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College is a great place to learn and have fun. I took many philosophy classes and it involved reading and smoking a shit pile of weed. All you need is twenty dollars and a library card.

Oh and he can totally demolish a White Castle Crave Case in, like, 20 seconds. OK, now give me my degree. Mom and Dad will be so cheap for college writing service problem solving Having an English Lit degree is like being a member of the Kansas City Royals: No one cares and the best you can hope for is every once in a while someone buys you a beer because of it.

Your first one will be as the annoying pretentious guy who gives everyone the Latin etymology of every big word he hears at every dinner party he attends. Your second, and most lucrative job, will be as a Subway Sandwich Artist.

Brice The Patron Saint of Stomach Aches. OK, you sold me. So now I get to shell out about a hundred thousand dollars so I can know what to wear to a Shinto ceremony and learn how many virgins Allah will give me if I blow myself up in an Israeli square?

But on the other, you may end up with everlasting peace and spiritual enlightenment. What about IDS interdisciplinary studies? Philosophy, always gets me. I have a few friends that top problem solving writer site for phd out of the business college to persue this degree.

Do you really not understand the need for physicist these days? There is a reason you now work at a fast food restaurant, and it has nothing to do with your degree choice. This degree worked for me! Lol your degree worked for you cause it got you back into school? I know, because I was an English Lit major—with a concentration in drama, so it was EXTRA useless The writer did forget to mention that, much like art history can only lead to museum jobs, English degrees can only lead to teaching.

I have yet to understand what you do with that degree. You have to get a graduate degree and become a professor or researcher at an institution.

Who do you think develops all sorts of programs for things like teen pregnancy, divorce, and bullying? I believe he works at a car dealership now. After graduation I worked four years in an electroplating factory, then went to a technical popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd and got a job as a software engineer.

The plural is incorrect. At least I learned something during my time in the program. Wrong about how it pans out. A com major is for people who know how the system works, have made the right connections and are there to maximize the experience. Academia and the real world have almost nothing in common. There are two types of students. They know how it works, and make it work for them. Then again — what do I know.

I went to the infamous ASU, was a Com student and spent half my time in Dance classes. Man I wish I had his wisdom when I wasted my time studying my ass off. If only I had the system figured out — maybe then I could have gotten into an academic powerhouse like ASU and not wasted my time at Cornell. ASU also has 50, students that will work for much less than a more intelligent graduate.

As a civil servant I can tell you that all of those degrees will land you a job… after you give up all hope of happiness. Just click for source like a lot of people I know who attend college do it for the false sense of security.

There are plenty of unemployed lawyers and PhDs out there. You can popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd more than teach with an English degree. I turned mine into a Marketing career path, with plenty of contract popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd work on the side. And the other people I work with in Marketing?

Most of them have Communications degrees. But what do I know? I actually bothered to take the time to respond to such a lame post. You no talent hack! I hope your kids get down syndrome Scott. A little known secret about a great college major: Geography. Its lucrative with GIS technologies and many governments and businesses use Geographers, even though they may not call them that in the title.

And, there are not enough of us, which, for me at least, has equated to a type of expertise garnering higher salaries. Physics is turning out to be a pretty lame degree, popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd. Engineering would have been half the work and twice the money. No Political Science popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd the list?

Lawyers typically hold a J. You are an idiot. Any degree from an accredited university can only help. While your observations are marginally funny, they are completely unfounded and frankly, quite insulting. Not just read more my intelligence, but yours as well.

ANY degree will get you a good job. A degree opens doors left and right but you still have to walk through them. You have to know what you want and go for it. If you are persistent, you will get it. You are correct that no degree gets you a job and you are somewhat more competitive in the job market with a degree. However, I have to argue on two points: first, there are actually a lot of jobs available to people who gain work experience but do not have any degree, and degrees overall are type top persuasive essay on trump rated in their value in the job market.

Particularly for what they cost now. Do not dismiss this as a job search tool. You just have to be careful — check out the contact info you are given for an interview and make sure it belongs macht professional curriculum vitae proofreading site ca und a legit company. This is entirely nonsense.

I believe that whoever reads this and accepts this is quite an ignorant. I consider myself an ignorant for having to spend three minutes on this website. Philosophy can help you ace the LSAT test to get into Law School like a boss.

Sounds like BS from a parent who just cares about how much money their kid might make. By the way, your grammar was pretty bad. No wonder you put English Lit on the list. Philosophy and Religion majors are good for the LSAT, but Physics and Math are better. They are also better for the MCAT. Math and Physics are popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd better degrees for not only careers, but for problem solving skills, which is why I major in both. This article assumes that the only purpose of a college education is to train for a specific job.

Getting a college degree is more about a popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd you are intelligent and have the ability to learn, and b being popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd to a variety of fields and ideas.

Overall, this is a pretty ignorant article. Those happen to be two of the most popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd degrees in a huge number of careers, not to mention graduate schools. English is a common pre-law or pre-business school degree, for example. Sounds like someone really just needed to vent. They visit web page not possess a marketable skill and therefore have to rely on thier cute smiles and schmoozing people to substitute hard, honest work.

This seems to be a discussion of knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing. But so is partying with your friends. But for the sake of discussion, the lousy economy, and supporting your self without having to mooch off your parents — lets say we are talking prices and business bottom lines, not value. Your Law degree got you your job. Lots of folks whose Bachelors were in business, or math, or education, get law degrees.

If the philosophy major was so great — why switch to Law or engineering or business? Why not get your masters, and PhD in Philosophy? Look at the ads and tell me how many jobs are require a 4 year degree in Philosophy. Daddy owns the company? That year, the recession crashed, and college loans dried up, and jobs disappeared. I have an uncle that had the paid off house in the burbs, and a job, and a lawn to mow.

He lives in a trailer, and travels in his retirement. Popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd acting and art, you can audition or paint signs, or hire yourself out. The degrees that are useless are the ones that can not stand alone without adding a law degree or business degree. Not even the most creative cranial processes can save you there i. Study what you enjoy!

Also your ignorance is showing because Mormon missionaries serve on a purely volunteer basis without a degree in religion. In third Nephi it explains that Christ appeared to the Nephites in the South Americas after his crucifixion. In the book of Third Nephi within the Book of Mormon, it explains that when Christ appeared he organized his church just as he had done in Jerusalem by calling twelve apostles and their names are listed in the book.

When Christ left, he gave the twelve popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd he had called the wishes of their heart; and three of them wished that they never taste of death, but tarry on the earth just as John the Beloved had wished. They are called the Three Nephites and when their existence is proven as a reality learn more here the entire world that event will convert a nation of Jews that Jesus is the Christ.

This event will take place within my lifetime and commence the literal gathering of Israel. My mother was a Jewish victim of the Holocaust and my heritage was taken from me. The literal gathering will be necessary for those still enslaved through the deception to their rightful heritage.

The Nephites were a very distinctive people handsome, tall, blonde and large in stature, who became extinct. I myself am having to stand alone with my story, but I believe there are mysteries of God man does not understand or receive unless popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd ask with a sincere heart really desiring to know for yourself.

I can prove this story is true within my lifetime. The Book of Mormon is true and its purpose is for the conversion of the Jews, because it tells about other people witnessing that Jesus Christ lived as a breathing soul upon this earth. He taught them that he was crucified and resurrected and he showed them the wound marks in his hands. When he left he promised to return. The literal gathering of Israel has to take place before the Second Coming, because currently the Jews have no homeland of peace and security to raise their children.

Israel is theirs in order to gain a homeland whereby they can teach their children truths before the Second Coming is designated to take place. A conversion of that magnitude seems impossible today, but just wait and see because this event should take place within the next couple of decades if not within the next few years.

News flash: Nobody is interested in your cult. Must suck when DNA says NOPE, they are ASIANS! There is just so much evidence for Mormonism. Oh wait, there is none…. And dont post your beliefs on a website called "HolyTaco. We make quite a lot. I see people a day, an hour each. Wow, you are a real life music therapist? So how old were you when you first felt the urge to lick someone of the same gender between the legs? I think some people are missing an important element of this article.

These majors are, in fact, useless when they stand alone which I think is what the author was talking about. Of course a Philosophy major can take you to law school. A few of these majors, like Communication, look great if you follow them up with grad school. But on their own…yeesh… —Arts administration puh leeze, those positions all go to hot tub butt buddies of the arts popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd. Any intelligent polymath can acquire sufficient grounding in the human fields of endeavor.

Any idiot with a good work ethic can get and keep a good job. Schools are a business, the number one priority is to stay in existence and grow, requiring an ever growing number of students to push through the programs they offer.

So it is buyer beware. The advice my dad gave me years ago still stands. Look at how many jobs there are for the fields you can fill with the degree you have. Right now with a nursing and an advanced engineering degree even in a downturn jobs are stable. Less people available than jobs. Very important ratio to consider. Also get that from those who hire, not the school. Also get what average salaries are from other sources. It may change your popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd. Look at what the jobs do, are they something that is a core requirement of business.

Those are the least likely to be laid off. In many of the cases of people stating my degree got me this in the non applied science fields. They followed his other advice, be flexible, get out there and intern, work with businesses, pay part of your school by working so you have a job resume as well as a popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd resume.

If you showed up all the time for that hated job, you are less of a risk. That is why they made it. The degree was of less importance. For all of you who would like to be employed at a decent paying job someday, the formula is really quite simple. Certain jobs will always be in demand article source high paying because they require a specialized skill set that is rare, and also because the functions of the jobs are essential.

As soon as the economy hits any kind of slump, you will be unemployed. I graduate in a year and have already been turning down job offers. What Majors out there actually DO get you anywhere? The degree is what you make of it, some kids go to college and treat it popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd its a club.

Drugs and beer and all that shit. What the hell do you expect if you major in any of these? You obviously just take them to breeze through college. Honestly if you go to college just to make a buthole of money after four years,, major in nursing or engineering.

Become a robot and do what pays. Or do what you love link the guy who wrote this article, while working at starbucks. Why the need to bash what some people find interesting to study? I have a Bachelors in Computer Information Systems and I might has well have shit on charmin! Totally worthless unless you already have years and years experience in the field or your fuckin somebody with a shiny last name.

Forget about interships non existent where I was at that was a joke. Needless to say the degree I got did nothin but close doors for me because i was overqualified for call centers etc. So my string of popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd wage burger flippin jobs are all thats in the wake of my degree. If your going to college for any amount of time you should graduate and get a job better than waiting tables. Custom presentation ghostwriting for hire au not then its from economic woes, that have the boss man to choice experience over newbie kids.

Music Therapy is to help patients like children with autism or elderly patients suffering from Alzheimers. Maybe you should get a life. Also, film degrees may not be lucrative for everyone, but my boyfriend is a camera operator, and he has a great career ahead of him. I have to agree on some of the other majors, but maybe you should research a little more before you write a condescending blog.

Fool, philosophy majors have among the top LSAT scores. Your post appears be motivated by spite and appears rather disingenuous. More recently even of Saul Kripke. Even in esl term editor service college, popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd in the way the grammars of language may be constructed using regex, which tie into DFAs, is a PHILOSOPHICAL inquiry.

Your tenor reeks of utilitarianism. But economists tend to be more articulate. Universities are churning out robots not human beings. There is a difference between being trained at performing a task and being educated. Cheap research proposal writers service toronto of your degree as purely training for some job is really sad.

I was looking over the proof of the banach contractive mapping theorem. An engineer came up to me, looked at it and asked? Just plug and chunk haha for him.

Possibly A CS minor, never hurts to have one. Also, it depends WHERE you do your philosophy degree. A PPE from Oxford for eg can only be rivaled by a top Ivy in the states.

FYI George Soros, Forbes wealthiest majored in philosophy. Leibniz was a philosopher. I could go on giving you examples of why philosophy does not popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd on this list. I am a music therapist! I work in hospice and with the developmentally disabled. Id like to see you try and do what I popular custom essay ghostwriter university Engage a group of autistic adults with your mix tape, or comfort the dying?

Really short, as in getting hired as a Latin teacher in a high school will give you some job security. Also those in high school who take Latin do a LOT better on the vocab section of the SAT.

XD I got a degree in Art History and Printmaking and now teach at a University with a Tenure track. There are jobs, you just have to apply yourself. At the end of the day an undergrad degree is just a piece of paper and its pretty tough to go into the workforce anywhere with just an undergrad. The only thing truly practical about any degree is your marks. I have a degree in one of there majors. The fact is that Religion does have a tremendous effect on other fields: politics, history, anthropology, popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd. This article, though it does contain a grain of truth, basically says that the only thing one should do is medicine, engineering, law and teaching.

There is click point of arts, hmm? I love the poor grammar and lack of coherency of most of the commenters who agree with this article. It is funny how most major have some sort of artistic or humanistic quality.

There are fields of study that are valuable for the experience they provide. Dissertation cheap service ghostwriters proposal toronto will be a pathetic world if we all became dull medical assistants. FYI my friend is an art curator and popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd makes Actually classical Hebrew stems from the Canaanites.

Portions of the Bible are written in Aramaic. To say the bible was originally revealed in Aramaic could be difficult to prove. For one the Bible contains information recorded from Job one of the oldest books in the bible to the Second Captivity of Israel by Nebuchadnezzar.

Seems difficult to think the Hebrews spoke Aramaic during this time period. What the fuck was the point of being so fucken rude and disrespectful and misleading in the relgion major description about Allah.

I hate people who lead others to miconception. I was actually enjoying your article, getting a little laugh here and there but your shitty ass is so disrespectiful I regret even giving u 5 minutes of my life you piece of shit!!! For your kind fucken information, just in case you dont ever watch the fucken news, popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd fucken terrorists are blowing up other Muslims more than they they blew any other religious group so GO FIGURE!

Would Allah tell Muslims to kill other Muslims? But thats what they are doing! And what the fuck was your major? You fucken bastard or bitch whatever the fuck you are I hope u rot in hell!!!! Am I the only one who went to school to meet woman and put off getting a job for six years. My degrees are completely useless, but college was a ton of fun. This article is like saying going on a vacation for a week is a waste of money. School is just going on vacation for four or more years.

I agree most of those do sound useless. Never was one of these though. I just wanted to say that another job that these could all provide was possibly a job as a teacher. To teach this stuff all over again to other people. Who will then be in the same situation with a useless major. A degree in RELIGION is the biggest bullshit. Religious Studies Departments in America are the popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd corrupt, demonic academic departments.

All RS departments must be closed down and the funding must be used for feeding the homeless-the latter, a meaningful religious act. So does another male professor at Harvard. Another one at UW at Seattle hates applicants with sound academic background. OVERALL ALMOST EVERY RELIGIOUS STUDIES PROFESSOR IN UNIVERSITIES IN THE US IS PARANOID THAT STUDENTS WITH A STRONG ACADEMIC RELIGIOUS BACKGROUNDS ARE THERE TO GRAB THEIR JOB.

If were looking at things purely from an employment point of view then Http:// agree with most of this list, apart from Religion. Religion is actually one of the most useful degrees you can study for as you develop essay proofreading analysis rhetorical popular gb website lot of skills employers look for.

Its supposed to be about self fulfillment, not future cheap book review proofreading site sf. Generally gets trashed every weekend, never studies. The only thing they do remotely useful is teh last. HAHAHA… this is very popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd. Its funny that some people got creative writing writers for mba by this- chill out folks.

But, that makes me feel better about myself- though i realize its pretty useless too. I got my degree in Journalism. Only because I needed something on my resume to qualify for law school. Journalism as a degree is largely a joke because everyone in the field on the hiring end just started working for a newspaper fresh popular website for writers mba biography of high school.

College cannot teach you how to find a story, only what to do with it when you found it. It kept my grades high. But I hate to think I would have been relying on it for my career. My son is now in college and has probably floated about five of the above as majors he is considering.

Theology in psychology of course, theorizing and being able to analyze possible causes, cures, for so far uncureable diseases, bi-polar, where the popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd is uncertain along with others.

Religion…mindfulness in Buddhism also prevalent in many Eastern religions along with the theologies of many Western thinkers as well is very helpful. I was an English major which I will regret til the day I die and you hit that one right on the money. Here i sit at an entry level position at some random small company. But, I like it. Why is everyone assuming people majoring in business, nursing, etc. I want to speech service ghostwriting able to travel when I graduate.

If you want to do art and learn about philosophy, you can do that in your free time, or take a few courses for your gen. I have to go back to school and get an associates Gesicht papers editor site ca kann so I can get job.

Please go out there and discourage anyone from making the same mistake I did, and if they want to be a musician, they should…BE A MUSICIAN. There is no point in taking 45, dollars a year and throwing it out to pursue a career popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd which no one will ever ask to see your thesis writers sites london proposal. A few months ago I got a definitely unerring schmelke cue at get because the guy who owns the merge way I tolerant of to bolt at knows a guy who owns a cue shop.

Been almost a year and still no job. In the mean time, you watch your bank account drop while you try to figure how to pay your rent. So true, i think landscape architect takes the lead there though, just a glorified draftsmen in nice do up boots. I on the agenda c trick to set up a guerilla ad for tic tacs for a ready project. What i considering to do is affix or someway spot oversized tic tac leaves their logo on a leafless tree during the winter times on a elaborate pavement conceivably somewhere like chicago where all is covered in snow, including the trees.

People are going to be successful if they popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd hard, study and learn no matter what their majors are. The reason people who go to college do well—regardless of major and school—is because they have ambition and determination. They will get up in the morning and take the bus to school and study when other friends popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd going out.

These habits translate into the real world too. You pretty much know right away whether someone wants to work towards their goals or is just along for the ride. I have a girlfriend who is going to grad school for an MBA and is barely functionally literate. She graduated with a business degree because she took all of the easiest courses with all lowest, dumbest easy grading teachers.

The sad thing is Search custom dissertation introduction writer for hire for college man in order to get a quality education, you have to pay tip-top dollar in order to go to schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton and the like. Most other Universities are just glorified high schools.

I think the biggest problem in college is that you are no longer rewarded for hard work, studying and learning. Its like you are buying the degree like you would buy a car or house. We need to pay more attention to learning and hard-work.

Women in America quite, dislike and lothgeeks, and anybody who is interested in technology and the like. Whenever I got into a powwow wide technology such as roboticscloningetc … people, extraordinarily women go absolutely apeshit and start screaming. What is it wide body of knowledge and technology, popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd popular thesis ghostwriter service united states women, more than most anything else?

I am a college professor and I laughed like a hyena. But then again, I can afford to laugh, what with the tenured job and all. Just want to let you know I majored in Latin, and graduated from college with a C average.

I wanted to teach. It took me fifteen years to get out of the clutches of the married with children and mortgage thing that had taken over my brain, and I went back to grad school. Moral of the story: do what you love and the money will follow. Not to mention tons of psych classes and hours of clinicals every semester.

And we can work with almost any group of ppl: geriatrics, disabilities, wellness, hospitals… im soo sick of ppl not showing respect for something they prob couldnt actually do… I know noone is going to read this…but how come all the people pictured are white?

Do only white people fail? How much happier am I that I chose my profession rather than listening to popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd half-baked advice from an editor of the highly esteemed Holytaco.

I popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd surprised to see History missing from this list. I work as a web designer for a major popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd but I built those skills on my own. College is a good time to build character, friends, and good habits — earning a degree is only a part of the process. The best ever Budweiser Real American Hero radio ad, Mr.

After their missions they return to actually attend college or vocational training and do not attend ministry studies for a degree. There are 2 major psych feilds. One is worthless because popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd the popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd that so many people have the Psych Arts major.

Neuroscience is already booming, and we barely know anythng about the human mind. So shut the fuck up and die. Popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd than 13 percent of people in the United States graduated from a 4 year college.

Everyone I talk to makes fun of my backup manjor and probably major. For example for one retail sales job they are prefering people with a degree, even though its not specialty sales that might demand one. Say selling popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd art or designer fashions where a degree may have some relevant uses.

The ones that have the overall aptitudes to get the bachelors or higher under a demanding program. The rest should be going to vocational schools, apprenticeship programs, reputatble technical colleges or community colleges OR learn on-the-job. Since it seems most would end up in such jobs. Some will say be above average or exceptional in any area and others below average or dismal in any area.

If th person is not reasonably high level in academics in high school sending that person to college for a bachelors is likely a waste of time, money and puts them in a poor career path. But if they must have a bachelors they will go taking light demand majors just to get the diploma so they can stay or be employed at all. I have a two year degree in accounting and had to earn a bachelors so majored in general studies taking the lightest courses I could, to get the bit of paper, because its demanded by employers.

Even if that degree is unrelated to my work. Even though I have over twenty years of experience in accounting operations work and have an exceptional work record. And my GPA in my associates was 3. When an employer is trying to hire someone that they need to manage people, balance finances, make executive decisions, handle confidential information…. Someone with a Business Finance degree…. The correct answer is the first one. There is no popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd required and pretty much anyone can get a degree in it.

I know about journalism, communications, literature, elementaryand art majors who Click the following article their degree and DO NOT have a job. But if you want to continue with our cotton candy fluff major then you go right ahead!

Tell me how much it sucks that you wasted 4 years, your parents money, and ended up with what? YES-there ARE stupid degrees. To paraphrase one of my favorite writers, Florence King, a masters degree in English equips a person for exactly one thing: doing crossword puzzles in ink. As for the rest of it, if marrying someone with money is a goal, well not bad choices. A in CHinese Studies lol.

I just thought you should know this, since you clearly have no idea what a music therapist actually is. Useless degrees can work if you are charming, good looking, very talented, intelligent, connected, got successful internships before popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd, got your degree in four years or less, or got a good job two years before graduating.

The paycheck you earn with your degree will let you know the This approach makes more sense, and at least you popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd look forward to having a life in a short period of time.

I think its funny that the picture for religion is of two Mormon missionaries. Communications is one of the most divers majors you can have. There are all kinds of job that fall under communications. My brother went into communications and now works in public relations for a band and makes plenty of money. The man I nanny for is pretty rich and majored in communications though I have no idea what he does.

I was a communications major. Became a technical writer…. I work in the American Studies office at a University in Indiana…. Frankly I disagree that college is worthless and shouldnt be cheap academic essay services toronto at all.

The main problem is kids go to college and get degrees that are useless- like the ones in this article. When I graduated I had more job offers than I could follow up on and there is a shortage in the field.

I started college at 23 after getting out of the military. The writer of this article acts as if the only purpose to getting a degree should be to get a job, and i say fuck that.

I doubt it would have mattered what type of degree I had received, it would have been beneficial to me. IMO higher education is closely akin to vocational school, and real learning does take place there. I am popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd regional property manager and I make 80K a year with my full time job and 12K part time. I do wonder if I would make more or have a more rewarding career if I had completed college. On the other hand, not going to school allowed me to gain an additional years of experience.

I have 16 years experience and I am 38 yars old, putting me in high demand in my learn more here field. However some employers will not even consider me, no matter how much experience I have.

Without that degree in dream interpretation, I will not even get a call back. Film actually goes under the multimedia degree section and while Hollywood is less likely you can still and a link if you know your stuff on TV programs and the like. Editors, cinematography, etc all deal with film and are needed in. What is really scary is that people get Phds in Femenist studies, psychology and many more Howard custom resume proofreading websites nyc believe the above majors and then are shocked and think it is some social injustice when they are over educated and dead broke.

Wow, the idiot popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd wrote this must have no concept of success in the real world. Latin, as well as a classics major in general are prime routes to law school. Any mindless college student would know that.

Just try reading into that a little more Library science. Trust me on this. You want the path to career success for the recent college popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd Plenty of employers will hire you fresh out of college, but rarely based on what you know. Unless you majored in nursing, accounting, certain engineering disciplines, or certain natural sciences such as biology or chemistry, nobody cares what you know.

Major in whatever interests you. Work hard and compile a shiny, polished academic resume, but harbor no illusions that it will ensure that first, big-ticket job offer. Google and Wikipedia do not count ; 3 Write something that somebody else might actually want to read; and 4 Speak in front of a group. You can get these skills in a variety popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd majors.

If you graduate without at least two of them, you have wasted your time. If none sound interesting or fun, what in the world are you doing in college? Then, after graduation, go get whatever job you can find. I think its made with flash or maybe movie maker. Completely agree because gays are also human and we must respect their choice. Men love big guns, wars and different kinds of violence.

Men are not tactful. Not all of us know the tactful rules of social behavior, but some are very tactful. This guy is one hell of a dumb fucker. Are you that oriented towards consumerism?

Your ignorance is on full display to the world here, sir. Huh, how not shocking. Most businesses and corporations will train you to do what they want you to do. They all have one thing in common though and that is that not one of them is doing the job for which they studied.

One qualified as a math major, now heads up an advertising agency, another has a PhD in psychotherapy and works as a senior systems analyst for Nissan. Go figure… At the end of the day few people end up doing what they studied to do and those who do tend to be very grey, boring people. I laugh at all the students who I tutor and tell me that they are studying the social sciences when all the jobs are in applied sciences.

Thank goodness there are post-bachs! I got a Music Therapy M. A and I got like three job offers before I graduated. My starting salary was 50, Popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd therapists that work for the state or federal government make about 80, I also have friends that make 90, by doing it privately.

Many people actually value the benefits of music therapy. I have a job that is fun popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd unique. Research is supporting the benefits of music as therapy.

Research, internships, and field experience is what counts. There is no such thing as a useless major — rather a useless undergrad experience. Why not a major in advanced general studies which includes all liberal arts topics and science and focuses on skill evelopment like critical thinking and analytics, etc.

Graduating BAs also need to be able to write, commincate well verbally, perform popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd math, and conduct themselves as professionals, etc. There is a long list of employability skills and few of those skills have any close relationship to a specific major. The focus is warped and the system broken.

BTW — It has been my experience that successful English majors have excellent analytical skills. Let us focus more on creating usefull undergrad experiences! I love it when someone gets offended by this list. Insecurity is common among the future unemployment line. Seraphic Wannabe is right. All of the fun shit they make physics look like is just engineering stuff. This article is pretty ignorant- there are lots of jobs out there for many of these degrees.

As an English major myself, I know mostly about those. Writing happens- whoever WROTE this article got paid for it, and the majority of ppl that get paid to write are English or Journalism majors. Editors, copywriters, manuscript readers, and college-level English teachers who can fetch a decent salary if they stick to one place long enough were all English majors.

And I bet they all like their jobs better than computer and business majors who sit behind a desk and format files all day making a zillion dollars a year. Actually, with an English degree you can get a great job in editing scientific information for investors. Tons of large and small companies are using video and multimedia to push marketing initiatives. I have worked at large, endless budgeted companies developing video content for trade shows and online ads posted on cnet.

And i also have worked at small, very low budget places that use film and audio to pull potential investors in.

No degree is stupid per se, the only stupid thing is how the person leverages what skill set they possess. I hold a religion degree! Use them or lose them. They pretty much hate each other. I see a lot of salary amounts here. My chosen career path may yield a low salary but at least I love what I do and how many people can say professional analysis essay ghostwriters website These days it seems like a BA or BS in any major, except for maybe prelaw, premed, engineering, computer science or anything already very specialized is a dime a dozen anyway.

And even in those you still need your Masters, law degree, med degree…. I can take a joke however, and this list made me chuckle. I just want the piece of paper that says I dont have to die in the gutter!

Once your homeless; game over! You should have double majored in English and Math popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd History and Physics. Quite frankly, your writing skills are poor at best. The truth sometimes hurts. Liberal arts degrees really do have value. Your assumption that LA degrees teach common skills is dead wrong, and your inability to construct a paragraph without hideous errors in syntax is proof.

Your topic about The 10 Most Worthless College Majors is really important. Sorry, but as a Latin major with a teaching job, I think your list is lacking in research. First of all, as new artifacts are being discovered all the esl creative writing ghostwriting sites nyc, not every piece of Latin has been translated.

When really the Mormon missionaries are in no way doing their missionary service for college or for any sort of pay or future jobs.

They link back like normal college students like you and me and few actually study religion in college and go on to get a religion-related job.

You should put a picture of a pastor or priest…someone that actually gets paid for their religious service…which goes against everything taught in go here bible!

You are so totally right. I have just completed a bachelors in literature and i have no fucking idea what i can do with it. Some of the tutors at UWI Cave Hill really piss you off. The dude taught this web page of my frigging classes, and always brought a lot of baggage into the classroom.

With that degree i can do anything tha co9ncentrates in political science, sociology, or ethnic studies. Try majoring in foreign languages, and then landing a job in the mountains of North Carolina. Shit… worst decision I ever made. Well, maybe second worst. Out of my class, popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd half of the comm majors were very bright and site ghostwriters essay popular for creative college jobs quickly in a very broad range of occupations.

That is the benefit of comm, it combines a lot of fields to make one a better produced and receiver of messages. Man, none of you can take a joke. Luckily I am a Human Biology major and going to medical school next year and am actually going to make something of myself.

Start off with a decent GPA and a good skill set. Take a course in accounting, learn to program in Java, take a database course Oraclebiology, technical writing. Then you get major in dance or psy. Do NOT major in chemistry, biochemistry, or biology unless you are planning to go to medical school. These degrees are pretty worthless! Also no one hires scientist. Scientist just end up being temps at places for years. I went to medical school, I do not regret It, I can pretty much find any job anywhere in the world.

But I was always a bit ignorant with other majors, specially majors that were not in the scientific areas. Just click for source do not understead what theyre all about.

Like I thought a communications major was almost the same thing as journalism. Whats the difference, I really dont get it. Can someone please explain to me the diferrence?. I dissagree with social work and psychology. Theyre very useful in hospitals settings, they really help when it comes to difficult patients, homeless people,children, etc. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING! At the very least an English lit person can read and interpret complex symbol systems… the most a theater wonk can do click here arm swish SING!!!!

Psychology is NOT useless unless you either go to graduate school for counseling, clinical psychology, behavioral medicine or social work.

You can also go to Law OR Medical school with these degrees. If some of you were under the impression you didnt need to furthur your education to a higher level, you are sadly mistaken. I know a girl that is double majoring in Dance and Womens Studies, and a minor in French.

And as an engineering student i think that accounting and business management should be on the list as well. History majors help me write ecology blog Universities should not train more history majors than there are jobs for unless you decide to teach. Basically college is a big business and they dont care if they give you a worthless degree because the government or state is footing the bill so why should they care what they teach you?

Trust me it is a big racket. Go in and get out of college fast so long you can make money with your degree.

No one care what Scipio Africanus did years ago when your on your break slaving 60 hours a week at your job. Just shut the fuck up and take it because a cubicle is natures way of telling you that you should have studied something else in college and now you are going to pay for it at your little job by being the office know it all bitch.

Oh btw you can always teach or complain on this website about it to. Not that I know from experience or anything. I agree with all of those, except film. The film business is one of the biggest, and who cares if it helps you get a job? The only reason you should go to college is to learn how to do something you love.

Music therapy is about CREATING music, not listening to it. I have degrees in philosophy, Latin, and English lit. Philosophy taught me the foundations of knowledge.

Latin helped me with my math my other major and my knowledge of how languages grow and assimilate words and lose others. English lit editor websites us taught me about human nature and the human condition. Now, I work for myself, keep my own hours, and set my own rates. I play from Tuesday — Thursday and popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd the other four days of the week.

Nor is the sole reason for getting a degree to lead one straight to a career. Career building happens in graduate studies and further beyond. Yes, I am a douche. A juris doctor is the most worthless degree of all, considering how much you pay for it with so little return.

S Government offices in your area. Trust me, the federal government will pay exorbitant consulting fees for absolutely anything that pretends to promote multiculturalism, workplace efficiency, and other feel good woo-woo.

Spend an hour at the time in a basement conference room droning on to a group of bored and apathetic civil servants, sit back, and wait for the hefty consultation fees to roll in. So, you hear about Music Therapy, look up the definition and — based on your clearly ignorant bibliography proofreading service us popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd that definition — you decide it is useless.

Not anyone can be a music therapist. You need to go through a good program and pass the AMTA test. You learn how to use music professionally to promote a healthy change in an individual. Playing music for the patient is a very very small part of music therapy. And people DO hire music therapist in hospitols and schools and care centers accross the nation and world-wide. Honestly, do some research! People popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd special needs were able to progress further than any professional expected of them because of applied music therapy.

Elderly people learned to enjoy the last few years of their lives. Cancer patients found strength in music therapy to get through the hard time and yes, there was science behind that, too. Employers look to see if you can stick with challenging tasks in life college. Having a degree period helps you get great jobs. The reason companies hire Philosophy majors is because of their analytical and writing skills. Yes it is true that the ancient Greeks were into that sort of thing; however, it was a cultural thing and not merely a philosopher thing.

One of the biggest employers of Philosophy majors is the federal government especially the FBI, CIA, and NSA. As a final not, I hope that you do understand that most Popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd major go on to graduate schools with most attending Law schools.

You forgot a Finance Degree in Cleveland, Ohio. That is unless you come out of college with yrs of experience in the field, and who does that??? Many of these are fantastic courses and incite intellectualism in any person who takes them. Many of these are popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd majors or courses and many people should get at least take a course in one of these because it opens your mind to reality popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd intelligence.

S it doesnt matter where you live its why and who your there for. I am the proud owner of a degree in Feminine Hygiene. Since I am also a raging over-sexed lesbian, the mere thought of waking up in the morning for work is enough to make me come. Great commentary on useless degrees.

I got a nursing degree from a 2 yr. Because of Nursing, I can travel the world and have… there is a shortage and a high demand for nurses. I have been told that contrary to what i was told when hired I should never expect to get a full-time job in education. So, what happened to doing something you want to do simply because you love popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd Is that laughable now? If you want to major in dance — major in dance — who cares?!!

There are literally thousands of television stations with thousands and thousands of jobs… guess who has the best chance of landing a position there? Not everyone has to try to work in Hollywood. All degrees are worthless. I am a phd in Mathematics and education has cost me my life. Some say it is an experience to live through but I am tempted every day to kill myself. Single, broke, overqualified remember I am just ok which means that my skill set is superior to a vast set of american workers top blog post ghostwriting site nyc am an underling to a small percentage that actually get the small percentage of jobs out there.

I feel rejected by society, people, economics, a potential career, opportunities, women, passion, eloquence, etc. This is the result of working hard all throughout life.

My advice to anyone out there thinking about school. Meaning choose an easy degree and get a 4. Remember the people who will be looking at your resume to evaluate you for a position will like you because they will not be intimidated by you. You can also go popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd medical school.

Not so sure about law school as I understand the applicant pool significantly increased this year and probably will be over saturated as a field in a short period of time. I knew Communications was gonna be on here. You are a sad bitter person. Who the hell told you college was trade school? You go to blue collar trade schools INSTEAD of popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd. You go to white collar trade schools law school, med school, B-school, etc.

I majored in English literature, love philosophy, and the descriptions for both majors fit perfectly. My only reply is: OUCH. My dad did me a big favor after my first 2 years of college were spent boozing and screwing. He cut me off. I realized I had to finish and started paying my own bills popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd went to school full time and working popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd hours a week no loans, state school.

To give you an idea of the worth of that degree, they were laying off people and not hiring in the 80s when I got this damn degree.

I think actually using music to help people is better than playing in front of audience who payed an over priced ticket to see performance majors make them selves feel better. Also, there is a stable and growing job market for music just click for source. I work for a service management company, and no one gives a shit about literacy, not my employers, especially not my employees.

Being vague, unrevealing, and bland is marketability. People would rather deep-fry their literacy in nomenclature that, if you learn it, means far less than it sounds. People go to college to get an EDUCATION. What some may think is useless others find a deep intellectual interest. You are NOT entitled for a job based on school.

Generally, Philosophy BAs tend to go one of 4 routes. University Click post MA, PhD. Technical Writing weird, huh? My friend was a film major, with a minor in economics, and now he works as a cameraman at an independent film studio.

The other is literature, I am an English major, with a minor in Geography, and I have popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd agree that a degree in just literature is pretty useless popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd its own. But, I had to take one semester of English literature both American and British With an full popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd in English like I have you can find a job anywhere, currently I write articles for newspapers, I could easily become a screenwriter with the major I have.

The two most useless majors however are, Religion and Political Science. Affiliate Marketing is a performance based sales technique used by companies to expand their reach into the internet at low costs.

This popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd based program allows affiliate marketers to place ads on their websites or other advertising efforts such as email distribution in exchange for payment of a small commission when a sale results.

Music therapists work in places like hospitals and clinics. Music therapists can sing, play guitar, piano, percussion, and can use those skills to do things like help people re-learn to speak after having a stroke.

They help people regain physical coordination after an injury. These people study neuroscience. First of all English Lit. D and EVERYONE takes philosophy in college. Dance yes its called got source New York,L.

A,San Francisco ,or Boston. Pretty much all the other degrees on here can laugh at themselves and see the bigger picture. They teach them to be zombies with narrow to no perspective and to do as their told hence the blind faithfulness.

They popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd all common sense and good judgement, all personality, teach them how to shamelessly promote themselves and heres the kicker…they have no communication skills!

I was an art history and dance more info -zing- and this list had me laughing till i cried! I think this person is useless though Yup…glad I picked engineering! In a city close to me there are over 6 popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd therapist at work.

Most music therapists will make a bit more than the average high school teacher, but of course you could always specialize popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd GMI and go out to California to work with celebrities and such with all that such you were talking about for an easy 6-digit payroll.

What a joke that would have been. Seriously, I sit on the internet most of the day. My work consists of me opening a manual and finding the answers for other people. They could do that, but I have the experience so they pay me assloads to do it for them! I received my BA in Film at UCSD and now attend law school at USD. All about the LSAT. Joe Paterno — head football coach at Penn State forever — majored in English at Brown and and seems to be doing quite well!

Almost every director in hollywood made some shitty movie around their college age, you have to start somewhere. Like Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Literature Science, International Relations and Ethnic Relations, they are quasi-scientific subjects which could be mastered by a moderate amount of after-work reading and can even be tought online without classroom or practical participation. Universities and colleges around the world, even reputable institutions of higher learning are more desperate than ever to keep their popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd staff employed and attract the unemployed with promises that somehow a university or college education regardless of subject matter will lead to a brighter future.

Political activists have long sought to turn their pet issues, ideologies and theories into official research and curriculum sciences, naturally under the guise of university research autonomy. But this is of little benefit to unsuspecting college graduates who today cannot find jobs or even gain entry to the qualified market.

There are a few things cautious parents and careful prospective students can do to avoid the many traps the new university and college degree markets will not warn you about. Here are popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd of them: 2 If a programme that has popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd hard science title or name in practise includes large amounts of social sciences, that is a bad sign.

If you are not being forced to DO SOMETHING and gain experience in connection with a programme, for instance in laboratories popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd practise sessions, then what exactly are you paying for? Non-practical programmes are always something you should scrutinize very carefully before committing to them. Beware of them and check with various professional bodies in advance to see what if any qualifications they are considered to provide depending upon your profession.

If any of these are truly legitimate or valuable they will likely be the ones offered by prestigous and known institutions that does not have to mean expensive. If you already have a Masters degree it might be better to get a professional bachelors degree which provides a basis for licensure in a profession than to get a doctorate in any subject.

I would have to say that criminology and criminal justice should be in the top 5 most worthless majors. Even if you plan on going into Law Enforcement, you learn everything you need to know at your training academy. Also, most departments only require 60 college credits if at all to qualify, so a degree in criminology and criminal justice is not even necessary for Law Enforcement.

Good luck trying to find a decent entry level position if you change popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd mind when you graduate and decide to do business. I totally agree popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd Philosophy! He should popular dissertation gb editor site added Psychology.

Every freshman seems to major in psychology. Robert Meaners comment was WIN. Luckily I wised up and went into Computer Science for grad school, where I learned that you could make a simple machine with the same computational power as a Wintel machine, popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd just a tape recorder, an infinite amount of tape and the patience of Job.

With this arcane knowledge I managed to put Intel and Microsoft click of business! I visit web page disagree some facets of this list.

Philosophy and Latin are both popular undergraduate degrees taken in preparation for Law School. Or maybe just the people who have failed in their own lives post their woes along with popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd sad group of screwups. I actually tend to think psychology is a useless major. Essentially, you have to learn your job anew.

That psych major offers no advantage over anyone else. Oh, and add Women and Gender Studies to the list of useless majors.

Students taking courses for that major spend them looking at their genitalia with mirrors and taking field trips to strip clubs. What a colossal waste of time, not to mention money. And people wonder why the our futures are going down the drain. Do what you love site argumentative liverpool writers essay custom a path will open up. Which, ironically, only validates the need for them to exist and for people to major in them.

Regardless of how worthless other people tell you it is. Just do what you want to do in college. Also, I started at a Community College popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd transferred to a State University. State University was for a resident around 6, a year. WTF is peace studies? An English degree can be extremely useful in a number of industries. There are people who get one and just give up because they really wanted to be professors and gave up on that, but many of them go into marketing, advertising, journalism, editing, etc.

Even working as a tutor on an hourly basis is pretty lucrative. A lot of the time it is, but not always. A degree is what you make it and I would be very careful about dismissing them on the basis of classification or subject. Everything else on the list professional persuasive website uk popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd fucking worthless, though. Then you can try to get somewhere doing what you love.

The information you have about music therapy is incorrect. A music therapist works with individuals and teaches them how to play musical instruments as a form of therapy. It does not involve playing music for others or creating mixed tapes. Please get all your facts straight. God there are a lot of cynical jerks on here. If that was the case everybody would popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd a business major.

If you love social work or dance you should major in it and expect to get paid almost nothing to do what you love. I knew an dumb chick who was 45, in popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd as a psychology major junior so she could be a psychiatrist.

You have to have a degree in premed and then go to med school popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd be a psychiatrist! Also, according to the message boards nobody knows what liberal arts are. It is not a major, it is a general degree that can be very valuable. Ex: economics, biochemistry, and geography. If you actually go to graduate school you can generally make 60k and above…. I feel bad for the suckers studying Biology….

The masters is now considered the new bachelors etc. Whoever wrote this was probably some bitter prick who was never exposed to anything artistic, philosophical or literary. Also the biggest misconception of graduate school is that it can cost you a pretty penny…the truth of the matter is most schools will help you fund your education if you promise to be employed by them afterwards and if you get decent GRE scores…so yeah poo on you….

I am currently working on Long Island as a Music Therapy Intern in a Psych Hospital and Pediatric Read more Unit once I am finished I will be a Board Certified Music Therapist.

My supervisor sends me popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd offers every week from all over the country, working with different populations pediatrics, special education, adult and child psych. Whoever wrote the description probably has a business degree and is stuck writing website columns bashing the liberal arts.

I find the real problem is college in general. I mean even engineering has this popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd. I think if one is to go to college something popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd like MATH or ENGLISH has more longevity and is applicable to so much.

Here in NYC, all the ad firms hire English majors to check and write copy. Sure, you will strengthen your reading and writing skills by studying literature. But reading great books can also deepen your ability to understand the human condition.

Literature majors often move on to study law or work in communications or marketing as writers and editors. Cheap mba ghostwriters for hire states everybody gets one. People with degrees become a commodity — our value falls. A history or english or philosophy degree is a life changer for creative people!

Many of these seem correct. However, Communications and English ARE NOT worthless majors. Communications and Journalism majors often go on to be anchorpeople on Good Morning America or the Early Show, or creating and selling ads to multi-billion dollar companies, or writing columns in the New York Times.

Did you fail at that one, too? Grow up and GET A REAL JOB WITH A REAL DEGREE. I know quite a few individuals with philosophy degrees formulating public policy. Art history on the other hand will take you into the world of science, working with archeologists, sociologists and others to gain a firm grasp on a specific period or research project. Understanding the context of how and why some created a piece of art helps to reconstruct a period in history.

Who do you think is examine all that artwork dug editing phd website london best essay from archeology sites? Very few Art History majors ever consider work in a museum. The person writing this article truly lacks any understanding of education or our current social structures. Perhaps a degree in any of these field might help you gain a more holistic picture of the world you live in. English Literature as worthless, that one I find absurd.

English is a universal language and opportunities are certainly plentiful, internationally. None of these majors are useless. As a matter of fact, many lawyers major in philosophy before they get a J. Besides, your argument is a slippery slope. One can argue from your premise and conclusion that any degree is useless.

You say you took philosophy but if you did than you would know philosophy cannot be done by popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd. Rather it is done by dialoge with others written or spoken in order to learn.

By the way I double majored in college Philosophy and English Lit. I never smoked pot in college. Please do not place your experiences on all of us. English by itself is a less then spectacular degree. However a good amount of aspiring lawyers major in it before moving on to law school. Most student films suck more than Boondock Saints. Now cue the bitching. I would say Social Work is the most expensive popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd degree.

Just go to community college. And the worst are the women who then go back and get their masters in social work. I am a LICSW licensed clinical social worker working in Massachusetts.

So no, the degree is not useless and you do make decent money. I hope to obtain my Ph. D and eventually become a college proffesor in social work. My BA at George Washington University Cost meWow, i never knew you could make so much money in social work. I earned my Bachelors from NYU and then my Masters in social work from Boston University. Luckily i was able click acquire a lot of financial aid as well as scholarships so i am not to badly backed up in debt, but something i have come to realize is that social work is probably one of the worst paying fields in the work force.

My first job in New York City, right out of grad school, had a starting salary of 36K. After 5 years of working in the same agency I know make in the low 40 Thousands. The work is treacherous and very difficult. The only consolation is knowing you are actually doing some good in the world, and that not just anyone can call themselves a social worker, you have to hold a bachelors and often a masters in social work before you can be licensed.

I love the work i do, but there is no way i am in it for the money, cause you hardly make any. You forgot the dark horse in this set of degrees… the MRS degree. This is when attractive chicks go to college with the sole intention of finding a smart guy majoring in a lucrative field and marrying him. Double major in History and Political Science. Bully for the list. However, there is a fundamental flaw in the thinking behind the list.

The lower you are on the list, you can always trump those below click to see more. For example, I have a lit degree…. Although if I was, I could both write a click here about it and critique that poem out of existence.

College is an odd bargain. I feel I have learned so much from my political science classes, but what I have learned is that high energy prices are going to devastate our economy so badly that most college grads will become insolvent and never be able to pay off their college debts. The economy will dictate that we start to relocalize everything, so maybe a Dance major will be good for helping kids become healthy or entertained, perhaps film will popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd good for documenting social work, perhaps philosophy will be handy in a serious town hall discussion.

College in the US requires only a third of our classes to be our major. Simply being well educated will make us better citizens and let us get through this next era of our history. That can be used in countless fields. The list speaks for itself. June 4th, at am. I know two Philosophy majors from the Seventies each who went to law school.

One became the Managing Partner of a member law firm for article source last thirty years and the other is a prominent trial lawyer at seven figures per annum. Popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd major in Philosophy indicates a very keen and disciplined mind that applies to many other top college essay ghostwriter website united states esoteric professional pursuits and serves the educated man well.

When I was visiting Boston University, I was told a guy actually got a degree in Vampirology — the study of Vampires. I have a friend with a philosophy degree who is an extremely popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd ad exec.

Another with a communications degree who is an extremely successful VP of sales at a mid-sized company. An on and on and on… Anorexic Ginger.

I was wondering if Social Work would make the list. A friend of creative ghostwriter sites london just withdrew her life savings to take this damn course.

Why is there a picture of a vibraphone for Music Therapy? Mallet percussion like that, the marimba, and xylophone is kick-ass and can get you lots of money for being good at it.

Emphasis on the word Liberal. This why most liberals want wealth redistribution and cradle to grave entitlements. Anybody with a Latin degree can be hired to teach high custom college bibliography advice Latin even if they have no certificate — the school will pay you to get the teaching certificate. Growth in demand for Latin courses is enormous, and so they are now hiring. Philosophy is not for pavlovian public school animals.

It is for the ruling class employers. It teaches you to think. But what can I say, public school is not really about education. Popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd is a psychology conditioning laboratory trainning.

A real education would rob this nation of its breathless efficiency because smart people are very difficult — they ask too many questions, they quit their jobs, etc.

Good Manageable people cannot sustain thinking for long or really think at all. They are usually childish people who need attending to by adults upper management. Their lives are mechanical scripts.

Their thoughts well controlled like the thoughts of machinery. We need dependent human beings, needy people see how everyone here talks being useful to someone else? That keeps my best dissertation proposal ghostwriter services us down as a businessman unable to fill their own hours, unable to initiate lines of meaning to give substance and pleasure to their existence.

A large fraction of our total economy has grown up around providing service and counseling to inadequate people — and inadequate people are the main product of government compulsion schools. That is what primary and secondary education is all about. English Lit can get you a lot of jobs, actually.

This degree makes it possible for me to get a lot of different interesting and well-paid jobs — a number of them in private business, or government as well as the old standard of teaching not going to teach, myself — no patience for itand L.

And as someone has already pointed out, The Iliad and the Odyssey were written in GREEK!!! As long as you can keep your mouth shut at parties, Latin is a great tool for life, and if you teach it, you have an excuse to wear a toga to work.

Why is 1 listed? And why the picture of mormon missionaries? They are unpaid volunteers. Indeed, they pay their own expenses. And how does this relate to a college degree? Most of them interrupt their college for two years to do this. Well well well, I have an undergraduate degree in philosophy and a Masters in social work. Two useless degrees according to the article and comments on this sight — right? I live virtually debt free in a brand new sq. How did I do it? Not in the stock market, not in business, but by using my ability to think clearly philosophy and applying that to a career path and to manage my money — and then using the knowledge gained from my Masters degree to be effective in my field.

Not that these degrees are all that useful, but neither is your site…or existence. I taught music for 12 years and worked closely with some music therapists during that time. I saw some fantastic results popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd Autistic children to connect with the real world through the work of the music therapist.

At least as much as a regular classroom teacher makes, which is a pitifully small amount! Plus you probably have a job or two waiting for you! I did it The philosophy majors at my university at least make more money than any other major 5 years after graduation.

How about you all stop bitching and stop trying to defend your majors and accept that its crap. Yes, you can always find someone successful in whatever area you have, but come on, comm is widely accepted as the most pud major there is.

God you all need to get over yourselves and learn how to laugh. I think that just the concept of music therapy is just hilarious. This article would have been so much better if the writer actually understood what he was talking about. The whole football team has one of those. Congratulations on coming up with popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd examples of successful people with one of those. As a Student who majored in Communications, the particular aspect you focus on could be the difference between getting a job or not.

If you want to go into Film your screwed basically but if you do social science research involving what people watch or how they interpret things you could clean up big time working for advertising firms and other agencies. I think what this list and the comments should tell people is that popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd much ANY degree at a popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd is useless in and of itself.

You really do have to know how to sell yourself, no matter what degree you are going for, and combine it with real-world skills, real marketable skills. There are few undergrad degrees that have a direct career path. Computer Science might be one, but proofreading site uk, that is something that you can do as a hobby while majoring in something much more interesting.

If knowledge and fun experiences and meeting a combination of great new popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd and pretentious assholes, and paying out the ass for it is for you then hoo-ah, college-bound baby. A General Comm degree is shite. As one commenter said above me, the key is in picking a particular emphasis, pay for my anthropology term paper comm will get you squat.

I went to a state school. I live in a nice apartment, in a pretty nice town. If I had only known 50 years ago that a Literature and Writing major with a Psychology minor was a huge mistake. As a result, I got jobs as a newspaper reporter, columnist, editor and, finally, publisher.

This enabled me to buy a home, educate my kids and stay off of welfare. Good luck, grads and humanities majors! I think it depends on popular personal statement writer service classes you tandem with your major courses.

Also with a degree you must see the inter workings of all the careers associated with your degree. Most behind the scene jobs are numerous services writing ca article pay well. I think you have to keep your options open. Learn all the different things you can, so you can bring a unique prospective to a job.

Like communications, I think it is best to take psychology and sociology classes to know how people think and how things work. So basically all those source classes you are forced to take in liberal arts colleges may be valuable. Unless you go to trade school, you are not being prepared for a specific job. College is there to give skills so you can apply to different fields. Ultimately, there will be jobs available when you graduate that were not there before.

It depends what the economy and the problems that are needed to be addressed. A friend of mine is a music therapist. Not caviar money, but not baloney sandwich money either. My favorite are the people who have graduation day regrets after suddenly realizing that there was no job outlook for their major.

They then confide in you wishing they had taken the major that you were in, with complete confidence that it was that single decision and the subsequent course work would have been comparable. I studied 2 years of a 3 years Physics degree before realising it was useless and shit.

What a fuckin loser…. I respect what popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd wrote. It is all that you make of it. Most employers are not looking for the specific major, but for the proofs and indicators of a person that can finish something difficult.

They are looking for people that learned to learn. The material taught in universities is generally useless, but the lessons learned are those of the stout heart and iron backbone. I am working on it. I have a family of my own now. Working full popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd, going to school full time and being a husband and parent popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd time will tell the tale.

Thank you for your honest living and uplifting comments. That is my dream. The American culture has never been more cynical than it is today. Everything and everybody is a fraud on some scale. What did you major in? The degree itself may be useless, but the experience is enough to get a good job if you know your shit and put some effort into it. I remember seeing a stat that somewhere around percent of film students are out of the business within five years of graduation.

A surface analysis at best. Doing well in your chosen major still counts—big. The trouble seems to be that mediocrity is having its day and rules opinion-making, including the person who wrote this lame article, who likely used his beer-guzzling curmudgeon buddies with C- averages sources.

Kind of both agree and disagree about philosophy. One friend of mine I met in philosophy class now pulls down a few hundred thousand quid a year in London at Barclays Capital his law degree probably helps.

Another set himself up nicely in an IT consulatancy during the dot com years. Another got a scholarship to Harvard to study it and is now some sort of uber-actuary. Maybe a dozen took it as a major. And whoever said Social Work is a useless major is very incorrect.

My girlfriend has an MSW in Social Work from Boston College and is now a clinician working with abused and neglected children. I agree on most of these, Philosophy and English Lit curriculum vitae websites for phd general.

There is no new Latin needing to be translated. While I never have worked for Subway, I did do a stint at a copy shop. Just Chill out people, why are people BAWWWing and RAGGING over an article that was just meant in jest. Im an engineering student, and regularly take jokes about my major. Stop being so hard up, its not like the guy cursed your motherpopular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd. You westerners are so hyper-sensitive and politcally correct, just laugh it off.

This is why I have trouble, integrating here in the US, people are so freaking hard up about everything. IT WAS FOR FUN. Its people like you who ruin the internet by TAKING EVERYTHING WAY TOO SERIOUSLY. Nice to see that someone out all these people has a sense of humor, lighten up. The writer probaly knows that you can be successfully with any degree, and was just joshing around or even trolling for your reactions.

Just laugh at your self for once. You guys are so stressed out about what this one guy sees, you must have raised your blood pressure a few points. So, not sure I agree about communications. Helps not to be stupid and honestly, most employers hire the person and train them. All your degree shows is how trainable you are, most of the degrees on this list show that you are not very trainable and for the most part to lazy to get a real degree that dose something useful for society.

Yes, any schmuck with some loans and an average SAT score can go to college. The difference is, once in college, unless you take your education further and actually get somewhere, it means absolute jack.

This article is ridiculous. Many of the majors listed here are in fields that are always looking for young hotshots and have huge opportunities for wealth or easy living if leveraged correctly. Cultural jobs in particular are of much higher demand then people realize, and many of them cannot be outsourced!

Another win for the blogosphere. So glad I dropped out of high school and learned how to hustle and make my own money. Now I am director of marketing and IT for a small company in the small town I grew up in…thank God the Army paid for most of it.

Yep, sounds pretty worthless. It is especially useless if you ever want to become an elected official, score some awesome contacts, study military science, understand contracts, etc.

The largest group of employees in the world receive their paycheck from the government. Seems the system is working out nicely for you, since read article obviously have a great deal of free time on your hands at 10am on a Wednesday, when most people with popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd would be at work.

Good thing I wasted my time pursuing that degree. My current goal is a B. To the people who dis political science and philosophy majors, they are moderately useful. Philosophy majors can, theoretically, get jobs working in federal law enforcement. You forgot Hospitality Majors. They get credits for drinking and partying and their only hope for a job is hotel manager which are held onto tooth and nail. Especially popular masters essay ghostwriter websites ca in Islam.

Theres going to be too few. Now, i get an awesome salary, a hot car, and I am even allowed to get a game and if the job sucks I can threated with quitting XD what else do u want? Americans are duped every step of the way from cradle to grave. Keep sucking it for pocket change with little time off to relax or get to know your own kids and then think about how good you got ass-raped from your vapid American culture while you waste away with cancer on your death beds. Computer Science is the way to go right now.

My man Bartus Wabacus list 12 succesful philosophy majors and says that philosophy is a good major. Someone must not realize how many this web page graduate with that degree. Those 12 people probably make up. For easy money work for the post office 18 an hour to start!!!!

And to be honest I would advise anyone to go to university, for any degree. Attending it seems to make people a whole lot more mature. They think differently about the world and more independently, they are less prepared to follow the status quo, and it is those people who change the world for the better.

And then voted him in again. Marketing is the lamest of them all! Liberal arts are for pole smokers as well. However, if happiness matters popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd you, then do what you like and things will turn out fine as long as you stay motivated.

The pic of the art history majors is hilarious!!! I think the most fall back jobs for all these people is actuall call centers or banks. I have met people with everyone of these degrees. Props for the Dance major at Ball State University. What counts is who you are as an individual and what you do with your source. I resemble degree 1…. But heck, thats just my undergraduate.

My masters in in Museum Studies. I have worked in various art and history museums. I currently serve as the Director for a Historical Museum. And you know what? I feel much better educating the public and popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd history than I would crunching numbers, being a plastic surgeon enlarging womens breasts, or countless other bullshit jobs that result in just being another worker bee.

So before you feel all high and mighty, get off your link horse and do something that makes society better. Love, dedication, popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd, and helping others will.

My friend just graduated from Notre Dame with a degree in accounting, and you know what hes doing? Delivering pizzas in Buffalo, NY.

Anything related to biotech, nanotech, IT, engineering and popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd like are good fields to consider. So, if you have to suck corporate dick, make sure you are getting paid top dollar to do it refer to last sentence of paragraph 3 Got my BA is American Cultural Studies. You can work with theme parks, travel agencies, hotels, museums, airlines, cruiselines, chambers of commerce, check this out bureaus, parks, be a corporate event planner, etc.

The scary thing is that art history majors really do look like the people in that picture. Yeah yeah yeah, I am totally stereotyping. Also, this was in Los Angeles — where people tend to look like that anyway. You are there to learn, not to party. You are wasting popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd parents money, and your own time by doing that. Its a waste of human potential…read a book I have to argue about the latin thing. We do NOT have all the latin that exists in the world.

There are plenty of works not yet found by archaeologists. As an English major, I totally agree with the English Literature major being useless. The only job you can get is teaching English at a college. And if you are sitting in an English Literature class with 20 people and 1 teacher… well, do the math. Also, side note, I find it amusing that you have a picture of Mormon missionaries under the religion degree, yet Mormonism has an entirely lay clergy. There is no such thing as a religion major for Mormons.

I am a Religious Studies major and yes it is the most pointless degree ever. I thought I took the easiest route out but no I have to do a fucking thesis. I think I have the 1 worthless degree. I had a popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd once, that had a degree in CS. He married a woman that had dropped out of college, and wanted to return. She went back to college, got a BA in Medieval Literature, while he worked, from home, long distance, supporting our customers.

She went on and got a masters in This web page Romance Literature while he contined supporting them both.

But WAIT theres more! She continued on and got a PHD in Popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd Medieval Romance Literature, while my friend worked to make a living cheap definition essay for hire london both of them.

After she got her PHD, she divorced him, and was hired on at a University, far away, CONTINUING THE CYCLE of teaching stupid classes movie ghostwriter service toronto MORE stupid students. So the moral is get a CIS degree, so you can emulate John, and support your ex-wife-to-be.

College students fret enough over what to do with theyre future and an article like this isnt going to help someone who is unsure of what to do with theyre lives, it will probably just scare them off the path they are on.

Employers dont look at popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd degree and say oh, hes an art history major hes worthless to us, what they look for is how that art history major presents himself in the interview, how well they communicate to the interviewer, what that person could bring to the table that someone article source might have a degree in that field cant.

Theyre are plenty of jackasses out there with buisness degrees that go to apply for a job they are well qualified for and dont get it because of theyre lack of personality, communication, tenacity, intelligence, and so on so forth. It is true that BA degrees dont carry as much speech writer services nyc as they used to, this is mostly in part to the trend of getting a college degree, 20 years ago half the amount of people were graduating with college degrees, this made them more valuable, now that everyone in our generation seems to be getting a degree in something or another a masters degree is much more valued.

The point is though that it is the person, the individual that is going to make a difference to the employer, and to their own future, not a piece of paper that says congratulations for sitting in classrooms for four or more years. If you believe in yourself and push yourself and strive to be a successful person then that piece of paper really means exactly what it is, nothing. Does anyone here actually have a job where their college classes taught them what they needed to know?

This article was poorly researched. I for one am a Philosophy major, and it leads into business, law, politics, and several other career paths. Bullshit… money may not buy happiness, Krampfadern popular dissertation proposal writers sites gb harmlosen owing everyone tons of money because your job sucks buys sadness and despair pretty fucking fast.

I major in Information Technology IT because I can use a computer popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd understand how they work etc. Actually you can get a major in Klingon, which is about the most worthless thing you can do ever, plus it completely crushes your social status. YES… but would I have ever gotten my foot in the door and been trusted to manage multi-million dollar jobs without a college degree… Not a chance in hell.

A college degree will get your foot in the doors and just shows a company you have the ability to learn phd cheap essay sample reflective enjoy whatever your area of concentration was…. If you majored in art history it showed you are really into art and enjoy it. Wow are you serious?

A film degree is MUCH for useful than a ton of shit on this list, because it at least teaches you a certain skill popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd production skills, cameras, editing, those are actual abilities that are needed some place.

No further education is entirely useless. I am not a Comm. I tried taking 3 phil gen ed. Any Religious Studies kesh moi aass. Also, there are a ton of avenues for an art history degree as well. Dance, philosophy and American Studies are all useless, I agree. And film is useful if you can actually get a job in it. But still, any degree will get you a better job than no degree. And English Lit could POSSIBLY get you an editing job, but not likely since you studied reading rather than the English language.

FYI: MOST jobs can be done MOST people, unless it is very specialized e. However, you are missing the main point of education: It is SOCIAL AUTHENTICATION.

Once you have received a degree from a authentic university. Its an assurance to society, economy and industry that you have successfully completed a structured system.

As such, you can be entrusted with carrying out a responsible job in a responsible organization. DO NOT FOOL YOURSELF BY COMPARING EDUCATION WITH YOUR STARBUCKS STINT! With a degree you will be socially accepted without it you have to seek opportunities in a strip club or gas station or nearest startbucks. Other than that, not much else to do unless you just want to take a class or 2 just to know. Even those Mormon missionaries pictured for Religion are smart enough not to pursue religion as go here degree.

They only do that for 2 years. One of my friends is Art History and Communication, but she actually works for an auction house where her skills both come into play, who knew? But a major in Klingon teaches real skills… like. The other degrees popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd you listed teach real skills. The skills that you listed are skills used at very, very, very few jobs. Maybe if you are making home movies… not at a job!

Of course this is an online article on some no-name website written by a guy who at best, has a degree in journalism, which should be considered one of most worthless majors. How many houses of worship do you see?

Even a small town of 2, has at least 5 churches usually. Often there is free housing and food, and there are always lots of side jobs doing weddings a funerals. Plus, clergy get great tax benefits. Knowledge of comparative religions or a specialty on one religious tradition is useful for any job that involves working with people or communities.

As such, Religious Studies majors are often sought for corporate popular problem solving ghostwriters sites for phd government work in dealing with cultural issues in diplomacy or business development. While that is certainly part, what type of person one becomes is much more important than just what one earns in a job.

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