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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I do not know ho whether many of you have ever creative ghostwriter for hire us this problem but as I was working on quite a lot more info excel data, transforming it for placing in a database using local in file, you will occasionally find that there is data in excel that you may need to represent as a number to enable table linking and foreign keys.

Creative ghostwriter for hire us the longest time, I was converting data for foreign keys either manually or using an application of database procedure to create these foreign keys.

This worked fine until I got many excel sheets that were not similarly formatted. So, instead of writing a procedure for each excel sheet being imported, I creative ghostwriter for hire us a simple was of searching text in a cell and help create a ready to go sheet for importing to the database. The values for TRUE and FALSE can of course be creative ghostwriter for hire us with whatever values you may need to make things work for you.

I hope this has been of help. And as with nearly everything in the computing world. I know there are other ways and maybe even better ways of doing what I have mentioned above. So, please do comment or suggest more ways below. I have tried formating the cell from general to text but this does not change anything. The same error message occurs in Excel A lot of useful information here.

I am sending it to several friends ans also sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you for your sweat! Note that true and false are reversed.

Http:// English quotes look different. Im trying to build a data based based on system generated textso i need to filter the text based on a simple text search This will give you what you asked for.

Cell F12 is either Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Group. If F12 is lunch, then I12 needs to equal value in O Excel IF statement that operates if a cell CONTAINS a string. The excel if statement I go here is as below. Share this: Twitter Facebook Google More Reddit Like this: Like Loading September 1, at PM. Good hint as I was looking how to hance If statements with text.

March 12, at AM. September 28, at PM. Gets rid of Value Error. October 2, at PM. This did get rid of the Value Error, but it produced a NAME? December 13, at Creative ghostwriter for hire us. April 17, at PM.

August 23, at AM. Im trying to build a data based us essay services ghostwriting descriptive esl on system generated textso i need to filter the text based on a simple text search.

September 5, at PM. July 18, at PM. This will give you what you asked for. June 24, at PM. Hi, help me pls. July 5, at PM.

If anything other than breakfast is in f12, go here the result is value. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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July 15, by Karen Cole Well, we are a professional type of screening process that gives professional advice for pay, not for free. Because we are ghostly indeed. We get no real credit for our hard work. We can advise you somewhat carpe diem, or a la carte, but in creative ghostwriter for hire us end real hookups have got to come for money. I always do my level best to fully prepare each manuscript for publishing purposes. I pave the way for the author client to land a commercial publisher, even if my original corrected manuscript is chucked out the door.

Sometimes you do all the legwork, get paid for it, but you can forget about the book ever being your baby, or even the manuscript. Some of them, I may only relate a few details. Ryan, on the Civil Rights Venenarzt popular problem solving writers services united kingdom nonspecific. Semper Fi Forever, all the US Marines I have worked with — for your delightful books!

King is in the Library of Congress more often through my hard work. So did Malcolm X. On a regular basis. Those are just a few examples. I reached an object pause in that today, when I found things out. One polite, nice Black couple, a lady and a gentleman, have taught me a lesson. I leveled the playing field and made sure I was paid accurately. The couple of clients involved needed a book proposal completed, and a more efficient creative ghostwriter for hire us list of literary agents.

Not a long list. I gave them three all-important names, Bonnie did it for me, ignoring all the other ones for now. Her work there is worth money, believe me! Those agents lead to the correct commercial book publishers, money is involved. It made me feel weird. Like I can still work on a book. I probably will give in and work on the next book. The creative ghostwriter for hire us of being a ghostwriter for hire is the work changes on a day to day basis.

You never know what to expect. It scattered and disorganized me, knowing that I would have to complete their ghostwritten book proposal, which creative ghostwriter for hire us a pretty flat and tepid one next to the ones GWI team member Bonnie H. She churns out great copy and fantastic, exciting new book proposals, period. The client already has a decent book proposal, but a dry and boring one. If they kept sending me chapters on top of chapters when we agreed in the Contract to send only about 50 pages at a time…I think they may have been crooked.

They thought I was! Alcohol does that to people so far as I know. Same with caffeinated sodas. And you never creative ghostwriter for hire us tell that easily which ones have caffeine in them. So says this ghostwriter for hire. Anyway, when you work for able-bodied disabled people, it can go that way. JF the client and her husband got overinvolved. You should always work with one client at a time, not a married couple. Most of the jobs where two people thought they were writing the book or having a book editor fell apart.

One or the other of them decided a gang-up on me was in order. This is a job, and businesses should be treated respectfully. Not with wacko sexism, racism or whatever causes idiocy like that. Well, that is it. It would have been a great job, as JF and her husband were nice, but alkies are alkies is all. So did Woody Allen and Stan Lee. That made me suspicious of their future conduct; but, did I just give up on the job?

I decided to fall back and regroup. Do the creative ghostwriter for hire us two chapters, put it together with their other literary agent docs, which they can do instead of me. It was a book about bathrooms in creative ghostwriter for hire us, wonderful short stories.

They need to not question my fees and my experience so much. Then, they also need to realize what it looks like if they keep stuffing work at me, when creative ghostwriter for hire us need to stay on a schedule. It could be trichinosis, heart problems, diabetes, or jungle rot.

To be a ghostwriter for hire is to be on a voyage of learning, every step as you go. Regroup, try it again with someone else. Meanwhile, I will send work out to the non-sick hopefully writers and editors on our team. Once I am well again, I will consider me taking on another book project. So we are still a ghostwriter for hire agency. They go at the end of the book proposal they already creative ghostwriter for hire us, which was prepared by yet another ghostwriter.

Then they send out the needed docs to literary agents. That is just how that highly particular project has to esl presentation writers website. They have all kinds of literary agents lined up to review their docs.

It will be edited into shape for them. They use in-house ghostwriters. So the book proposal, letter of query and two chapters fits the bill.

I have three of my own books out currently, under my name; bestsellers on Amazon! However, in many cases the publisher needs to make some extra money. They use in-house ghosts to go ahead and re-edit the book, no matter how well it is written. Why ever be a ghostwriter for hire to begin with? There WAS a use to me completing their book manuscript. They get two representative chapters from it, possibly from the middle of the book. Their book drops some celebrity names, later on in the process.

That could have worked, and creative ghostwriter for hire us commercial publisher has something cheap creative writing ghostwriter site for phd to work with.

However, in this case the client was too scattered, so they will have to draw back and think about things more thoroughly next time. So was Bonnie telling click to see more which literary agents to pitch the proposal to — three excellent ones!

At any rate, in the future, I will have to a BE well and b understand that when somebody needs a book manuscript completed, they want two representative chapters from the entire thing.

However, I gave them two fully polished, gleaming chapters, just the first two of them. I can only hope creative ghostwriter for hire us, that I believe they will work to lure in a literary agent and a publisher. Those professionals will want a further look at things. One that may not even be as well-written as the one a ghostwriter for hire writes. It might as well be the first two in their case, those should lure in the agent and then the publisher.

A ghostwriter for hire realizes the next client will have totally different needs, though. I have proud, able professionals lined up to work for me, and that is the way it is right now.

Talk to me again in August, or ask me for one of our team member ghosts. Filed Under: Uncategorized Karen S. Cole has been running Ghost Writer, Inc. But we suggest using the form below to contact our ghostwriting service. A Ghost Writer, Inc.

I highly recommend her, she is extremely talented in what she does, and works endlessly to meet deadlines. Her communication with her clients is impeccable. I will use her services again very soon. I highly recommend her for any project in consideration with your company.

She is a talented book ghost writer, critical eye copy editor and savvy guide when it comes to the business of books. I count on her expert opinion when in need of guidance for my literary and SEO clientele. She partners with us for marketing projects.

As long as you pay us decent, reasonable Ghost Writer Fees. This includes upfront and percentage payments for our GWI ghostwriting services. Just be sure to commit to fair, timely and polite business practices. You will get the same joyful attitude back. So hire our affordable ghostwriting services! Book Ghost Writer, Ghostwriting Online application proofreading letter top sites Home.

I am a Ghostwriter for Hire. July 15, by Karen Cole. Type-in, Call or Text for a Quote by our Ghostwriting Service! Chat with me about our ghostwriting service!

How to Work with a Ghost Writer See more from Heaven — Creative ghostwriter for hire us of Ghostwriting Services. Miracles from a Book Ghost Writer and our Ghostwriting Service Ghostwriting Services Recommendations. GWI Statement of Purpose — GHOSTWRITING SERVICES.

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