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Occasionally, you realize things are changing in real time. In fact, some of my very closest friends are American. I simply love the drive, positive attitude and relentless determination to make things better that so many Americans exude.

While that line has been around for decades, I think it has hit with acute intensity in this election. The truth is, God has continued to work out his purposes for the world under every condition imaginable, from Egypt to Babylon to Rome, through world wars and esl letter editing sites uk every circumstance.

Is it all good? For many Christians, though, it feels as if matters have finally been taken out of our hands. Click To Tweet God birthed the church in the era of Nero. The sovereignty of God is, well, sovereign.

Sovereignty is not fatalism. But it is hope. The Apostle Paul appeared before government officials regularly. Not once did he ask them to change the laws of the land. Laws tend to reflect what people believe. And what people believe has shifted. Starting in the 60s, our moral values began radically changing. Today, the laws reflect what many people believe. But most of America like Canadais becoming post-Christian.

So how do you change that? Well, if you have enough people live out their values, it has a pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections of trickling up to the halls of power. Change what people believe, and eventually the laws will catch up. True revolutions always start from below. The contrast could hardly be starker. The discourse has sunk that low. People behave on social media the way we sometimes behave on highways.

Put a human being in a two-ton vehicle, and we behave with aggression and recklessness we would never show person to person. Social media makes people behave like bad drivers.

We forget there are actually people around us with feelings, hearts and lives. It began as a series of radio addresses given by the then relatively unknown C. Lewis when Britain stood alone against Nazi Germany speech ghostwriters websites online You can read the story here. The government can never do the work of the church, and it can never be the voice of the church.

Click To Tweet I realize discussing politics can be a contentious issue. In that vein, what opportunities do you see, or what predictions do you have for the ministry of the church? What the author completely neglects is how North America is no longer the country of white Protestants; rather, and gratefully, it had become incredibly diversified with race and cultures. Finally religion has made itself irrelevant because of its intolerance for marginalized people, and had been irrevocably replaced with either fundamentalist faiths of all types and secularism.

Nice try but really missed the mark. I want to thank you for writing and also writing from a positive, directional motive… I feel like you are leading your audience church folks and hopefully new to pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections people or not yet churched people will be called into looking more to Christ, sharing pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections values of the Bible, and so on.

We need to grasp what Kingdom government looks like, establish and operate in it within our churches first. Then maybe we will be taken seriously and have a voice in society. Thank you SO much! Thank you for such a Biblical exhortation! I think we will see more persecution and this will drive many Christians to become more serious about their faith and many Christians will be driven away from the church because the cost will be too high for them.

I also believe this will force the church, if the local church wants to continue to exist, outside of the four walls and a stronger presence in the community doing outreach and meeting needs. The Republican Party has been exposed. Perhaps the most damaging part of Republican politics has been the decades of anti-liberal, anti-progressive propaganda that saturates the media and talk radio.

By choosing Donald Trump as the standard-bearer of their Party, the Republicans established that they have no guiding principles or moral code that would pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections them to reject a candidate like Trump. If they did, low-character politicians like Sen. David Vitter or Newt Gingrich would be rejected, or ignored, or both.

Jesus would not preach hatred. Like most Americans, He would be appalled at the level of discourse, and the rampant bearing of false witness. God does not need Government Assistance.

Turn the other cheek. Give generously to the poor. If you want being a Christian to be easy, you picked the wrong religion. While it is true, that I believe there are too many Republican congressmen that are against Trump because they want to keep their big benefits…and that Trump is probably not a Christian…he is being backed by continue reading Evangelicals because of the Republican pro-life platform…and because we need to bring 1, and as many as 2 or 3, Supreme court judges back to balance the extreme left court… We are voting for the platform…not for the President… bruce r.

Their decisions have transformed our government and our economy to exalt Capital, and even to make government subservient to Capital. I disagree that liberals and progressives have policies more like Jesus. The government was not given the task of taking care of the widows and orphans. The more info was given to the church.

Since the federal government took over that role, the church is less relevant. It does not encourage community and church relationships because welfare recipients can live without church relationship and accountability. Thus Christians are off the hook they simply go to the ballot box and vote for progressives.

For every dollar given to someone from the government is a dollar taken from another individual. When did we ever see you a stranger and welcome you in our homes, or naked and clothe you?

When did we ever see you sick or in prison, and visit you? The plain and simple fact is that Jesus told us to care for the poor. He never said we had to care for the poor by supporting government programs to that end. On the subject of poverty, the disagreements between Reps and Dems are primarily about methods, not goals. Nor does the bulk of either party want to enable a bunch of loafers who could be working to get money for nothing.

We can all agree on the part of it that Jesus actually spoke about we should help the poor. I also think there are issue points on which the Democratic party has acted in a distinctly non-Christian manner.

In general, when governments are involved in providing assistance and maintaining a pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections standard of pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections, those societies have a much lower incidence of poverty and homelessness.

In the real world, governments do a much better job of this than individuals without a comprehensive plan. Policies that provide incentives for increasing employment and increasing the rewards for Labor are necessary IMO for bringing us back to our past prosperity, and reducing the need for government assistance. The Republican Party is racist.

Just look at the numbers. How many non-white Republicans are there?? Maybe you can have a Bible Study session for the entire Republican Party, and discuss the parable of the Good Samaritan.

He also saw that preserving our environment was important, so he started our system of National Parks. Today, Our Government advocates for large corporations. The interests of Workers are irrelevant. Our economic policy goal, sinceis to maximize corporate profits — and not to provide the greatest benefit for the greatest number.

Corporate greed dominates our economy. That is what is destroying our culture — not Progressivism. A fetus is not a Person. A pregnant woman in the U. Maybe you can relate to women pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections to keep pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections own Free Will from being taken away by an intrusive Government. They want equal treatment under the law. And they want to be able to marry the person they love, without Big Government limiting their choices.

Ask your gay friends. They were adamantly against the U. The removal of God from public space?? When government adopts a religion, compulsion follows. Besides, our corporations have brought many Workers in from all over the world to lower their Labor costs. At this present time you are not a Christian. And no Christian would hold the views that you learn more here. What you are seeking to do pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections is mislead others, pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections it is wrong.

I could destroy your other arguments, but I believe most others here will see through them anyways. We clearly have different views on what pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections means to be a Christian.

That would be un-American. Either it is in accordance or it is not. So yes condoning and supporting people that murder babies is immoral and unlawful.

But embryos and fetuses are not babies, according to U. We are held to account by God, and thus are supposed to conduct our lives by example of Jesus. Before you were born I set Deutschland professional course work writers services australia Гber: apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.

Whatever God says goes. George Washington was POTUS then, and John Adams was VP, so he was the one pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections opened the Senate each day and the tie-breaking vote if one was needed, as per the Constitution, when the Senate approved the Treaty.

Why do I mention who was in the Executive Branch? Congress shall make no law respecting an article source of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections redress of grievances.

Where rulers has used and abused religion to control and manipulate the population. It did not mean that the principles under which the government was founded, the law, and the Constitution were not based on Christianity.

In fact they were. Specifically recognizing God given natural law. It also does not mean that the Church can not have direct influence on the State. The Constitution sets out restrictions on the Government in relation to the citizenry not the other way around. You are sinning to state who is and is not a Christian based solely on their statements here.

Only God is capable of doing that. Your time would be better spent judging the state of your own heart and evaluating where you are in your own walk with God, and what sin needs to be uprooted and destroyed in your own life.

We are to discern righteously against the word of God. A Christian is repentant. In other words they are in agreement with the word of God. They dont espouses opinions and proclamations that are in direct opposition to what God has said.

Sorry but not all who claim to be Christian really are. ONLY God is capable of that. Jesus Himself said that. No one here is denying Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives, forgiver of their sins. No one is denying He was crucified, died, and rose again from the dead three days later and ascended to heaven and will be coming again. No one is denying the major, basic, essential tenets of the Christian faith. Matthew Ephesians You have to test what they are saying against what the Bible says.

This is just common sense. Sorry but when I hear someone espousing views and promoting ideas that are click to see more direct contrast to God, I question their claim of being a Christian. Could they be gravely mistaken?

We should not hate the people, but rather pray for them to repent and have their hearts soften to receive the gospel. Islam itself is an evil ideology. And one that has been at war with the rest of the world from the onset. Islam is not compatible with the Christian world view. And far too many Christians live under Muslim persecution and now suffering genocide. Or even read from the author Robert Spencer, both have extensive knowledge in this subject.

As well Robert has a news website the reports on current situations in the world and its interaction with Islam. Islam is no more inherently evil than Christianity. You could not be more wrong! Evil people will do evil things. The same can not be said of the Quran. Interesting that you brought up the Crusades though. That was a reaction to push back the years of Muslim Caliphate that was being waged upon Christian lands.

Read more are not a Christian. No Christian would make that claim. And given the opportunity to lead a revolution against Roman occupation, he turned it down, and chose his own execution and redemption instead.

What you are following is idolatry. You have fashioned a god that you want to follow rather than the God of the Bible. That is not what followers of Jesus do. For sites best essay critical writer analysis university Jesus hate gays?

Nowhere does the Bible make such a claim, and esl methodology for hire canada does state from more info to cover that Jesus is the Word.

The Bible is the milk that points us to Jesus who then teaches us to be led by His spirit My sheep will hear My voice and follow me. The Word is always spoken…. It is just bad teaching to perpetuate such error. There is much more error in the churches because they also do not give authority to Jesus as Lord. Everyone wants Him as Savior, but very few will accept Him as Lord and believe His Words to be true…. I did claim that the whole Bible is the inspired word of God. Simply a miss- application of the shift key on my part.

So many believers put the Bible up on a pedastal and call it infallible because they have not learned how to be led by His spirit, or born again. They are still under the law and must have something to cling and point to. Keep seeking His face…. It has many historical, factual, and theological errors. Which version is infallible? The 3 gospel accounts of the tomb on Sunday morning show different facts. When we make Jesus our Lord as well as Savior, giving all authority to Him, He teaches us His truth by His spirit and we learn to hear His voice and follow Him.

We are to be spirit-led…not Bible-led because we are now off the milk. Nothing in the 3 accounts is contradictory. Easter is just the time its is celebrated. If you want to be serious about seeking Jesus and His Truth, then I need for you to look deeper than just the superficial. Jesus is our Teacher, our Professor.

We sit at His feet and learn of Him. We have no need of the Bible or if any man, for He is all-sufficient. I am saying that He must be above all of that for us to learn if Him. It is the Father who reveals His truth thru Jesus. We must give Him and His Son authority over all things in our life in order for Him to teach us. Bible Contradictions: Does the Bible Contradict Itself? Does the Bible contradict itself? Does the Bible Contradict Itself- A definition.

Speaking of contradictions, let me begin by saying that two statements are said to contradict if the truth of one of the statements negates the truth of the other. Only after you can demonstrate that the truth of one passage, rules out the truth of another passage, can you justify the claim that the Bible contradicts itself. Does the Bible Contradict Itself- A Closer Look. You see, many passages which seem to be in conflict are easily resolved by simply reading the text more carefully.

In addition, an understanding of Greek or Hebrew, as well as a knowledge of geography and customs would be extremely helpful. In Acts we read that these men heard no voice. Well, what appears to be a hopeless contradiction is easily resolved by looking at the original Greek. Kind of like the crowd who heard the sound of the Father talking to the Son in Johnand thought they heard thunder.

The point is that rather than taking a fearful attitude when faced with an alleged biblical contradiction, we should view these occasions as opportunities to search and explore the Scriptures. One thing I can guarantee is this: It will only serve to deepen your awe of the majesty of Scripture. Does the Bible Contradict Itself- Conclusion. In fact, the more I personally read the Bible, the more I marvel at this awesome Book.

Truly, it can be said without contradiction that the Bible must be divine, rather than human in origin. For a book dealing with alleged Bible contradictions we recommend When Critics Ask Baker by Norman Geisler B This resource is available through CRI.

To place a credit card order, call toll-free CRI. For shipping and handling information, please refer to our Resource Listing. To receive a free copy of our Resource Listing, call, fax or write us with your request information below. Has God supernaturally preserved His Word over time, or are the extant biblical manuscripts hopelessly unreliable?

First, it should be noted that the Pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections Testament has stronger manuscript support than any other work pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections classical literature—including Homer, Plato, Aristotle, Caesar, and Tacitus.

There are presently more than five thousand copies of Greek manuscripts in existence and as many as twenty thousand more translations in such languages as Latin, Coptic, and Syriac. Suppose you wrote an essay and asked five friends to produce a handwritten copy of it. Imagine further that each of them asked five friends to do the same. The first five would make mistakes, and those who copy the copies would make additional errors.

Sounds pretty grim, right? But think with me for a moment. If you compared the copies, you would find that one group contained the same mistakes, while the other four pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections not.

This, of course, would make it easy to tell the copies from the original. Not only so, but most of the mistakes would be obvious—such as misspelled words or a missed conjunction. Even if you lost the original, as long as you had access to the copies, it would be a rather simple matter to reproduce the original piece. While it can be argued that there are differences in style and spelling among the various manuscripts, it cannot be credibly pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections that there are significant differences in substance.

What is true of the New Testament is largely true of the Old Testament as well. The Dead Sea Scrolls BCwhich were discovered in the late s, predate what was then the earliest extant text—Masoretic AD —by some 1, years.

In other words, there was a full millennium during which the text might well have been significantly altered. When the Masoretic text was compared to the Dead Sea scrolls, however, differences in style and spelling were discovered, but no significant difference in substance.

The reliability of Scripture is confirmed through the eyewitness credentials of its authors. The New Testament has even stronger eyewitness authenticity. These were eyewitnesses, mind you, who were willing to testify to the point of shedding their own blood.

The king is familiar with these things, and I can speak freely to him. I am convinced that none of this has escaped his notice, because it was not done in a corner. This web page church leaders such as Irenaeus, Tertullian, and Clement of Rome—all writing before AD —also shed significant light on the historical accuracy of the New Testament.

From such sources one can piece together highlights of the life of Christ independent of the Bible. As such, credible historians today concede that the Bible is a remarkably reliable historical document.

Anything that contradicts the Word of God is inherently evil. Islamic teachings emphasize practices that are in direct contradiction to the Word of God, and also heretical. Therefore Islam is inherently evil. I think research shows there are great, great differences between Xtian civilization, and Islamic civilization, both pragmatically, and in essential scriptural differences, pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections in the manner of inception….

You have bought into all the left wing talking points…. After all, Jesus was homeless, unemployed, and lived off the generosity of others. Thank you so much for this!

I especially agree with 2. I feel that since the Republican party brought the Christian Right under its wing, half of America has felt outcasted by Christians. I feel as though the GOP hijacked Christianity to serve its political purposes, to capture votes. When I wear my cross, I sense that people think that I must be a Republican and it might turn them away from me.

This is not what Jesus would want for us! He would want all to feel welcome to follow Him regardless of political leanings. His law is followed because He places it in our hearts, not because it is dictated by our government. In fact, people asked him to become the government, and he replied that his Kingdom is not of this world. God is working through all pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections this to remind us of this truth!

I see this as an opportunity for Christians to move away from being the Гbungen esl admission essay proofreading for hire australia werden of the politicians and to move toward being the church of the people. I was born and grew up literally the distance of a good baseball hit from the USA on the north side of the New Brunswick-Maine border. My paternal ancestors landed in Plymouth Mass. I lived for a year in the beautiful Berkshire mountains of western Mass.

I attended a year of high school in the states and am much more versed in US history that our own. Many of my close friends during high school received a draft notice upon graduation and a ticket to Vietnam Nam while I had it easy in Canada. I listened to Jane Fonda et al call them cruel names and it hurt.

I am a passionate Boston Red Sox fan…wonder why? I love Jesus and His body the church. My passion is to do everything that God calls me to especially in the area of the defence of life — the unborn and the elderly and specially abled. Your statement regarding who is responsible for the mess is exactly what I believe. The system allowed itself to denegrate to the point where it is badly broken and it is not capable of self repair.

Your five points are what we the church need to bei reminded of. Thanks for for listening to HS and for passing on what he imparted to you. One of my favourite NT passages is Ephesians I hesitate to admit, I actually cracked up when I read the first prediction, as it is so painfully on target. This could be a very good thing for evangelism.

It could also serve to further expose the raw tender underside of the Church in its present condition. Now is the time for the Church Universal to show itself for what it really needs to be: followers of God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ. I agree with much of what is said. All that God wants you to do is vote His principles. Then let God take care of the character of whom we elect. God used a sin filled Cyrus to build His second temple. If you follow Donald Trump, there is a refinement taking place in his character.

Some of the best know prophets are saying God is preparing him to bring the US back to the greatest mission field headquarters on earth. I have one vote and plan to exercise it but depend much on the truth and reality of God being sovereign over all. You articulated several things I have been thinking far better than I could have. Now, more than ever, we Christians have an opportunity to respond to anger and hatred with love.

There is no more powerful action than that and it can, and I believe will, change everything. Hey Carey, Pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections really hope you are right on 2 — Sadly here in the states we have confused patriotism with Christianity.

Even though we know by example that laws look at the Old Testament do very little to change the sinful hear of men, we still think that passing the right laws will return us to a Christian nation.

Great insights here, regardless of the outcome. I think you are dead on. Pretty good for a friend from north of the border. I think these will be some of the best days for the Church. The 1st Century church thrived when all odds were stacked against them. I pray we will too. God bless more info Carey, and thanks again.

Do you know what surprises me the most? Click at this page I personally know refusing to acknowledge the criminal behaviour of pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections candidate they support, while I watch them scream in outrage at the click the following article of their opponent.

This apparent disconnect scares me — actually scares me a lot. Get a blog recap delivered WEEKLY — and a free eBook today pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections help you reach the unchurched in your community. Get the latest blog post delivered DAILY — and a free eBook today to help you reach the unchurched in your community.

The High Impact Leader. Get Your Life and Leadership Back. By Carey October 24, Living out your values beats legislating your values.

With public dialogue as bad as it is right now, there is plenty of room for grace and hope. Did you like this post? Never miss another one again by subscribing! So true really value this truth at this time as we pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections what happens in the next two days. And why do Republicans go to such great lengths to keep minority voters from voting?

Confiscation of property: Are you to taxes?

I am very aware of what Progressivism is …. Repent, and turn to Christ. I and I am sure others will pray for you. Hint: Be careful how you answer. Yes, Jesus answered that one already. The intent was to prevent a Theocracy, as had been experience in Europe for centuries. True, only God knows what is in someones heart. But remember Jesus also said this. Many of the sins or acts that offend you, Jesus had no recorded opinion on.

The whole Bible is the inspired Word of God. You missed the part where Christ fulfills the law. Interesting that your comments also address the very content of my point I was making to Dano5.

Are the Bible Manuscripts Reliable? Part One of Five. Part Two of Five. Part Three of Five. Part Four of Five. Part Five of Five. Secular historians—including Josephus before ADthe Roman Tacitus around ADthe Roman Suetonius ADand the Roman governor Pliny the Younger AD —confirm the many events, people, places, and customs chronicled in custom papers proofreading site for mba New Testament.

And yet, here I am, a popular essay advice critical phd of Jesus. You nailed it Carey. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Scott and Cheap university essay proofreading services canada Busby.

Thank you for this hopeful this web page

American Rhetoric: The Power of Oratory in the United States Pay for my popular persuasive essay on presidential elections

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