Pay for personal essay on brexit Yes, I am still pro Remain, and also generally pro immigration, and I am still hoping the Brits take a cue from DeAndre Jordan. (I also see geopolitics and national.

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But the story of popular homework site usa he managed to become the most powerful man in the world — why Americans were drawn to someone with authoritarian tendencies and a jarring lack of relevant experience — remains largely unresolved.

The conventional wisdom, spelled out in gallons of digital pay for personal essay on brexit, is economic. Hundreds of thousands of jobs are estimated to have been lost due to globalization in recent decades, with industries like manufacturing absorbing much of the pain. But this approach misses a critical global context. In Hungary, the increasingly authoritarian prime minister, Viktor Orban, has started building a wall to keep out immigrants and holding pay for personal essay on brexit in detention camps where guards have been filmed flinging food at them as if they were zoo animals.

And in Finland, the Finns Party — which continue reading to dramatically slash immigration numbers and keep out many non-Europeans — is part of the government. They share his authoritarian views on crime and justice. But most importantly, they share his xenophobia: They despise immigrants, vowing to close the borders to refugees and economic migrants alike, and are open in their belief that Muslims are inherently dangerous.

Their platforms, a right-wing radicalism somewhere between traditional conservatism and the naked racism of the Nazis and Ku Klux Klan, have attracted widespread support in countries with wildly different cultures and histories. And it is this anger, this fear of difference and social change, that ghostwriters paper popular college sites for research them — not, as the conventional wisdom would have it, some kind of backlash to globalization.

That conclusion is supported by an extraordinary amount of social science, from statistical analyses that examine data on how hundreds of thousands of Europeans pay for personal essay on brexit at immigrants to ground-level looks at how Muslim immigration affects municipal voting, and on pay for personal essay on brexit books on how, when, and why ethnic conflicts erupt.

Hardcore supporters of Trump and his global peers are not the people profiled endlessly in the Rust Belt, who lament the loss of factory jobs.

What unites far-right politicians and their supporters, on both sides of the Atlantic, is a set of regressive attitudes toward difference. Racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia — and not economic anxiety — are their calling cards. The ongoing surge of immigrants — especially those who venerate a different prophet or have a darker skin tone — is triggering a fierce pay for personal essay on brexit backlash click here the West.

In the US, the anger about Latino immigration pay for personal essay on brexit linked up to another racial anxiety: Many white Americans believe their privileged status is being eroded by pay for personal essay on brexit past half-century of moves toward treating African American as truly equal citizens. Donald Trump is a manifestation of this backlash, as are Brexit and the surge of support for far-right European parties.

They show the extent of white Christian anger — the privileged who are furious that their privileges are being stripped away by those they view as outside interlopers. It is that fury over social change that offers the best explanation we have for why the forces of intolerance are currently on the rise in the West.

We need to understand that the battle between racist nationalism and liberal cosmopolitanism will be one of the defining ideological struggles of the 21st century. And we need to understand that Donald Trump is not an accident. At the beginning of World War II, the small Baltic country of Lithuania saw two major shocks.

First, init was invaded and conquered by the Soviet Union. Just the next year, in Juneit was invaded and conquered by the Nazis. In the city of Kaunas, the Nazi invasion triggered a spontaneous wave of attacks against Jewish residents, who had gained an unusual amount of power under the Soviets.

It pay for personal essay on brexit the people of Kaunas themselves. Prior to the Nazi invasion, Kaunas had a reputation for tolerance; one Jewish resident called it a "paradise. Roughly 3, Jews were murdered in just four days. Just 65 miles away, in the capital of Vilnius, things were different. The city had seen pogroms in the pay for personal essay on brexit, so you would have expected something like the horrors of Kaunas. Yet the citizens of Vilnius mostly left the Jews alone.

Roger Petersen, a political scientist at MIT, decided to try to find one. Prior to Petersen, scholars often thought of ethnic violence in terms of threat one group turns to violence when it feels threatened by another or in terms of "ancient hatreds" long-simmering resentments that have left the groups wanting to kill each other. Petersen argued that while these explanations were correct in some cases, they were incomplete.

Clearly, neither theory can explain pay for personal essay on brexit difference between Kaunas and Vilnius. Drawing on social psychology, he theorized that one of the underappreciated causes of ethnic violence was a change in the legal and political status of majority and minority ethnic groups.

According to Petersen, that change in status comes from a sense of injustice. Members of dominant groups simply believe they deserve to be the dominant force in their societies, and resent those challenging their positions at the top of the pyramid. This helped explain the puzzle of Kaunas and Vilnius. In Kaunas, the Soviet invasion in had politically empowered local Jews, who pay for personal essay on brexit occupied leadership positions in the Communist Party prior to the invasion and ended up with plum Soviet jobs as a result.

This sparked intense feelings of resentment on the part of Kaunas residents, resulting in the vicious pogrom. In Vilnius, by contrast, non-Jewish ethnic Poles held most leadership positions. In his book, Petersen argues that his theory helps explain the causes pay for personal essay on brexit other cases of ethnic violence in Eastern Europe, including the carnage in the Balkans in the s.

Other scholars have since found that it could be used to understand communal violence elsewhere in the world. In nations with strong pay for personal essay on brexit legitimate governments, the loss of status by a see more pay for personal essay on brexit is extremely unlikely to produce large-scale ethnic slaughter.

Like, say, elections and government policies. Later in the book, he examines post—Cold War politics in Lithuania and the other two Baltic states, Latvia and Estonia which had been retaken and annexed by the Soviet Union later in World War II.

In Latvia and Estonia, the ethnic Russian minority was large and had been politically elevated above local ethnic majorities; in Lithuania, the Russian source was small.

Violence, for a number of reasons, was not a feasible option. So after attaining independence, democratic governments in Latvia and Estonia passed a raft of discriminatory against Russians.

This included stripping ethnic Russian citizenship, booting Russians out of the police force, and changing language policies to reduce the use of Russian in official government transactions.

Notably, you saw little of this in Lithuania. The status reversal under the Soviets — empowering the Russian minority at the expense of the previously dominant majority — led the ethnic majority to crack pay on esl trump to essay write university on Russian rights as soon as they could.

What you saw in many of these countries was a nonwhite, heavily Muslim population moving in and occupying social roles that had previously been reserved for white Christians. This was the ultimate change in social hierarchy. His political party, the Front National FN won about 11 percent of the French national vote in the elections to the European Parliament.

It was the first major electoral victory for a party of its pay for personal essay on brexit. Le Pen had founded the party 12 years earlier. It was a populist party, one that argued that ordinary people were being exploited by a corrupt class of cosmopolitan elites.

They were also authoritarianconstantly warning of the dangers of crime and the need for a harsh state response. But above all else, the FN was xenophobic. Its members believed the postwar wave of immigrants threatened the French nation itself; stopping more from coming in was the only thing that could save the country from being overrun. It had a clever strategy for masking its true beliefs. The FN chose a different route, positioning itself not as defenders of the white race generally but instead as protectors of French values specifically.

Its slogan was "France for the French. Ina Dutch sociology professor named Pim Fortuyn launched a new political movement — oriented entirely around opposition to Muslim immigration. He was assassinated by a far-left activist that year but was succeeded by another charismatic pay for personal essay on brexit, Geert Wilders. These are just a few examples of FN-style parties finding success.

Far-right party platforms differ from country to country, including on major social issues like feminism and economic issues like the size of the welfare state. The one issue every single one agrees on pay for personal essay on brexit hostility to immigration, particularly when the immigrants are nonwhite and Muslim.

The widespread popular unease about those migrants is a key source of their appeal. Start with the timing. The s were a critical time for European immigration. That brought white Europeans in contact with nonwhite, heavily Muslim immigrant populations for the first time.

When the families came over, they started to move into residential areas, working-class areas in particular," Cas Muddea University of Georgia scholar, told me.

You can see this in the following chart from her paper. The Y-axis is the probability of voting for a far-right party; the X-axis is the level of support for restrictive immigration policies, right-wing economic views, and the like.

The difference between immigration policy preferences and the others is striking: "This study therefore to a large extent settles the debate about which grievances unite all populist right parties," Ivarsflaten concluded.

Luckily, scholars have also looked at that question. What they found was fairly conclusive: European whites believe that immigration poses a threat to "traditional" European culture. White European Christians opposed to multiculturalism were overwhelmingly more likely to be immigration skeptics. When you get into the details, the link between anti-immigrant sentiment and cultural anxiety becomes even clearer.

Instead of just looking at the impact of the presence of "immigrants" in a particular area, they looked at different types of immigrants. What happened in Europe is straightforward: An unprecedented wave of nonwhite, heavily Muslim immigration made many European whites uneasy.

Le Pen, Haider, Fortuyn, and the rest developed a mode of politics designed to weaponize this backlash — to pay for personal essay on brexit inchoate anti-immigrant sentiment and turn it into votes through heated nationalist and anti-Islam rhetoric. For most of this time, the United States seemed immune to the rise of European style-nationalist populism and all of its bigoted and Islamophobic overtones.

Nativists like Pat Buchanan found some electoral success but never came close to winning elections. It was easy believe that America was, for some ideological reason, pay for personal essay on brexit to the fever raging in Europe.

But the truth was that America was sheltered more by an accident of political institutions than anything else. For one thing, American states have ballot access laws that make life tough for third parties. But when US presidential candidate Ross Perot won Trump has proved that these institutional differences were only the symptoms, not the disease.

Beneath the surface, the same white revolt we saw in Europe was brewing in the United States — pay for personal essay on brexit more or pay for personal essay on brexit the same time.

The American story dates, roughly, to That year, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act — and the Republicans nominated an opponent of the legislation, Barry Goldwater, to the presidency. These white Southerners defected to the GOP. They found that whites living in former Confederate states scored consistently higher on this test of racial bias than whites in other parts of the country.

Moreover, they write, "racial [resentment] has become linked more closely to presidential voting and party identification over time in the white South, while its impact has remained constant have popular letter proofreading sites au sobald. Mass Latino immigration intensified this "racial sorting. Democrats, the immigrant-friendly center-left party, were better positioned to take advantage of the growing Latino vote.

The white Americans most hostile to Latino immigration, by contrast, switched to the GOP — driven in part by negative media see more of immigration like stories about violent crimes committed by unauthorized immigrants. Lee Drutmana senior fellow at the New America Foundation, charted Republican and Democratic feelings of "warmness" toward blacks rated on a scale.

He found a consistent gap, one that has widened considerably in recent years: That meant the GOP was primed for a white nationalist takeover. While the country was getting more diverse and tolerant, the GOP was getting whiter and more intolerant. The more that voters with negative views of Latinos and African Americans concentrated in one party, the more clout they pay for personal essay on brexit inside that party — even as more and more of the country rejected beliefs.

All it took was an American Le Pen: someone who could rearticulate American bigotry in the post—Jim Crow era in the way the Front National rearticulated French bigotry in the post-Vichy era. That someone, it turned out, was Donald Trump — who, almost certainly unintentionally, adapted the FN model for an American audience. His celebrity and personal wealth allowed him to circumvent the barriers that usually prevent pay for personal essay on brexit from taking over established parties; his distance from the GOP leadership freed him to articulate a new kind of message that turned out to popular case study ghostwriting websites for school quite popular with pay for personal essay on brexit GOP base.

Like his European counterparts, Trump has eschewed overt discussion of racial superiority. He claims to have "a great relationship with the blacks" and tweets things like, "I love Hispanics! Trump first became a major political figure as leader of the birther movement — the people who questioned whether Barack Obama was really a natural-born US citizen — pay for personal essay on brexittaking advantage of racial anxieties about a black president to turn himself into a GOP power broker.

Build a wall to keep out migrants? This rhetoric was deeply, deeply appealing to the white nationalist wing of the GOP base. Michael Tesler, a professor at the University of California Irvine, took a look at racial resentment scores among Pay for personal essay on brexit primary voters in the past three GOP primaries.

In andTesler foundRepublican voters who scored higher were less likely to vote for the custom admission essay ghostwriter websites australia winner.

The more racial bias you harbored, the less likely you were to vote for Mitt Romney or John McCain. With Trump, the opposite was the case. The more a saw black people as lazy and undeserving, the more likely they were to vote for the self-proclaimed billionaire.

Tesler found similar effects on measures of anti-Hispanic and anti-Muslim prejudice. He mobilized a new Republican coalition, one dominated by the voters here political attitudes are driven by prejudice. An April Home work proofreading website ca survey looked at whether Republicans had "warm" or "cold" feelings toward Trump and how they felt about the census projection that the US would be majority nonwhite esl proofreading for hire liverpool 30 years.

It found that 33 percent of Republicans thought this shift would be "bad for the country. By contrast, the majority of Republicans who had positive or neutral feelings about a "majority-minority" future were more split: 46 percent described themselves as having warm feelings about Trump, while 40 percent described themselves as feeling coolly. His primary campaign disproportionately drew people who fear the demographic trends that would further erode the foundations of white privilege.

This holds true in the overall population as well. Instead, his research found that the leading driver was party identification, followed closely by racial resentment. For one thing, his reality TV pay for personal essay on brexit and decades in the public eye give him a celebrity enjoyed by no European far-right leader. Both of them, in different fashions, figured out a core fact of the world: There are a lot of white people in the West who essay popular canada expository website writer distant elites for allowing — or accelerating — their loss of economic and political power.

The various far-right electoral successes in Europe showed that white resentment had political power on the continent. But their ability to gain actual political positions has, thus far, been limited. No modern far-right party has outright won a national election in Western Europe. While not all Brexit voters were UKIP members, the party was responsible popular definition essay ghostwriters for hire united kingdom putting the previously unthinkable idea of Brexit on the docket.

Instead, it was culture — specifically, the decline of "traditional" white British culture. Sixty-two percent of "Leave" just click for sourceaccording to a poll of 12, Britons, said that immigration was "a force for ill" in the UK. While large popular scholarship essay ideas of both black 73 percent and Asian 67 percent Britons voted to stay in the EU, a majority of whites voted to leave.

Voters under the age of 34, who research suggests are the least racially prejudiced group in the UK, supported staying in the EU by margins similar to those seen among racial minorities.

Sixty percent of voters over age 65, who harbor the highest levels of prejudice, supported leaving. A poll found that more than 80 percent of Britons site dissertation editor conclusion sf there were "too many immigrants" coming to their country.

Kaufmann attempted to correlate support for Brexit among white Britons with visit web page like income and political affiliation.

Economics played only a small role: He found "almost no statistically significant difference in EU vote intention between rich and poor. Torsten Bell, director of the UK economic think tank Resolution Foundationseparated out the regions of the UK by their change in average income between and If Brexit were mostly about the economy, people who live in areas with stagnant or falling wages due to globalization or government policy would be more likely to have voted for Leave.

Alasdair Raea pay for personal essay on brexit lecturer at the University of Sheffield in the UK, took a different angle on the regional data. He attempted to correlate support for Brexit with the deprivation index, a comprehensive UK government measure of disadvantage that factors in low income, high unemployment, and low levels of education among other things.

The chart shows changes in income worldwide at different income percentiles, covering the — period. For the global middle class — formerly poor people in China, most prominently — and the global 1 percent, things look good.

In the West, this reversed decades of progress. Between andinequality fell rapidly. But starting aroundwealth inequality began to rise again. Wages for most American workers during that period were stagnant. For some analysts, this change in the economy is directly pay for personal essay on brexit to the rise of the radical right.

They argue that white voters are attracted to racist parties because of their economic problems, that hard times make them look for someone to blame for their problems. Minorities and immigrants are easy scapegoats, best dissertation editing for to an increase in racism and support for the far right.

One such paper, by political scientists Peter Burns and James Gimpellooked at American polls from the s and found that hard economic times correlated with increased expressions of racism. In pay for personal essay on brexit brush, the theory that economic anxiety, and not a breakdown in status hierarchies, is driving the radical right makes sense.

The only way to find out which is more important is to test the two theories: to match up popular university essay ghostwriting predictions and see which ones click at this page fit the data we have about Trump, Le Pen, and the rest.

Norris and Inglehart looked esl persuasive essay editor services united states 12 years of European Social Survey data, surveying a whoppingrespondents, to figure out the relationship between economic and cultural grievances and support for the European far-right.

That held true even when they controlled for variables like age, sex, ethnic identity, and minority status. Then they set up pay for personal essay on brexit alternative model, one that tested whether five distinct cultural factors — like anti-immigrant attitudes and authoritarian values — would predict support for the far right. Every single one did. In short: There was no good evidence that economic anxiety was driving cultural resentment.

The Norris and Inglehart study is not an outlier. In their paper, they discuss a number of other studies that have come to similar conclusions about the priority of cultural concerns over economic ones.

She also points to a gender gap — men are much more likely to support the far right than women — as a major problem for the "left behind" thesis. In its purest form, the economic anxiety argument holds that working-class white men have lost economic ground relative to women and other racial and ethnic groups over the past several decades, sparking feelings of anger and resentment that lead them to support Trump.

If the economic anxiety argument were true, then measures of support for Trump should track with measures of self-reported concern about the US economy. The more one is concerned about the economy, the theory goes, the more likely one should be to support Trump. Klinkner, the Hamilton College scholar, examined exactly this in a study published by Vox. He set up an interaction variable between measures of economic pessimism and "racial resentment.

People who were racially resentful were more likely to support Trump regardless of their views of the economy. Someone who was not very economically pessimistic but quite racially resentful was as likely to support Trump as someone who was pay for personal essay on brexit resentful but much more pessimistic about the economy.

A number of scholars have examined whether the recent rise of anti-immigrant attitudes in the United Custom personal writers toronto is caused by economic angst among whites or cultural panic about a changing face of America.

The consensus, as described by my colleague Dara Lindis the latter. The evidence is pretty clear, then, that economic concerns are not driving racial resentment in the Obama Era. He looks at data from the same people, interviewed in and again inand examined the relationship between racial resentment and their evaluations of the economy.

There was no relationship in ; inthere was suddenly a strong correlation. Concern about the economy became, for some, an outlet for anxieties about the country being led by a black man.

That would be difficult to prove — and, pay for personal essay on brexit, is probably wrong. There are doubtless some people who are attracted to Trump or the FN as a result of their pay for personal essay on brexit economic pain. It suggests that of the two biggest shifts in Western society in the late 20th century, the move toward genuine multiculturalism is cheap speech ghostwriting website ca a far bigger role than growing inequality in giving rise to a new kind of far-right politics.

A lot of people, especially in the Western cultural elite, find this explanation baffling. They find it genuinely confusing that people could be motivated by status anxiety alone, and look for a "deeper" explanation. Presumably they, or eventually their progeny, can be un-got from being that way somehow. To explain how people "got" to believe in racist and xenophobic status hierarchies is to explain hundreds of years of Western history and the complicated story of how race and national identity were made in the West.

As a result of this history, many people value their culture and identity as much as they value economic security. When pay for personal essay on brexit vision of the way the world should work is threatened, they see it as a personal threat. To deny that is to deny that both identity and the past matter, to assume everything is reducible to some kind of material or economic ultimate cause.

History has shown, conclusively, that this is a mistake. On the one hand, the far right has never taken power in Western Europe or the United States the "far right" here pay for personal essay on brexit to post-World War II FN-style political movements, not dictatorships like the one that continue reading Spain.

We could be at the very beginning of an era defined by a battle between the far-right, racist nationalists and the kind of liberal cosmopolitanism that transformed the world after World Pay for personal essay on brexit II.

In the United States, Trump appears to have cemented control on the Republican party. Trump is facing little meaningful resistance from congressional Republicans, and his favorability among rank-and-file GOP voters remains quite high.

The past year of strong polling for the far right is the result of a one-two punch: a surge of refugees trying to get into Europe and a spate of high-profile terrorist attacks.

These two factors made cultural change, particularly Muslim immigration, even scarier, activating prejudices and turning Europeans to the right. No one has a good solution for the refugee crisis or pay for personal essay on brexit Islamist terrorism. The issue of how to integrate ethnic and religious minorities will never entirely disappear, which means xenophobic politicians may continue to find fertile ground among whites concerned about ongoing cultural change.

Brexit proved its ability to destabilize major Western institutions and the global economy; Trump proved its ability to capture the most powerful position in the world.

Most importantly, these parties threaten the most cherished pay for personal essay on brexit in Western society: our all-too-recent embrace of equality and tolerance.

If we want to protect the idea of Western societies as fundamentally open and tolerant places, then Western governments need to do something. You might be tempted to think Canada has always been this way. Far from it: For most of its history, Canada was every bit as bigoted and intolerant as its peers. The Canadian immigration system prior to the s was known as the "White Canada" policy because of explicit ethnic and racial quotas.

In it passed the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a major anti-discrimination law that popular critical analysis essay editing websites canada multiculturalism as an essentially constitutional value. Ottawa now provides funding for communities and individuals to run citizenship and language classes for new immigrants, and sometimes even help them find housing.

It eschewed the guest-worker programs used in much of Europe and emphasized to new immigrants that they would be a welcome and permanent part of the Canadian populace. Canada also works to inculcate pluralistic values in its youngest citizens. While other countries have tried to limit Syrian refugees, Canada has welcomed them — letting in tens of thousands of Syrians and clamoring for more.

The Canadian immigration model is not a blueprint for ending racism. Canada still has serious problems with structural discrimination, particularly when it comes to its First Nations population. Divisions over race caused the American Civil War; in Europe, centuries of ethnic supremacy culminated in the Holocaust.

This is a testament to a basic truth, underscored by the Canadian model: Things really can get better. The forces of reaction, of ethno-racial supremacy, have been defeated in the past, and can be defeated again.

Check out our status page for more details. By signing up, you agree to our terms. How racism and immigration gave us Trump, Brexit, and a whole new kind of politics. Today, Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States. How the resentment of pay for personal essay on brexit privileged can change politics II. Making the hard right great again V. Their first major victory: Brexit VI. Right, what about the economy? Can the far right be stopped? Editors: Pay for personal essay on brexit Dreazen, Jennifer Williams, Ezra Klein.

Copy editor: Tanya Pai. Get Vox in your inbox.

Pay for personal essay on brexit

Coffee House Michael Gove For weeks now I have been wrestling with the most difficult decision of my political life. But taking difficult decisions is what politicians are paid to do. No-one click to see more forced to stand for Parliament, no-one is compelled to become a minister.

If you take on those roles, which are great privileges, you also take on big responsibilities. I was encouraged to stand for Parliament by David Cameron and he has given me the opportunity to serve in what I believe is a great, reforming Government.

I think he is an outstanding Prime Minister. There is, as far as I can see, only one significant issue on which we have differed.

It pains me to have to disagree with the Prime Minister on any issue. My instinct is to support him through good times and bad. But I cannot pay for personal essay on brexit the choice which the Prime Minister pay for personal essay on brexit given every one of us. In a few months time we will all have the opportunity to decide whether Britain should stay in the European Union or leave.

I believe our country would be freer, fairer and better off outside the EU. He has negotiated with courage and tenacity. But I think Britain would be stronger outside the EU. My starting point is simple. I believe that the decisions which govern all our lives, the laws we must all obey and the taxes we must all pay should be decided by people we choose and who we can throw out if we want change. If power is to be used wisely, if we are to avoid corruption and complacency in high office, then the public must have the more info to change laws and Governments at election time.

But our membership of the European Union prevents us being able to change huge swathes of law and stops us being able to choose who makes pay for personal essay on brexit decisions which affect all our lives. I believe that needs to change. And I believe that both the lessons of our past and the shape of the future make the case for change compelling. The ability to choose who governs us, and the freedom to change laws we do not like, were secured for us in the past by radicals and liberals who took power from unaccountable elites pay for personal essay on brexit placed it in the hands just click for source the people.

As a result of their efforts we developed, and exported to nations like the US, India, Canada and Australia a system of democratic pay for personal essay on brexit which has brought prosperity and peace to millions.

Our democracy stood the test of time. We showed the world what a free people could achieve if they were allowed to govern themselves. In Britain we established trial by jury in the modern world, we set up the first free parliament, we ensured no-one could be arbitrarily detained at pay for personal essay on brexit behest of the Government, we forced our rulers to recognise they ruled by consent not by right, we led the world in abolishing slavery, we established free education for all, national insurance, the National Health Service and a national broadcaster respected across the world.

By way of contrast, the European Union, despite the undoubted idealism of its founders and the good intentions of so many leaders, has proved a failure on so many fronts. European Union regulation has entrenched mass unemployment. EU immigration pay for personal essay on brexit have encouraged people traffickers and brought desperate refugee camps to our borders.

Razor wire once more criss-crosses the continent, historic tensions between nations such as Greece and Germany have resurfaced in ugly ways and the EU is proving incapable of dealing with the current crises in Libya and Syria.

All of these factors, combined with popular anger at the lack of political accountability, has encouraged extremism, to the extent that far-right parties are stronger across the continent than at any time since the s.

The EU is an institution rooted in the past and is proving incapable of reforming to meet the big technological, demographic and economic challenges of our time. It was developed in the s and s and like other institutions which seemed modern then, from tower blocks to telexes, it is now hopelessly out of date. The EU tries to standardise and regulate rather than encourage diversity and innovation. It is an analogue union in a digital age. The EU is built to keep power and control with the elites rather than the people.

Pay for personal essay on brexit though we are outside the euro we are still subject to an unelected EU commission which is generating new laws every day and an unaccountable European Court in Luxembourg which is extending its reach every week, increasingly using the Charter of Fundamental Rights which in many ways gives the EU more power and reach than ever before.

This growing EU bureaucracy holds us back in every area. EU rules dictate everything from the maximum size of containers in which olive oil may be sold five litres to the distance this web page have to be from heathland to prevent learn more here chasing birds five kilometres.

Individually these rules may be comical. Collectively, and there are click of thousands of them, they are inimical to creativity, growth and progress. Rules like the EU clinical trials directive have slowed down the creation of new drugs to cure terrible diseases and ECJ judgements on data protection issues hobble the growth of internet companies. I have long had concerns about our membership of the EU but pay for personal essay on brexit experience of Government has only deepened my conviction that we need change.

My colleagues in government know it. And the British people ought to know it too: your government is not, ultimately, in control in hundreds of areas that matter. But by leaving the EU we can take control. Indeed we can show the rest of Europe the way to flourish.

We can show leadership. Like the Americans who declared their independence and never looked back, we can become an exemplar of what an inclusive, open and innovative democracy can achieve. We can pay for personal essay on brexit back the billions we give to the EU, the money which is squandered on grand parliamentary buildings and bureaucratic follies, and invest it in science and technology, schools and apprenticeships. We can get rid of the regulations which big business uses to crush competition and instead support new start-up businesses and creative talent.

We can forge trade deals and partnerships with nations across the globe, helping developing countries to grow and benefiting from faster and better access to new markets. Are we really too small, too weak and too powerless to make a success of self-rule?

This chance may never come again in our lifetimes, which is why I will be true to my principles and take the opportunity this referendum provides to leave an EU mired in the past and embrace a better future. Subscribe to Http:// Spectator today for a quality of argument not found in gilt professional reflective essay proofreading services liverpool vom other publication.

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If you have any difficulties creating an account or logging in please take a look at our FAQs page. For weeks now I have been wrestling with the most difficult decision of my political life. And that is the future of the UK in the European Union. What to read next. Meet the Cry-Bully: a hideous hybrid of victim and victor. David Cameron is going to have to give the SNP what it wants.

Peter Tatchell has discovered just how cowardly the NUS can be. Follow us on Twitter spectator. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram spectatorlife. The cruel hounding of Tim Farron is bloodsport for secularists. Rowling and the curse of the left. How to vote to save the Union. Sun readers are to-one on my side in the confected Ross Barkley row. Civil life in London is now balanced on a knife edge. More from the Spectator. The Spectator Australian Edition.

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Brexit is Happening NOW!

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