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Is the United States going to war with North Korea this weekend? Literally no one cheap course work editor services australia. Yes, we are definitely going to war if a few crucial things happen that turn a dick-measuring contest between Cheap course work editor services australia Trump and Kim Jong-un into a missile-dropping contest.

The idea of a preemptive strike cheap course work editor services australia completely in line with what Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in mid-March. But we have no idea what Trump will decide to do if North Korea conducts a nuclear custom creative writing service. Experts au esl paper websites research ghostwriters been predicting since March that the most likely dates for North Korean nuclear tests would be April 15th or April 25th.

North Korea has conducted other nuclear tests on national holidays, and those are the two that are approaching quickly. From a US perspective, any attack on North Korea would require buy-in from Cheap course work editor services australia Korea and Japan—the two countries most vulnerable to a retaliatory military strike from North Korea. And in that case, American hawks looking to bomb North Korea definitely think now is the time to strike. Both Russian and South Korean news agencies have reported that roughlypeople have been told to evacuate the North Korean capital city.

South Korea is essentially leaderless at the moment, with a caretaker government in place after the ouster of President Park Geun-hye over a massive bribery scandal. South Korea is holding elections on May 9th, and anti-war lefties are expected to win. Again, another consideration for the American hawks who might want to bomb North Korea.

Reuters is also reporting this morning that Japan is trying to figure out how to evacuate the 60, Japanese citizens living in South Korea.

But Abe appears to be more or less behind Trump if he decides to attack. But the State Department has officially declared that everything is on the table, including military strikes against North Korea. If North Korea starts bombing Seoul, a city of 14 million, with conventional weapons the US will no doubt hit back hard with the help of countries like Japan, Australia, and any other American allies who have been put in an unfortunate position.

The devastation would surely be massive on both sides of the DMZ. Assuming the worst case scenario, and the US bombs North Korea, one of the scariest questions is what China does. China has ramped up diplomatic pressure in a huge way this week, warning North Korea that Trump is serious about potentially bombing the country. Chinese President Xi Jinping tried to explain the complexities of Korean history to President Trump last weekend at Cheap course work editor services australia a Lago, and the two leaders have reportedly had two phone calls this week about North Korea.

But China is also warning the US not to start anything. The Associated Press had an exclusive interview with a high-ranking North Korean official this morning. If the US does decide to literature review ghostwriting site North Korea if they conduct a test, as Trump and Tillerson have promised, it could become a tit-for-tat that leads to World War III. One of the very real concerns would be cheap course work editor services australia only how to house and feed so many people, but also how to protect itself from North Korean spies who have been trained for just such a scenario.

Anyone who tells you they know for sure before bombs start dropping is probably full of shit. The only thing we do know is that things could get very bad very quickly if the bombing starts. And if China gets involved, the New Cold War becomes a New World War. Happy Easter weekend, everyone! It might be a good thing to send to President Trump if you get the chance. Http:// Fingerprint: E F DA8C 6CFA 0ABD A C05C D4A6 PGP Key gizmodo Deadspin Fusion Gizmodo Jalopnik Jezebel Cheap course work editor services australia Lifehacker The Root Video Sploid Paleofuture io9 Science Reviews Field Guide What Time Is the New Korean War?

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