher Education, Social Class and Social Mobility: The Degree Generation. Retrieved 9 February The newcomer came from what we scornfully termed a"redbrick" university. A "redbrick" was a university found relatively recently: "greybrick" universities were of greater antiquity.

The distinction was arbitrary, and led to heated arguments as to which institutions of higher learning were included in which category. Student Life in a Class Society.

Large numbers of staff and students consciously stress the "differentness" of Durham by referring to our consciously as "non-redbrick" or "greybrick" even. Consultation Paper on a Higher Education Governance Bill. Despite the expansion that had been achieved in the existing universities it became evident by that more universities were going to be needed.

In that year the government, on the advice of the University Grants Committee, approved the establishment of the University of Sussex and, in the following years, of six more universities at Norwich, York, Canterbury, Colchester, Coventry and Lancaster. Retrieved 14 April Retrieved 20 February University of the Arts London.

Retrieved 14 July Retrieved 17 December Charity Commission for Northern Ireland. Archived from the original on The Law of Higher Education.

Barker; Colin Frank Padfield Retrieved 8 December Retrieved top phd essay writers services united kingdom December Richmond, The American International University in London. To the Cambridge official count could be added Eric Maskin Economicsa Research Fellow at Jesus College in The official count also excludes Roger D.

Archived from the original on January 19, Retrieved 26 April Guttenplan 14 April Retrieved 5 February Retrieved 20 Just click for source In Memory of William Cameron, M.

Retrieved 21 December Dr Elaine Farrell BA UCDMA, PhD QUB. Royal Society of Edinburgh. The Guild of Church Musicians. John Ewington OBE KLJ MA Lambeth FGCM DipChMus Lond ACertCM HonFCSM HonFFCM HonRSCM FGMS. Dr K Jones - BSc, PhD UCLAN. Mr R Thain, BA UCA. This follows the tradition of using the Latin name for towns and cities top phd essay writers services united kingdom in the University of Cambridge Cantab.

Sir Roderick Impey Murchison, D. A DunelmF. Queen Mary University of London. Wolfson Institute of Preventative MedicineQueen Mary University of London. Sima Sandhu, BSc, MSc NTU PgCert, PhD UEL.

Pettitt earned his BA at Kent []. Qualifications: DDPH RCS Eng MSc Lond PhD Lpool Top phd essay writers services united kingdom Lpool Dr Ahmad Hassan Ahmad MSc, PhD LboroPGCAPP BathFHEA.

Queen Mary, Article source of London. Academic qualifications: BA WarwickMSc UWE. University of York, Department of Computer Science. University of Bristol School of Economics, Finance and Management.

Office for National Statistics. Higher Education Careers Services Unit. Retrieved 23 October Retrieved 14 February Retrieved 22 September Retrieved 30 June Retrieved 13 January Retrieved 5 May Retrieved 22 December Universities in the United Kingdom.

Norwich University of the Arts. Institute of Cancer Research. Royal Academy of Music. Royal College of Art. Royal College of Music. Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. UW Trinity Saint David. American University of the Caribbean. Cayman Islands Law School. International College of the Cayman Islands.

Saint James School of Medicine. University College of the Cayman Islands. University of Science, Arts and Technology. University of the West Indies. University of the Channel Islands in Guernsey. University of London International Programmes. List by date of foundation Third-oldest in England. National Union of Students. Links to related articles.

University associations and groupings in the United Kingdom. White Rose University Consortium. Global Medical Excellence Cluster. Ancient university Ancient universities of Scotland. Science and technology in the United Kingdom Economy of the United Kingdom.

Chief Scientific Adviser to the Ministry of Defence. Council for Science and Technology. DESG Defence Engineering and Science Group. Defence Science and Technology Laboratory. Food and Environment Research Agency.

Government Office for Science. List of UK government scientific research institutes. Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology.

Science and Technology Select Committee. Biotechnology and Biological Sciences. Engineering and Physical Sciences. National Museum of Science and Industry. British Mass Spectrometry Society. Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine.

Royal Academy of Engineering. Royal Society of Chemistry. Royal Society of Biology. Campaign for Science and Engineering.

East London Tech City. Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Science and technology awards. Science and technology magazines. Education in the United Kingdom. Gaelic medium education in Scotland.

Irish medium education in Northern Ireland. Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Main page Contents Featured content Current events Random article Donate to Wikipedia Wikipedia store. Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Contact page. What links here Related changes Upload file Special pages Permanent link Page information Wikidata item Cite this page. Create a book Download as PDF Printable version. This page was last modified on 15 Aprilat Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Card [] Cen Lancs [] or UCLan [] University of Central Lancashire Ches [] Chich [] University of Chichester City Lond [] City University London Cov [] University of Coventry Cran [] University for the Creative Arts Cumb [] De Mont [] De Montfort University Dund [] Dunelm [] [] [] Durh [] [] Dunelmensis East Ang [] or UEA [] University of East Anglia East Lond [] or UEL [] University of East London Edin [] Edinburgensis University of Edinburgh Exe [] Glam [] University of Glamorgan Now part of the University of South Wales Glas [] Glas Cal [] Glasgow Caledonian University Glouc [] University of Gloucestershire Greenw [] University of Greenwich GSMD [] Guildhall School of Music and Drama H-W [] Heriot-Watt University Herts [] University of Hertfordshire Hudd [] University of Huddersfield Imp Lond [] Imperial College London IOE Lond [] Institute of EducationLondon Use of Cantuar for Kent is rare and risks confusion with both Lambeth degrees and the University of CanterburyNZ.

The Latin name for Please click for source is Cantium hence Cantiensis which would give Cant also used by the University of Canterbury, NZ ; the University of Kent was originally the University of Kent at Canterbury.

Warw [] West Eng [] or UWE [] University of the West of England West Sco [] University of the West of Scotland Westmin [] University of Westminster Winc [] University of Winchester Wolv [] University of Wolverhampton Worc [] University of Worcester Ebor [] [] York not actually an top phd essay writers services united kingdom is also used by York University Canada.

Economy of the United Kingdom.

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