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This page has various pieces of information and links to other sites that I hope will be helpful to you. If you come to this as a complete amateur-- and keep in mind that amateur means you do something for the love of it-- you will find some basic ideas about getting published and the book business.

For others, there are lots of odds and ends that you can find by scanning the topics in the column at the left. The ideal publishing situation, which has become increasingly hard to achieve, is to get a literary agent to represent your work. The agent sells the finished book manuscript to a commercial publisher, and the editor at the publishing house works with you to perfect the book.

And you, the writer, get paid. This scenario has become more and more difficult to turn into reality. There is a lot of good material on the web and also lots of good books about writing.

A not-inexpensive but popular marketing workshop called " Workshop The Novel, Pitch the House " that focuses on editors rather than agents. Suzanne Rahn recommends the Algonkian conference in San Francisco. She says, "I enjoyed this conference very much. I would recommend the hostel as an extremely affordable place to stay. There is even continue reading small cafe in the building where you can overlook Alcatraz Island sipping a click here of chai tea.

His goal is to further essays canada site best editor good story or help rescue a terrible story. The publishers make money from selling hardcovers. There is a large profit margin there. But now the sales of hardcovers are decreasing while Ebooks are coming on stronger each year.

The profit margin is ridiculously small. The number of new authors they take on is minimal. That means everything from Writing to Math and anthropology. There are many, many places to study writing both in person and online.

Check your local area for adult school classes. The places I know best are in the New York-New Jersey area, but there are also a lot of possibilities online, including here occasional online classes. I will only list places here that I know at least a little about, or have heard something about from people I know.

Mention here, however, does not constitute a recommendation by MSW. If you have a specific recommendation, please send it to me at meredithsuewillis gmail. The New York Writers Workshop is popular, and has classes in New York, New Jersey, the JCC in Manhattan, the New York Public Library, Online, and at other venues in New York City, nationwide, and abroad.

We offer a variety of classes, workshops, conferences, mentoring and other resources for the beginning or established writer, in the areas of fiction, non-fiction, journalism, poetry, memoir, speech writing, screenwriting and playwriting The instructors mostly have MFAs. Their website says that Sackett Street is "a salon-like workshop with small classes, an intimate environment, dedicated instructors and motivated students. Today, over writers have studied with us.

Many have gone on to top MFA programs, and more and more are being published by both big houses and independent here. Some people swear by it, but others say that the exercises, which are good, take all your writing time. Certainly worth looking into. Very complete and solid. The New School also in New Http:// City offers a similar panoply of classes, as do other universities and colleges.

They run a tremendous number of sections, and, like the Writers Studio, some people swear by them and others find the classes unmemorable.

This probably has to do with which teacher you get. They have several levels for most classes and pretty strict rules about how their classes are run, including what they call "The Booth," which is a technique that requires the writer to listen and not defend his or her writing.

Many teachers do the same thing informally in their classes, calling it listening to what people have to say. Also consider Mediabistro, which has a full and interesting list.

My online courses are usually short, and I run them irregularly-- often in the summer or in January. But Bennington also stresses the importance of reading. But in general, I highly recommend the program.

Though the cost is similar to many other programs on the surface, these savings really add up. The student body also has an impressive age range which I felt kept the neurosis level lower.

HarperCollins supports a site that is a community of writers who upload work for others to critique. I have short stories, samples, and links to longer pieces online here. There are several sites cheap blog writers for hire ca specialize in classics, generally out of copyright.

Shop around, as some are more readable than others. Here are two: Read Print New and very readable, a couple of Google ads at the top of the page. Write to Stan Drewwho is very responsive to email, and does the work for what seems like a reasonable price to me. Morgan James Publishing is a new model publisher that works cooperatively with authors of nonfiction and self-help only. MDI is headquartered in New York City but with associates in Europe and India.

Approach them with material that might be developed for film, and especially with pitches for your project in a few paragraphs-- not full manuscripts or film scripts.

Check out their website for more details and contact information. Publishers of novels generally like manuscripts of at least 80, words and no more thanThis is clearly a rule that is often broken.

Chuck Sambuchino above suggests 71, toand gives his reasons why. He also discusses different expectations for different genres. This turns into considerably less as a printed book— maybe to book pages. A short story is usually to words less than 10, words ; a short short is to words. A novella is 15, to 40, words in science fiction, for certain awards, between 17, and 40, There is also in science fiction a form called novelette for contest purposes that runs to 15, words.

In literary fiction, people would probably call something of that length a long story. Generally, a memoir, personal narrative, or collection of cheap blog writers for hire ca short stories is treated like fiction for length. The Short Story has its origins in oral story-telling and in the verbal sketches of situations called anecdotes.

Some stories are more cheap blog writers for hire ca miniature novels, with exposition, rising action, and a turning point or climax. They are, however, generally less complex than a novel, focused on a single plot and setting, a brief period of time, and a handful of characters. A contemporary short story typically starts in the middle of the action in medias resand many modern short stories also end abruptly or leave things hanging.

Lengths vary, but typically a short story runs as long as or perhaps 8, words, with shorter more usual. Anyone who has every taken a writing class has probably heard about Show and Tell. Sometimes a summary is better. I like to think in terms of learning when to tell or summarize, and when to show or dramatize in a scene. Both things are part of writing narrative, and knowing when to use which is one of the most important things to learn.

Here are some examples of successful scene and summary at Materials on Scene and Summary. You pay, and pay quite a bit, but the services try to be like a commercial press. See their "How It Works Page. One writer who has published two books with them says: "My experience with SWP has been mixed. I brought out two books with them, the first in May and the second, my novel, in October In the year and a half in between, [the press] went through a lot of changes, mostly for the good, particularly in terms of getting traditional distribution through Ingram.

My galley of the novel was full of mistakes, and I had to use my own readers, three separate times, in fact, to vet all the mistakes. The company was then sold to SparkPoint Cheap blog writers for hire ca — which has its own imprint and does publicity services for all kinds of authors, regardless of who publishes them. If you do this, you will cheap blog writers for hire ca entering a respectable and even admirable tradition of small presses. You also approach book producing companies-- printers, not publishers-- as you and your colleagues are the publisher.

More and more book producers do both conventional printing and one-book-at-a-time printing, using the same technology as the POD companies. These companies may require your group to prove that you are a press, not an individual.

You will be responsible for getting your own ISBN numbers and registering your copyright-- very doable, if you have a group to share responsibilities. Most printing companies, whatever type of press they use, work from digital files, so it hardly matters, as long as the final book looks good.

One good printing company is Morris Publishing. Another full service printer with a long history and a reputation for being helpful to everyone is Edwards Brothers. Edwards also does Print-on-Demand ultra-short-run printing. To get your feet wet, you might try one of the major blog sites like Blogger and Word Press or a free web building site usually meaning with ads.

Another web host that has been recommended to me makes things easy and cheap for you: Homestead. Basically, if you can fill in information in a form, you can have a website for free or very cheap. Also consider buying the domain name with your name--thus, I own meredithsuewillis.

You can get these at several places, including www. One way or another, you need a website. Designing a web page. Good List of Best Website Builders. Thanks, Natasha Wentz for suggestions! Check out an article at Publishing Basics about what subsidy and vanity publishers are selling-- and keeping for themselves. They are selling services, but are very up front about it, and understand the importance of sharing knowledge for free as well as selling it.

Here are some POD companies that people I know have worked with:. If you have suggestions, corrections, or updates, or if you find broken links, please e-mail MSW. Articles of interest to writers. Book Packagers and Producers. Characters: What they Want. Contests to watch out for.

Designing a book cover. Dialect: An article on cheap blog writers for hire ca it. Dialog with Different Languages. Dialog - Tom Swifty. Digitalize Books, Cheap blog writers for hire ca to. Film terms for narrative. Free Online Classes in All Subjects!

How Long Is a Novel? Illusion in prose narrative. Marketing Your Book Conference. Markets for Literary Fiction. Online Classes in all subjects. Pitching Your Book Workshop. Places cheap blog writers for hire ca Study Writing. Plot and Structure Ideas. Point of View Chart. Printers: Recommended book producers not publishers. Pros and Cons of Present Tense.

Query Letters: Worst Ever. Quotidian Scenes and Objects. Readability of your prose. Some Tricks of the Narrative Trade. Standard Lengths for Prose. Structure for Long Narratives. Web Sites: Getting Your Own; Making Your Own.

Worst Query Letter Ever. From Irene Weinberger booksand. Out of the Mountains. Ten Strategies to Write Your Novel How to Write a Novel.

In the Mountains of America Appalachian Short Stories. Oradell at Sea: now an e-book version too! The City Built of Starships. Novel-- First book of the Blair Morgan Trilogy. Novel-- Second book of the Blair Morgan Trilogy. Novel-- Final book of the Blair Morgan Trilogy. First, unrevised edtion: How-to-Write. NOTE: Mention on this page does NOT constitute a recommendation from Meredith Sue Willis.

These are things that looked interesting to me, or that people have recommended to me. Whenever possible, I include what the recommender said. Please check for yourself, and let me know of any broken links or information that needs cheap blog writers for hire ca be updated.

Cheat sheet for people who use html and this is Html 5. Tips on taxes for indie writersfrom the Turbotax people. How to build a website : an excellent review of website programs, thanks again! After a lot of failed attempts with other freelancers and a lot of money spentwe ended up cheap blog writers for hire ca what we wanted and it was just a really great experience.

A frequently updated list of articles for writers on the web. A Journal of Practical Writing. Featured Place to Study Writing. Basic sources for submitting literary prose and poetry. A publicity toolkit for writers. A Short TED talk on world building in fantasy and science fiction.

Pet Peeves of Literary Agents. Cheap blog writers for hire ca website for proofediting. How to cite sources. Explore, have fun, and good luck The back pages of the following two publications have information about contests, literary magazines, and many other matters of interest to writers:. New York, NY Tallwood House Mail Stop IE3. For more commercially oriented information, try:. Basic Sources for submitting literary poetry and prose.

New Pages: Best source of everything at this time. Poets Market a book that you have to buy, but worth the investment for new writers:. Duotrope has a fee. Calls for Submissions on Facebook, Poetry, Fiction, Art.

They send cheap blog writers for hire ca almost daily lists of places to submit poetry and prose. To add yourself to the list, send a blank email. You will receive a return cheap blog writers for hire ca with further sign-up instructions. Start with the listings at NewPages or the Associated Writing Programs list. A few Best Selling books fiction and nonfiction that were rejected again and again:.

An article online called "Understanding and Preventing Plagiarism". Commas: a good page on 4 rules of comma use. An interesting article on the comma. For questions about cheap blog writers for hire ca, try:. And also look at:. University of Chicago Writing Program. The Center for Writing Studies.

A former student of mine had a conversation with an ex-editor at a major New York publisher. Sol Stein editor, novelist, teacher, developer of how-to-write software shares advice he gave famous writers.

Vonda McIntyre the science fiction writer has some wonderful, funny pitfalls of novel writing at pitfalls. The Princeton Cheap blog writers for hire ca Center Resources. The Fog Index -- check how clear cheap blog writers for hire ca writing is! Places to Study Writing and Other Things. The Writers Studio has been around for twenty years and has in-person classes in New York and Cheap blog writers for hire ca Francisco plus online classes. A Note on MFA Programs. Looking for Free Peer Critiquing?

Sources of Literature Online. Read Print New and very readable, a couple of Google ads at the top of the page. Bartleby One of the first of these online libraries. Articles and web sites for writers a new page. Random name generator :. Thanks to Suzanne McConnell. Calyx Box B Corvallis, OR Reads from Oct. Mary Sue Koeppel, Editor Kalliope Roosevelt Blvd. Caroline Zuschek, Fiction Editor 07 So To Speak SUB 1 Rm A George Mason University University Dr.

MSN 2C5 Fairfax, VA 13th Moon. These are Old: Check before using. IRIS: A Journal about Women Fiction Editor Box HSC University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA Box 41 Buffalo, NY Writing Summary and Synopsis. Here are a couple of Youtubes that tell you all you need to know:. They plan 10 books for Lately they have done more literary fiction and at least one work of nonfiction. The artistic advisory board includes Toi Derricotte, Marilyn Hacker, Allan Kornblum, Alicia Ostriker, David Shapiro, ohn Yau, and Anne Waldman.

MotesBooks is a new educational and literary press. The publisher is Kate Larken. Reprinting novels by John Ehle ; upcoming includes Valerie Nieman. Publisher Jack Shoemaker was the cofounder, cheap blog writers for hire ca, and publisher of North Point Press and Counterpoint Press. Word Press publishes poetry. Publishers Specializing in Nonfiction and Self-Help.

Literary Agents and others including some agent blogs. A big commercial publication about literary agents is Writers Guide to Book Editors, Publishers, and Literary Agents by Jeff Herman. Box BK Rocklin, CA And just as food for thought, here are some Pet Peeves of Literary Agents. Writing the perfect pitch letter: an agent tells you how. Conference about pitching to agents: Agent Pitch Workshop. Also, these days, every editor, agent, publicist, schmuck in the publishing industry has a blog, either on Blogspot or Wordpress.

They usually have a blog roll and when you have down time you can follow links from one blog to another. Samples: Samples: Nancy Coffey literary. When you query an agent: Each agent and editor has very detailed rules for how you may submit. In general seems cheap blog writers for hire ca days of sending a query by snail mail are over. Literary Agents of North America is the most comprehensive alphabetical listing of over U.

Most have links to other resources as well:. A n article at Publishing Basics about what subsidy and vanity publishers are selling-- and keeping for themselves.

LOOKING FOR FREE CRITIQUING? Do you ever need to get a. These folks do it for free. Some Blogs by literary agents thanks to Jessica Word. Also resources, online classes in romance writing, and more. Book Packagers This is the home page of the association of book producers and packagers. Duotrope allows you to put in information and it searches for the magazines that might publish your piece!

DUSTBOOKS is one of the oldest and best sources of books on publishing. I have used their directories of small presses and little magazines for years.

The Cheap blog writers for hire ca Writer "Supporting the craft and business of excellent writing". Cheap blog writers for hire ca to beware of:. These sites have massive mailing campaigns and cheap blog writers for hire ca to part aspiring writers from their money: poetry.

Sites for genre writers :. Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Romance Writers of America. Harlequin also has a nice site with information about how to write romance novels. More Harlequin hints here. If you Write for children:. How long should a novel or story be? The categories of prose fiction do not have precise lengths.

Prose Fiction Lengths -- another way of counting :. Notes on How to Revise a Manuscript. This should be done early and often. This is an especially good technique for improving flat or boring dialogue, to add drama. This can be permanent if I decide to make my story for young adults, I may have to get rid of explicit sex or temporary I decide to make a short version for a reading when I only have 15 minutes. Is it easy to visualize the physical movement of the men having the fist fight?

Is the city street where the fight takes place described in a way that makes it easy cheap blog writers for hire ca picture? Are the parts of the fight described in the best order? Did the character change eye color between page 10 and page ? Do they carry more weight than your There are also editors for hire who will do this work.

Read fairly rapidly for style, shape, and rhythm. There is nothing like time passing for getting perspective on your manuscript. Write cheap blog writers for hire ca else, too, a story, an article. Anything to get cheap blog writers for hire ca distance on your novel.

Thanks to many people for contributions to this list, including: June Adler, Chuck Arguello, John Birch, Nicole Dweck, Richard Errington, Kyle Frisina, Yorker Kageyama, Mark Podolsky, Olugbenga Opesanwo, and Andrew Silver. Reviews of places that help you design your website. Services: Book doctors, writing consultants, editors, coaches, proofeditorsand technical help. Listing here does not constitute a recommendation by Meredith Sue Willis.

In some cases, however, there is a personal recommendation from students or agents or other people I know. She offers a read more eye for detail and is adept at spotting and eliminating errors of grammar, punctuation, spelling, style, and syntax.

She also would offer an hourly rate for a final set of eyes on a typeset novel. Mindy Levitt is a professional editor and proofreader who has worked with beginning and accomplished writers from all over the world through one of the largest global companies in this field. Her expertise is in editing fiction and nonfiction books, dissertations, theses, articles for journals, essays for college admissions and coursework, and white papers and correspondence for business.

Your work can be sent and returned as an email attachment in Word. For further information, please contact her at mindylevitt gmail.

For straight proof editing, take a for essay on scholarship pay my custom presidential elections at this website. Ideasmyth -- "a creative communications, holistic coaching and branding boutique consultancy. The Book Doctors -- "making better books one author at a time. Marc Acito has taught online classes for NYU among many cheap blog writers for hire ca credentials as writer and performer.

He offers web based services as a book doctor as well as private coaching and manuscript analysis. He was highly recommended to me by a former student. He specializes in story structure.

See a video about his approach to story structure here. Paulette Alden : says she critiques shortstories, novels and memoirs. Jeremy Busch [email is busch. He does video, web pages, social media strategy, and consulting for writers and others. Charis Conn is an editorial and writing consultant.

She is a writer herself as well as an experienced editor. I heard her speak at the North Wildwood Beach Writers Conference and very impressed with her practical and warm personality. Get in touch by email at charisc earthlink. They were founded by Renni Browne, co-editor of Self-Editing for Fiction Writer s. Cheap blog writers for hire ca Dryden offers services for both writers and illustrators, specializing in works for children.

Carol GaskinEditorial Alchemy. Phone ; email: Carol EditorialAlchemy. One student says, she is "worth every penny," and another says "Carol Gaskin was a marvelous choice and I think she really helped me make it shine. Grey Core Literary services at.

Inspiration for Writers, Inc. This is a full service place for writers to get help-- informative blogs and lots of free stuff plus editorial help or proof editing, or ghost writing for a fee. Dave Kingcoauthor of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, does private editing. Lindsey of Savvy Communications does editing and more. She also sends out a free monthly newsletter called Savvy Writer that is available by emailng her at SusanLindsey savvy-comm.

Ethel Lee-Miller does coaching and editing. Nerd Services Proofing and Copy Editing. Kristin Ostby is a manuscript editor for writers who want go here get published she corrects grammar, spelling, etc.

She corrects grammar, meaning, continuity, punctuation, spelling, etc. Contact her at kristin. Proofread My Paper has an attractive website. They are primarily proof editors, but have services for non-native English writers and dyslexic students as well. Savvy Communications does editing and more. Stickler Editing: "Nothing gets by the Stickler!

Words into Print calls elf "an alliance of independent book editors and consultants offering a wide variety of services to writers Each editor has approximately twenty years experience with leading New York trade book publishers or in the television and film industries Our aim is to provide whatver help or advice writers may seek in their efforts to have material successfully published. Whether you publish with a huge commercial press or with a small co-operative, in you are generally expected to participate in publicizing your book.

There are, of course, people you can hire to do this for you. Here is one specific recommendation from Deborah Clearman, author of Todos Santos, published by the respected small press Black Lawrence. I highly recommend my publicist, Sarah Burningham of Little Bird Publicity. Sarah came to the project of launching Todos Santos with passion, professionalism, and a warmth that made it a pleasure.

She got me mainstream reviews, blog coverage, readings and events from coast to coast, and exposure in places I never would have dreamed of, including a New York Times article. Moreover, she believed in my book, and her unflagging support as well as her attention to detail made working with her a joy. Note: Sarah Burningham, who is not just a publicist for writers, usually books 5 months in advance. Please fill in your e-mail address.

Cheap blog writers for hire ca

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