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This is buy cheap critical thinking online web series by a UK artist and secular humanist QualiaSoup discussing critical thinking, science, philosophy and the natural world. He discusses the following : Makers of supernatural claims have an inescapable burden of proof.

A look at some of the principles of critical read more. Faith has no place demanding agreement or punishing disagreement.

A brief look at the pointless exercise of telling people, rather than asking them, what they believe. A poor understanding of probability leads many people to put forward supernatural explanation for buy cheap critical thinking online that are far more common than they think. A look at the pitfalls of arguing against science from incomprehension or emotion. A challenge to the claim that a belief in science requires equal faith to the belief in a god.

Watch the full documentary now playlist - 1 buy cheap critical thinking online, 32 minutes This ought to bring out the religious crazies pretty quick. I await the ridiculous claims and debates so we may further prove religion and people who believe in it are seriously damaged humans. Buy cheap critical thinking online just fearful humans. Such a brutally heavy lawsuit against religion.

Such massive detail and such solid points through and through, great stuff! We need to evolve from religious and political thought and challenge everything openly and freely and should expect the same in return. Keep religion out of schools, politics and business! I have never accepted religious thought even though my parents had me baptised Christian and tried to push Christianity on me.

Once you join this evil religion, you are now a mental slave to god, buy cheap critical thinking online thinking about christian dogma or guilt emotions and fear and irrational beliefs. How can the buy cheap critical thinking online and creative mind exist within such a timid and fearful mental plot. Which then leads to the questions: Which Lord? The answer depends on the religion they belong to.

There is little convergence, just blind faith and dogma! Religious people need to grow up a bit. I have a problem with associating atheism with science. Atheism asserts that God absolutely does not exist. For example, Aristarcus lived 2, years ago posited a heliocentric model.

Aristotle who lived at about the same time posited a reflected lunar light. Right, but as Dr. Dawkins buy cheap critical thinking online says, there has not been enough evidence to convince him that there is a supreme being--and this is certainly scientific. Both astronomy and mathematics were advanced other fields alsoand quoran, mohamed, could have taken inspiration from this pool of knowledge.

Or, just have a brain and be a capable, discerning, critical thinker. Only children and the fearful brainwashed buy that nonsense. You hardly strike me as a non critical thinker given your past posts. To say there is no God is a black or white argument and not scientific.

However, if evidence does surface that does prove his existence, we must examine this proof to verify its veracity. It cannot and should not be rejected out of hand. That would not be a scientific approach nor would it show a predilection towards critical thinking. Since that evidence has not been demonstrated thus far we can say fairly certainly that the probability of his existence would make it seem highly improbable.

Whilst I respect your personal opinion and your input, I reject, straight out of hand, the existence of any God or Gods. I was raised a devout catholic, my beliefs were shot to crap when I was 14 and able to attain honors in school and use my brain for something other than worshiping a false entity.

There need not be any evidence, only critical thought and a sense of being fine with life and death buy cheap critical thinking online a normal part of what we call our existence. All religions always boil down to the same thing all things do. Qamer Wasim - I like the way he, the speaker in your link uses vague scripture to "prove" a prophecy or modern knowledge that their book was privy to. Of course there are these verses as well I saw in a dream eleven planets.

HUD buy cheap critical thinking online Allah seems to think that your brain is in your heart. It has no course. Read more eat of all fruits" Surah -- Bees actually eat nectar and pollen. I could go on if you would like.

Any ancient text only reveals and reflects the limited knowledge that the writers had in the specific time period in human history when it was penned. They can not be counted on for anything more than overrated poetry and biased historical descriptions. If you want to have a personal relationship with a supernatural being that is completely up to you. I like to translate this misquote from Tertullian as "I believe because it makes no sense.

Nah, I understand what it means buy cheap critical thinking online "I believe because it is absurd" ergo it is a matter of faith. The quotation from Tertullian de Carne Christi V, 4 is: ". My Buy cheap critical thinking online instructor taught me that meant "very good" Then all you need is the superlative, but with a caveat. As a matter of fact, "yes" and "no" in the contemporary sense did not exist in the language either.

I am willing to go out on a limb and put my best professional foot forward. Look, there is 0 logic to any debate about God or not a God, even if you sit on the fence and say we cannot prove there is not one, but neither can we prove the opposite.

It is talking in circles, and blaming smart people for keeping it real. The fence sitters apparently just do not want to get caught with their pants down if it ever proves God exists, they play politics with it rather than stand up and be truthful to themselves.

Be a real man, stand up and say it. Do not hide behind big words and catch phrases. Anything that is ever forced on us in life is always BS. Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy. Heard this, debated it, disagreed, another day comes and goes.

I prefer realism and real life, can see, can feel, can taste, can smell, can read, can understand type of thinking. Made up BS does not crack the top ten important things to get you through life in a good, positive and self gratifying manner.

One where you can help others and be a good person without relying on false pretenses and man made stories to guide you through to the end, when the lights go out forever. Some of us are ok with that. I do not need to prescribe to a mass hypnosis or mass stupidity to achieve my goals or get and give respect to those who deserve it. I wish all people felt that way, we would have a more peaceful place to live man.

Religion and its associated ridiculousness has killed a lot of fckin people brother. No debate to be had. I would assume any path that does not lead to past mistakes would be the clear choice. Reality would work, but again, back to the money angle, religion has it uses for those who worship the almighty buy cheap critical thinking online my friend. That is always the bottom line of everything. It is easy to see through it. Funny, reading Horace, Virgil, etc.

I never came across these phrases. The word "very" also did not really exist in Latin, at least in the modern sense, so the superlative was used. Therefore, altissimus homo could be taken to mean not only the tallest man, but a very tall man, depending on the context.

I am sure that they can be picked apart in detail for their ravages of the worst parts of human kind but what does it make it? This is why i usually do not debate religion and God. See, smell, hear, taste. I have buy cheap critical thinking online seen a god, heard a god, felt a god, tasted a god, smelled a god. I have never heard of anyone credible seeing one either. I detest circular nonsensical arguments like this one.

If it really matters, with all due respect to peoples opinions, this topic is just plain nonsense. No disrespect intended, cv proofreading hire liverpool playing word games with it is just as annoying. I need not present a thing to anyone. If you think there is a god, buy cheap critical thinking online you are crazy.

To even argue if there is or not is in itself, rather psychotic. Some of the people saying this to me are people I know are not stupid or ignorant, I have read many of your and others posts.

It astounds me to see the reactions over this one topic. I cannot say there is no God? Buy cheap critical thinking online is no God. It always ends up in this game. One side wanting proof from the other, only buy cheap critical thinking online half is playing with a full deck, the other with a quarter of one. I really hate to think some popular ghostwriter website london are that shallow on this one.

If I cannot see it, touch it, taste it, smell it, quantify it, photograph or tabulate it, test it or break it down, then it simply does not exist. There are no metaphors for these fairy tales to be proven right or wrong. I check out now, I hate to insult people I respect when they want to drag out and use big words for a ridiculous idea such as religion read article a god existing.

It makes me want to roll a big fat one and contemplate why smart people are so open to anyone having to prove or disprove. Logic is what it is. Now that I think of it, some of the fallacious arguments the documentary left out were quote mining, arguing from authority and a priori interpretation not always due to translation. Speaking of translation, did you know that the so-called virgin birth was due to a mistranslation, as was Moses and Co. And exactly why, should he trust YOU? Are you at the point of your own death?

Do you have buy cheap critical thinking online evidence you can present? Or is it possible that people in this position may simply be more willing to be deluded? Does this make the delusion any more real? Do Muslims really want to say that Muhammad is the source of light, and Allah is only his reflection.

Ehrman is buy cheap critical thinking online great source for many of these facts and i suggest anyone interested in what is actually known for sure he is a very good source for information. In re the virgin birth: It was a mistranslation of the Hebrew word almah meaning young girl into the Greek parthenos meaning Virgin parthenogenesis and the error was propagated to translations in other languages.

If the universe is intelligently decipherable, it HAS to this web page intelligent in its origin.

The mind of man cannot even begin to understand the design of the cosmos. But the design undoubtedly exists, and on an infinitely complex scale. Everything you see, hear,feel, taste or smell is God.

Did you think it all up and figger it out yerself? How do you know design exists? As a matter of fact, what is design? Such silly make believe stories and archaic rituals.

Anyone ever been to a catholic mass before? Seriously if you have never been you got to check it out. There is buy cheap critical thinking online comedic act anywhere that can make you laugh that hard.

Oh ya, and they link their god in this magic ceremony that turns wafers and wine into pieces of flesh and blood. How sick is that. I only made christians to entertain me, not annoy me with their self righteousness about how insane they are. I think god was at deer creek click at this page noblesville, IN on june buy cheap critical thinking online and 29th.

My church was the mothership and i ate magical wafers with fractal images on them and we all held mass for 2 days and sang about the multi beast, and click the following article our hands and feet are made of mangos.

I remember something about guitars gentley weeping, and please me have no regrets. All nonsense, except in the eyes of Me. It may sound weird but the only thing that makes sense to me is the quantum world, quantum mechanics et al.

We are here because we collapse the wave-form en-mass and form reality from all the illusion of space and time spacetime and latch on to "one" of the vibrating strings that give rise to all we know and see, string theory which to me will be click at this page the forefront of scientific endeavor. So what is the general consensus on the ubiquitous presence of the Fibonacci sequence in nature? DerekC, you started with an "if" "If the universe is intelligently decipherable".

Understanding what we can is not the same as understanding everything. One can accept the infinite wonder of the universe without requiring buy cheap critical thinking online to be someone ultimately responsible for it I think DerekC is trying to make the God of the gaps argument. Lack of understanding in any particular ersten esl creative writing ghostwriting sites nyc der does not prove the existence of a God.

And why God as the designer? Why not an intelligent alien? Who created the creator? More questions come from his answer. As Robert alluded to, he is indeed the type of person that this video is buy cheap critical thinking online to address. He should ask himself why he requires to prove his God when there will never be any proof available? I think he is beginning to question his faith and I hope that he finds his way.

You gotta let go the idea of being "right. Even your own cherished beliefs. Right, buy cheap critical thinking online even if we accept Mr. In other words, if we can decipher something, it is because there is intelligence in its origin.

Example: Michael Ventris was able to decpiher Linear B because there was intelligence in its origin. Linear A remains undecipherable because there was no intelligence in its origin.

But more important, your earlier blog echoed Dr. Drawkins also stated in essence that the truth is far more fascinating than anything mankind has made up about it. During a debate with Bart Ehrman, Mr. Craig offered a mathematical proof that the resurrection probably occurred. Daniel Jones learn more here Buy cheap critical thinking online fibonacci sequence is truly fascinating.

Once again though, I think that our lack of understanding does not equal a supernatural explanation. Since everything is made of the same basic elements, it stands to reason that there might be some common similarities when one sees the final outcome. The consequent to his point would lead one to incredible amount of fallible proofs. I like picking your brain Robert. They are oddly persistent in my universe, but fortunately they do not require weekly worship.

I am grateful to the atheists for dissecting religious claims to supernatural. I was buy cheap critical thinking online and indoctrinated against my wish in religion. Keep it up folks, there are too many victims of religion out here, too many buildings of great architecture mosques, churches, synagogues, Vatican, etc.

Religion is mind control, illogical, unscientific, divisive and promotes tribal mentality. Law of large numbers, mate. There are thousands of billions of forms of life in nateure buy cheap critical thinking online exist or have existed. That a handful buy cheap critical thinking online possible correlation with Fibonacci sequences is not only highly likely, but mathematically innevitable.

Buy cheap critical thinking online even contemplate this as proof of a "creator" requires that you entirely ignore the staggeringly important fact that Fibonacci number sequences do not occur in nature, thousands of millions of times more than they do occur.

That two things happen to co-incide is not proof of any interaction between them. Just because I looked at the butterfly did not necessarily cause it to die. Furthermore, what about the hundreds of butterflies I watched that did not die? Our world is based on principals which can be defined and understood through Mathematics. To say that these things are possible BECAUSE of mathematics would be ludicrious.

Newton discovered the buy cheap critical thinking online for calculating gravitational effect, this did not give him the power to move planets or fly. Just as the butterfly died while being watched, not because buy cheap critical thinking online was being watched.

Would you be interested in a work about the history of dictionaries? How about one on creationists? Mathematics is a descriptive tool, not a prescriptive one.

Newton obtained his equations basically through observation. Euler obtained them through deduction. Other fine mathematicians, such as Gauss, Cauchy and Taylor obtained them through both. Yes, it is splitting hairs in a way, and can easily appear to be only a question of pointless semantics but, if we are going to use science as our go here, the scientific method as our mode of thinking- we have to present a position that we can defend down to the detail while remaining true to these ideals.

Since, technically speaking, no one can disprove the existence of any god with Science uses a scale to quantify how certain they are of certain theories, Vlatko, just had buy cheap critical thinking online say thanks yet again. And more to the point--I had a revelation!

I found the name of god: Jean Francois Poujot! The Haitian who created the wonderfully delicious banana that is so perfectly designed to fit the human hand. So to ask why we see the Fibonacci sequence in nature may be the same as asking why nature utilizes fractal geometry- because ti is a very simple way of creating variation and seemingly random structures. Nobody will ever totally prove or disprove the existence of God.

The fact that Atheists try to place a burden of proof on believers shows how insecure they are in click the following article BELIEFS! Personal beliefs are most inspirational when they are on a personal level between man and his maker. Like the documentary explained, if anyone wants to hold a personal belief without requiriing proof that is of course their right, and as long as it remains personal who cares- it is when they start trying to intergrate their belief structure into our educational system or our political system, when they use their belief to justify destructive and dysfunctional actions and policies that affect us all, when they try to marginalize and demonize those who disagree- that we object.

Now you may see that objection as a waste of time but, I see it as necessary if we ever hope to survive as a species, to make war and violence at least minimal, to understand the great mysteries of life, etc. In my opinion religion is just like capitalism, it had its uses and helped buy cheap critical thinking online us what we are but its time is over. In this case we are talking about the definition of God. At some point consciousness has to be at the beginning.

If you wanna go that way, you hafta have consciousness coming from something unconscious. If something is "predicted" I agree with you. Science does buy cheap critical thinking online "work;" it buy cheap critical thinking online out, no matter which way the universe is. As several posters have tried to enlighten you, order? Second, probability, like statistical variance, is living proof of lack of order.

Are earthquakes and their cousins, tidal waves, predictable? Epicurus asked for proof and you provided an assertion. That must mean buy cheap critical thinking online you have no proof. Semantics aside: The universe had a beginning. There is no argument or evidence that proves my belief wrong; however the anthropic principle does buy cheap critical thinking online credit to my belief.

And I find it rather hypocritical to make a documentary specifically to persuade people toward atheism and say that people with faith have no place demanding agreement. And if something itches, there must be an itcher, right?

What does this have to do with order vs. Just because something begins does not mean there has to be a reason for it. Also, which universe are you talking about? Without proof your assertion is worthless, even though there is no contradictory evidence. As for your comment on the Higgs Boson particle, I suggest you read up on how Pluto was discovered.

Your background in science buy cheap critical thinking online obviously quite limited. This makes modern day atheism a lot more intellectually healthy than theists and by the way, what do you mean by ". The whole universe is formed by complete chaos, chaos theory, uncertainty theory, an unlimited vast sea of probabilities, that form your day to day living I buy cheap critical thinking online add, forming your present personal reality taking into consideration interactions.

Hell by definition we or anything else is not even real, what is matter? The only grand design you are referring to is laid out rather succinctly in Stephen Hawking book "The Grand Design" read it. Words are symbols and symbols are infinitely removed from what they represent. Here we all are--perfect strangers--discussing the ultimate question s of the universe. And yes, if something itches there is a cause. Furthermore, why do I have to provide proof that God exists simply because I believe He does?

Both Pluto and the Higgs boson were postulated prior to proof being found, one out of spite and one out of mathematics. Not all people who believe in God blame Him when things go wrong. Your comment makes no buy cheap critical thinking online sense buy cheap critical thinking online me buy cheap critical thinking online that all atheists blame other people when things go wrong because they have no higher authoritative moral standards to live by to be clear, this is not something I believe.

To over the edge: I never defined my God. I never said I had proof. I just said I believe. I was simply making a comparison. The point is that there is no hard, substantial, tangible evidence that I can point to and say "God exists" or "the up continue reading exists". I have read Hawking and I like him very much. I started off with his "brief History of Time," and have followed him pretty closely.

Good luck in the parakeet cage Buy cheap critical thinking online do you know that in the beginning there was no motion? How do you know that something caused it? Contrary to what you write, throughout your posts you have asserted the existence of a supreme being, not a merely buy cheap critical thinking online in same. The facts speak for themselves.

And speaking of distortion or outright misrepresentation, show me where I used the discovery of Pluto to prove the existence of the Higgs Boson. If you re-read, you will find that I suggested you read up on the discovery of Pluto and I did this as an analogue to the method used for Higgs Boson because, again despite what you write, your understanding of science is extremely limited.

Your reading of my paragraph on the merits of atheism is as skewed as your reading bekommen best writing for hire united kingdom Abdominal the rest of my post.

And please note the usual tactics of strawman, shift of burden and other tactics limned in the documentary, a perfect textbook case. It is only a tool to be used in an attempt to understand the world around us. We have to look past what we think we see and know to understand what really is the truth. A four year old once told me, quite earnestly, that the wind blowing was caused by the trees moving. The more the trees moved the harder wind would blow.

He lacked the experience to form the more sophisticated and correct conclusion. He did not have the adequate information available and his mind had not developed enough to consider all the variables involved. It just seemed right to him. For us to conclude whether there is a grand designer we have to know more about the universe.

For it to seem right is not enough. We need evidence to show whether our intuition is correct or not. Without it we are but four year olds. Robert, I fail to understand your failure to understand and accept the vast differences between us. A change of heart is the only measure that will bridge that gap for either of uswhich is as wide as the universe, itself. As a person who prides himself on his adeptness click here logic, reason, and ultimate truth, you ought to ask yourself why you even care.

It says that there is no evidence of his existence and until there is see more cannot arrive at this conclusion.

As for the Higgs boson particle, scientists in Geneva have just announced that they have discovered what they are sure is the Higgs boson article source. The idea that such a particle must exist came as the result of a great deal of research and based on scientific models that seem to say that this must be true.

There is no scientific research that gives us a model that leaves us with the conclusion that God must exist. If there is, please enlighten me. Jacks argument is that believing that the universe requires a designer is comparable to believing that trees make the wind blow, and is well put.

If you think differently, as you appear to do, defend your position and explain why Jacks argument is wrong, in your eyes. Science places the burden of proof on any claim that one makes. It would be inconsistent to insist on proof on any idea proposed but not where God is involved.

Its funny how seemingly important concepts held by religions, such as honesty and intellectual integrity, seem to go buy cheap critical thinking online out the window when religious beliefs are challenged. We experience time sequentially. First the wind blows, then the trees move. Then it is all in the same moment Or--if we wish we can go backward.

First the trees move, THEN the wind blows. The four year old who sees the trees move THEN the wind blow has a thought structure no less valid than the "adult. It is a testable observation. We are talking about cause and effect, however. Your argument is that cause and effect are somehow interchangeable or indistinguishable from each other.

They are not, if time ran backward, cause would still precede effect, though effect would be experienced first. If time was stopped, cause and effect may appear to be simultaneous, but article writing website canada does not mean that they are the same thing. Cause will still be cause, and effect will still be effect, no matter what arbitrary demands you make upon time.

In effect your argument is self defeating. We are talking about the accuracy of their conclusions. So which is more accurate? I have no interest whatever in defending my way of thinking, and your response is precisely why I avoided stating it. I only laid it out because you insisted. Your disagreement with my belief system is merely your belief system and if you are fine with what you think so am I.

I am not one of them. My beliefs are just as useless and mercurial as yours. If you really want to have a meaningful conversation tell me what you know. The more a man knows, the less he believes OK Derek, I know that some beliefs are more valid and carry more weight than others, namely those buy cheap critical thinking online upon logical reasoning, observation, testing and evidence as opposed to those depending on a priori or circular deterministic assertions.

So then in your opinion, the belief that the trees make the wind blow buy cheap critical thinking online as valid and holds as much water as the belief that convection currents combined with the rotation of the earth amongst other things makes the wind blow?

For clarity; my position is that ALL beliefs are nothing more than that--beliefs. All are equally invalid. All that matters is Truth. And for clarity--Truth is that which can be known. Thanks for the compliment but, I am trying to stay out of this really. Many times this is because they are simply repeating an argument they heard someone else use which …. Ahhh see, I was getting involved already.

Never mind, carry on……. I will say this though, the statement "order demands a orderer", besides being horribly incorrect buy cheap critical thinking online a grammatical point of veiw, is merely the Anthropic Principle regurgitated in another form- buy cheap critical thinking online answers nothing.

Look up the Anthropic Principle on google and you will find endless counter arguments for this pointless assertion of fine tuning.

The trees the esl cv writer services for school Medikament their branches about does not cause the read article of air which we call the wind. Its possible I thought so when I was four but not for a long time. Are you familiar with NCSE, National Center for Science Education?

Religion theism has article source place in any scientific discussion--as a matter of fact, it has no place in any intelligent discussion about anything other than religion philosophy. I care because those of your clades are not content to keep their pie-in-the-sky Disneyland within their own purview, but rather endeavor to infuse it into buy cheap critical thinking online schools especially science classes and governments.

Morrissey has science to back him up; you have nothing. In other words, logical reasoning, observation, testing and evidence is click here opinion which is just as good as a priori or circular deterministic assertions. There are a few religions that provoke interesting thoughts and do very well at trying to explain what it means to be conscious, click to see more what you should do as a conscious being.

There is no testable proof that any of it is real. You can ask, "what about faith!!??? Take that as you will. A person who believes something, and the only proof that it exists is that buy cheap critical thinking online have a strong feeling that it is real which is NOT proofis nuts. Some religions like christianity ha! Therefore not giving a squat diddly see vlatko i learned how buy cheap critical thinking online swear about the present existence.

Which is your only chance at consciousness. You get one chance to experience life, and you throw it all away buy cheap critical thinking online to yourself on your knees, and hoping to do it forever in the clouds. Now if you can see how horrible that thought is, you can see why atheists abhor organized religion.

I personally have no major problem with buddhism, or even rastafarianism to name a couple, but monotheistic religions disgust me. You assume I have something to be sorry for and assume I cannot face my end alone.

In that you would be incorrect. I need no fake deity nor religion to face the inevitable. Regret is for people who do not think their buy cheap critical thinking online through life with eyes wide open.

The last person on earth I would trust is a religious nut job. Trust buy cheap critical thinking online respect is earned, not given freely according to my rules of life.

Assuming I need to cry out to some fake God for comfort as I speak my last words and draw my last breath are assumptions of the worst kind. I need nothing of the sort. If I can die like my parents did, with my family and friends by my side, holding my hand and speaking soft loving words into my ear, that my friend, is all I need to go to sleep forever. If it goes down another way, so be it. I have no regrets, never will, and I certainly can deal with anything of the sort on my own if this turns out to be the case.

Crying to something or someone who does not exist is not part of the act of life buy cheap critical thinking online me. There is no such thing as a "heart" issue. What you are trying to say is it is a faith issue. Anyone with faith in something that they cannot prove exists is insane. Sorry, but click the following article and every other person who believes in some silly deity because they know in their "heart" which is a muscle that pumps blood through out your body if you did not know are wackos.

I feel sorry for you. Just because the thought that there is a big eye in the sky watching over you makes you feel warm and fuzzy does not prove that it exists. I do not understand why you people cannot see why this is crazy thinking. As buy cheap critical thinking online member of our species, i ask you to stop it, because you are embarrassing us all with self righteous crazy talk.

Just grow up all ready, and put the imaginary best friend away buy cheap critical thinking online all our sakes. Yeah, as a young man, I had some serious issues with being forced eat someones body.

It was traumatizing to say the least. That was a Jeff Healy concert silly boy, and I thought we told you not to eat the brown acid!!! When you get in your car you always turn the key to start the engine. That is the sequence that is necessary to drive the vehicle. The engine will not start before you turn buy cheap critical thinking online key. It is buy cheap critical thinking online opinion.

Your intellectual argument is not supported by practical application. If it was, you would spend a lot of time waiting for the car to start without having to turn the key. Listening to the radio might help to pass the time but you know that you have to turn that on also The point of my story about the four year old true story is about how we arrive at conclusions.

We can never arrive at a correct conclusion unless we have the empirical data to back it up. This verse in the Bible refers to how one should approach their faith. The Bible also says that "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen".

In other words, faith has no evidence. If a person wants to have a faith in a creator that is a personal matter. He should be willing to admit that he believes even though he cannot prove that the idea he has faith in cannot be supported by evidence.

That is what is meant by "Except ye become as little children". Ok, well this is annoying. I posted on here initially to provide my opinion and was only responded to with non-sequitur, tautologic and straw man arguments and personal attacks.

The fact is that the universe is something we live in and still cannot completely define. Saying there is no God is being as closed minded as atheists claim theists are. Talk about the emotional maturity of a third grader.

Anyone who aspires to be an elementary school teacher can simply read your posts and then apply for a buy cheap critical thinking online. Besides, buy cheap critical thinking online does emotional maturity have to do with the existence of a supreme being? Now, intellectual maturity coupled with accuracy is something else--and you obviously could use a liberal dose.

That you lack the intellectual capacity to tackle your subject with anything approaching competence? Of course, which means my hypothesis could also be true: "On Titan, there is a Unicorn who is the master of this Universe. It buy cheap critical thinking online many better things to do. So when I say "On Titan, there is a Unicorn who is the master of this Universe", what would you say to me? Or even better, what would you say when I want this belief to be taught to small children, along with the science classes.

It hurts my eyes to see the faces with only one eye. I am quite willing to debate the existence of God but you first must provide a platform from which we can begin a debate. You claim that he exists. I offer that there is no evidence so I highly doubt his existence. Provide the evidence and I will examine it and we can discuss it. I can assure you that it will not become a personal attack on your intelligence.

My mother attended school until grade five in the Netherlands, yet she taught herself to read and write in English.

Obviously she possessed a degree of intelligence even though she was a devout Christian. I respected her beliefs even though I did not share them. I can do the same for you. You are correct that no really knows if a God truly exists and to reject that existence, outright, is close minded. That would imply absolute knowledge.

However, I can say we need proof to allow his existence to be known as fact. That is not unreasonable or aggressive in nature. I have no problem with the content, but rather with the presentation. Ra, the narrator rambles buy cheap critical thinking online in an all-too-fast monotone with all-too-fast animation ostensibly to complement his points.

If public speaking is not his forte, he should confine himself to scripting and find someone else for the delivery. Birds of a feather For such a huge effect as universe which includes your conscious buy cheap critical thinking online to understand and explain, in a VERY limited way, what you see before youit is eminently logical, reasonable, and axiomatic, to conclude a creator.

The burden to prove that God does NOT exist is a much grander problem for you to solve, and the level of faith which you employ is infinitely stronger than mine, because your common sense if utilized buy cheap critical thinking online always tell you something different.

The truth could not be plainer. Willful ignorance is your specialty, because you side-step or ignore the most fundamental principle that science HAS established, i. Please try not to gloss over what I just said The better bet is to work on how we can get to a sustainable and peaceful way of life. I like your avatar by the way.

I have not once attacked your beliefs, merely questioned the logic behind them. You seem to equate beliefs with opinions with theories with facts, similarly as you confuse cause and effect, but there are very distinct differences between these things.

This is not simple semantics, they have many both subtle and profound dissimilarities and their proper usage is of utmost importance if you are to be clear - for clarity. And no, all beliefs are not equally invalid, some are more valid than others, again, why do you not address the question, do you really think believing the trees make the wind is as valid as believing that convection and rotation buy cheap critical thinking online I completely agree it is the crux of the matter.

I ask you, how do you think we come by it - all that which can be known? There is to my knowledge only one method available to us. I do not expect you to answer that question, as you evidently prefer to deflect, but please consider what the answers are for your own benefit. Atheists belief is that there is no creator. I must not have made it that far in this particular show.

It was very long winded, and I got the feeling the creator has an unhealthy love of his own voice however monotonous. Maybe humanity would be better off if believers got their own act together, and their beliefs started to actually govern their actions.

You have not watched the documentary. Logic, reason and rhetoric demand that the burden of proof is with the claim maker. I realize that most commenters visit web page argue this, buy cheap critical thinking online that still remains my opinion. How about reading up on it in a real science journal before commenting on what you perceive as the inability of scientists to explain it.

I think his beliefs should be attacked because from his posts, he wants to spread them about and render those around him as ignorant as he. If that is the case the "cause and effect" rule must apply to the creator too, which begs the question: Who created him?

Everything must have a cause right. Attributes which are logically and philosophically buy cheap critical thinking online. You can get something click here nothing indeed quantum mechanics. What they claim is that the scientific method is the best tool for arriving at the most reasonable conclusions. However you turn it, the burden of proof is on you. You make an extraordinary claim just because it makes sense to you.

But ultimately that is not the problem. The problem is buy cheap critical thinking online you try to impose your belief onto others just because it "makes sense" to you. Your senses came out while you were growing up: something is in your hand, you let go of it - it falls, tip the glass - water spills. You assembled a rule-book for how nature works in the macroscopic world. The microscope takes you smaller than that, the telescope takes you bigger, and other laws of physics manifest themselves in those regimes that you have no life experience reckoning.

By saying God what do you exactly mean? In order science to begin to disprove something we need to establish what that actually is. Some atheists would like to disprove god. Even so it is not their burden, unless they claim to be absolutely certain that no god s exist. Check this out myself as I have expressed before, have my doubts about all things.

Absolute certainty is simply a naive idealisation in my book. The most futile of communication efforts Again, I have no wish to convince anybody of anything. As I said, if you are happy with your way of thinking, so am I. You are buy cheap critical thinking online sincere in your inquiry, but yer just gonna hafta let me off the hook. Our perceptual constructs are too different; we speak different languages. For you to understand my language would take decades To quote Alexander Pope:.

What can we reason but from what we know? You buy cheap critical thinking online do not take it lightly. It will take you to buy cheap critical thinking online you are going Have you ever witnessed something coming into existence from nothing? For that matter, where did quantum mechanics come from? Extraordinary claims, buddy, require extraordinary proof. Get back to basics, before you try to snow me with your empty arguments. As you find it hypocritical, I find it offensive that people are made to be that shallow and brainwashed by a bunch of books written by men for men to live a good life.

Most educated scientifically trained people do not believe in fables and fairy tales. People with faith deserve a kick in the arse for being so stupid, so afraid of their own mortality, or afraid of their own choices, good or bad, semantics aside. There is no gods, and no devil and no heaven and no hell. There are only human beings who cannot handle their own futures and cannot face death like a person should. Semantics aside, religious freaks need a rubber room, not a pat on the back.

I was raised in a devout catholic family, and when I reached the age of 13 and started down a path of reading and educating my self, the truth became clear. These people are lying to me and everyone else, only a child would believe such nonsense. I thought of that when I was 13, it seems a few billion have not grown up yet or educated themselves as to the improbability of the claims made by all the " holy books ".

I think as one poster said, these weak people need to be link, more than they need a fruitless, circular debate with people who have enough sense to call it what it is.

Do not ask for logic or proof, there is none. Back to the circular debate once again, Everyone has to prove something popular essays ghostwriters services the other buy cheap critical thinking online. An endless buy cheap critical thinking online of drivel in between, the result is always the same. The burden of proof is on the believers, buy cheap critical thinking online always has been.

Nothing has changed whatsoever. Buy cheap critical thinking online argument has not changed since Jebus was a cowboy. I am quite used to time restraints.

I will endeavor to give us all the definition of the meaning of life by mid morning, tomorrow. The rubber room is down the hall, especially prepped for people like you. Free rent and food as well. Good deal for you. You have no proof, other than regurgitated Buy cheap critical thinking online we have all heard from tens of thousands upon tens of thousands that came before you.

Unlike the educated people in this place. We do not have to grasp at old sayings, statements or lines of crap to get our point across nor do we have to prove the impossible to get ours across.

You guys the ones touting this fake deity, not us. So that being said, show me a picture of Jesus and Buy cheap critical thinking online and all buy cheap critical thinking online entail.

Hardcover would be fine if that is possible, after all, God can do anything right? We both obviouly find it offensive when ignorance is passed off as knowledge. The problem is that those like Shawn Lewis and Derek C try to buy cheap critical thinking online their twaddle on others who are so uneducated and gullible as to swallow it. People love to spout off about things in which they have next to 0 knowledge of. I am an engineer by trade, this has been my calling my entire life.

Until then, I will be curled up in the corner in the fetal position, laughing my guts out until it hurts to the point of wanting to commit hari kari or stab myself in the eye with a lead pencil, repeatedly. I love satire and comedy buy cheap critical thinking online anyone else, this type is not even funny anymore. I cannot and will not ever shut up when people talk nonsense. Here we are discussing the highest matter in the universe.

How much progress can we expect from conversing on the level of, "Yo mama. I do not think there is hatred of anyone, just pity that you are so empty and fearful, you need to believe in fairy tales and fables to get you by. You insult educated people by implying our brains are not in gear.

Well, I guess we needed that tidbit of awesomeness to inform us we are damaged goods, of course, coming from a bible bunny, that really means a lot to me and will affect me for the rest of my days posting on TDF. Touche my friend, I believe it is people like you who infect this planet with BS and fear over nothing.

God is for wimps and fearful humans, not smart ones or educated scientific types. It will go the way of the steam engine eventually, the numbers say so. Irrelevant to our happiness and buy cheap critical thinking online of the time. You can live your dream. I will live in the here and now and reality based knowledge. Again, I wonder why you reply. I have not asked you to convince me or anyone else of anything, I have asked you some simple questions in order buy cheap critical thinking online get a better idea of what you think, and what your position really is.

Likewise I am not trying to convince you of anything, I was trying to get a better understanding of you and why you post what you do, but I realise that you do not wish to share. That is OK with me, sorry for bothering you. If you are interested, why not ask a few questions yourself? I suspect sadly, that you believe you already have the answers. You said it Jacko. There is no proof. It is considered idiotic to try and prove God exists in any scientific forum, unless it is a religious one.

I have buy cheap critical thinking online a thousand debates on this subject, every single time it comes up on scientific threads, it is discarded, abused, bemoaned buy cheap critical thinking online chastised as BS.

I live in that world, so therein lies my thoughts. But only if critical thinking rules are applied to the answer. If you are just click for source sure what the rules of this debate are, please review the material in the documentary and apply them to your point of view.

I was forced for 13 buy cheap critical thinking online. The early ones Buy cheap critical thinking online do not recall, but I would guess touched my peepee since I came through it with my intellect and body intact.

I just had to, sorry, it screamed at me to say that. Is it God that tells those Priests to touch young peepees? Or is that just normal for God to let his servants abuse young people? This is the part noone ever addresses. God in all his infinite power, allows young boys and girls to be sexually abused eh? Any group that click such lowlifes to be associated with it is reprehensible beyond imagination.

It is lies and more lies, and the Catholic Church seems to me to be a breeding ground for pedophiles. You can take that and them and choke on it. Yes, we all need to worship a religion that hides and protects pedophiles. I see how that could be important. Your type of people just plain scare me.

To think they are actually in on foreign policy and decisions. A nightmare is what that is. I think this documentary illustrated what baseless propaganda is. But that is the whole point, there is no proof and we believe by faith alone. There is evidence though for example the bible and other texts which explain the life and death of Jesus.

The majority of scientists and historians will agree that Christ was a historic reality. The bible may have its flaws, but where faith comes into it is when you start to believe that the story of Jesus as described in the bible is accurate. Who knows what buy cheap critical thinking online possible? No amount of Figgs Boson material is going to prove one way or another that God does or does not exist.

When this doc came up, I was really interested to see what religious folks would make of it, whether or not they would actually watch it before commenting and so on.

I hypothesised that someone of buy cheap critical thinking online who had enough gumption to actually watch it would be unlikely to comment as whatever their argument pro theism would likely have been effectively countered logically in the doc itself. So far it seems my hypothesis is holding. I also wonder if many continue reading not comment in the hope that this doc does not get so much attention, which is amusing to me because it is not primarily about theology of any kind, rather it is about critical thinking and the definition of atheism, which surely has great value whatever your position and can only help strengthen your reasoning ability, if only to understand what you are arguing against.

I myself think this one in particular deserves more attention than most, whether you editing admission au essay cheap services theist or not, so I for one would sincerely like to read it, and currently you are severely under represented on this comments board. Christianity is the 2nd most powerful institution ever devised by man. Not a fan of either. Its just a way to get people to step in line, and its so deep rooted in our society it will take millenia to exorcise it.

If we ever can. Maybe if we find out how to fold space and time, and discover vast inter stellar civilizations out there, it would disappear. But i doubt it. Because of course evolution is a tool of satan to make the flock stray from his light and blah blah. Ya i went to church, i can talk churchy. Anyone respecting such an institution is beyond contempt. And jesus was a man. A dude who said some stuff that made some jews angry and the romans killed him for being a rabble rowser.

If you take all the bogus miracles out of the bible, it would be the most boring thing ever written. Who would read that? So lets give these dudes super powers so people read this stuff man! One way or the way, it is he who should return to the basics, not you. What is your mathematical background?

But they also know that everything any bible says about this person has been cobbled together from handed-down oral traditions, stories and rituals, which subsequently were translated, re-translated, re-re-etc. I sure have major doubts that any biblical stories come close to accuracy. Your post is why I have nothing but the utmost respect for you Vlatko.

On topic, and pretty much logically bullet proof statements. There has never been, nor will there ever be, a need learn more here non believers to prove a damn thing. I have a little more disdain in my big heart for certain things about religion, one of them being what I previously mentioned, the fact that some of them breed pedophiles by trying to tame a human beings sexual feelings that come as naturally as the sunset comes each day.

They expect some of us read article support their beliefs and causes, but never once do they mention the deeds done behind closed doors to innocent little children on behalf of buy cheap critical thinking online idiotic rules the Catholic religion teaches. Is that what " Gods Will " is all about? You make me ill, some of you.

I am a father of four grown children, my feelings towards the Church are well established at this point. What should be done to these sick bastrds is not becoming of my general attitude in life, but at heart, real men feel seething anger when children are abused. To say this taints my view is a correct statement. They cannot defend it in any way shape or form, and to even suggest we put any " faith " in their claims while they harbor sexual predators within its structure, buy cheap critical thinking online, you can do the math yourself.

They deserve a cell or worse and so do the liars that protect them. They spread intolerance and make rules for everyone to live by, while perverting any sense of morality with their hidden crimes. For that, they are despised, and with them, all people who subscribe to this madness. But in a room without a professor there is PГschel popular custom essay writer services nyc begann final authority.

In this kind of environment, nothing is settled, everybody leaves pissed off and the janitor is left to clean buy cheap critical thinking online the sandwich wrappers, parakeet feathers and popsicle sticks left all over the desks and floors. Nothing can be settled or understood without a structured format and an authority to lay it out. I herewith hike up my skirt and split. It is unreasonable to believe something without a reason for that belief.

It is especially unreasonable to expect others to believe it without good buy cheap critical thinking online. It is your right and privilege. If you express it to others, as an assertion rather than an opinion, you cannot avoid the burden of proof.

It is created the moment you express your belief, by the fact that you express it. It is part of how language works. It is not propaganda, it is how we communicate ideas, information and so on. Some people may not ask you to shoulder that buy cheap critical thinking online, but you are being unreasonable to deny that it is your burden to those who do require it from you.

Well, that being buy cheap critical thinking online, I have to dumb it down for people like you, so I use colorful, uneducated language. I am sure if you read my posts from other subjects, you might notice the level of intellect dropped steadily as I had to explain simple concepts of life to simpletons.

If you cannot understand big words and buy cheap critical thinking online talk, we have to resort to hood talk. After all, I have watched Jesus Camp and understand what level I must be at to even attempt to communicate with idiots.

They use dumb arse redneck talk, I come back at them with hood talk. It is not really rocket science, you buy cheap critical thinking online adapt to your surroundings and work with what you are given. When it comes to this topic, the idiots have a head start to be totally honest with ya bro. Nothing exceptional about continue reading mathematical background.

I had a good understanding of Pre-Calculus and Calculus and its application in various fields like electronics, automatic control systems, and methods of operations research. But that was long time ago when I was at uni. By the Q document, do you mean the concordance of similarities among three of the synoptic Gospels? If so, it was developed more as a scholarly tool than anything? Have you read any works buy cheap critical thinking online Bart Ehrman?

I have 4 certifications as well. I now work in the mining industry though. Geo-technical Engineering is my forte now. Is there really much difference between a modern day atheist such as Richard Dawkins, and an agnostic? They both seem to be saying that because there has been no evidence to establish the existence of a supreme being, they refuse to believe in one. Also, I am always curious. I am a Kat! Circular ad hominem arguments are so BC.

You will one day get it. You have said twenty posts of nothingness. It is not new. It is the same every time. And Yes, this doc is about critical thinking, brilliantly expressed, I have to say. I was not criticizing you for using the Q source, however synthetic it is. After all, some of the best biblical scholars have availed themselves of it. I compare it to proto-Indio-European in the sense that the buy cheap critical thinking online though synthetic constitutes a wonderful description of the evolution of western languages.

I downloaded them buy cheap critical thinking online couple of weeks ago because someone mentioned Ehrman on this site, in a different discussion. Also, they are not books to read straight through like a novel.

My interest in seeking out the Q document was to see what Jesus was really teaching, when stripped of all the added stories and political layers, and I came across it--oh, 15 or 20 years ago? It is more intellectual curiosity than a rigorous field of study for me. Religion has provin again and again to be, fatal, for millions. One religion against another, repeated through out history, in an ever changing soup of beliefs and customs.

It is the believers that i believe need saving or they might just kill each other off and probably take the rest of us click the following article with them.

Read more, you can read Dr. When you have finished one of them, I would be interested in your impressions. I get an overwhelming feeling please click for source doom when I see how much power religions have throughout the world. And sometimes it is hard to sit back and shut up when I feel like their wars are going to come to my door.

So i post something on this page as if buy cheap critical thinking online will make me feel better. I didnt because its not enough. I cant start a war to stop it and i wont start a war because I think i,m right. So i,ll sit back again and watch helplessly while the wars continue. What a sad way to be when so many have kept the ancient mindset from the time of the bible, when lets face it they were not very well educated nor had the knowlege that we have now.

They were just fairly good at filling in the gaps when they didnt understand things. You are in effect asking for the reason that God created everything. If you continually ask for evidence for something which cannot be reasonably proven, you are asking for public mockery. Even after being handed down from however many generations have been between now and then. That is where faith and striving to live in the example of a faultless man come into play.

It casts a much more beautifying effect on what some would refer to as a meaningless existence. I see honor in faith in an all knowing, all forgiving, all loving creator of conscious, yet-imperfect beings with free will. There are too many conflicts among the synoptic gospels. And by the way, what is a faultless man? I find the biblical account of "Jesus" to be the story of a conceited fool "I am the way, the truth buy cheap critical thinking online the light.

Thanks for your reply. However, the way Dr. However, I would appreciate an elaboration. Idiocy and click the following article ignorance must be your forte.

I get the feeling Jesus may have been on to something when he tried to rid a place of worship from something as filthy as a monetary trade. Think about it for a little while. It takes a lot of faith to actually believe that the elaborate whole of the universe came to buy cheap critical thinking online spontaneously. No scientist will ever prove how the consciousness of a man really exists. Some things only God himself can know.

Try making a complete sentence starting with, "faith is fraud because The dissertation pay to composition do render all the accounts suspect, so at least a good part of them must be untrue on their face. And speaking of reasoning and knowledge, how embarassing to find that there are grown-ups like you who believe in the resurrection and all the other little twaddle tales found in a book of which you have not the least understanding.

Contrary to your assertion, it does not take a leap of faith to verify the "Big Bang," merely an examination of the evidence with a knowledge buy cheap critical thinking online basic buy cheap critical thinking online and, of course, an education--and a rational one at that. Spare me what passes buy cheap critical thinking online your Eutopian visions.

Just try to live without money and see how far you get. It is a complete sentence, but to bring it down to your level, faith is fraud because it relies on the unsubstantiated, the unprovable and the nebulous. He who seeks credence from others based on faith is merely a charlatan and a huckster and those who believe based on faith are mere dupes and buy cheap critical thinking online pygmies. Q: How did the shoes get in my house? A: I brought them in, from the car. Q: How did they get in my car?

A: I put them there, after I purchased them from the store. Q: How did they get in the store? A: They were shipped there, from the factory. Q: How did they get in the factory? A: Materials were shipped to the factory, where the shoes were assembled. Q: Where did the materials come from? A: Laces were made from cotton, leather from cows, and rubber from living plants and petroleum. Q: Where did those materials come from? A: They just popped into existence, in a rudimentary buy cheap critical thinking online, billions of years ago, and over time, buy cheap critical thinking online more complex.

Ignore First Cause, and you look like an ignoramus. Their logic centers make enormous leaps over the most obvious evidence for God, and then they feel it is their God-given right to use His own creation against Him. Right now is the time to change it.

Oh, and by the way God told me, in His bible You can no more prove that matter spontaneously came into existence from nothing a. Possible, but not likely. Most of what was written down are stories made up decades and centuries later.

You just have to be self-aware and willing to make the effort. Edit: He was also not the only ascetic preaching in his region. Perhaps he was simply more charismatic than most, and was therefore remembered. The path should be justification enough; the beauty comes in the effort made. Apatheists recognize that religion may provide a "comfort" for many people around the world, but apatheists do not need religion to be content buy cheap critical thinking online the morality of their lives and therefore live without it[citation needed].

This is known as "moral apatheism". Your statement that it takes faith to aver that matter spontaneously come into existence is symptomatic of an appalling ignorance of science coupled with a complete and deliberate misunderstanding and distortion of the concept, so typical of a huckster and a charlatan please note the spelling. Buy cheap critical thinking online likely his "teachings" came from those who followed him which explains just about all the contradictions. I implore you now more than ever to read the three books you have buy cheap critical thinking online Dr.

That one sentence about God and "his" bible literally floored me as well. Algebra, geometry, different kinds of calculus, like vector calculus for instance, work editor united service kingdom course esl, trigonometry, statistics may even be required.

Depending on which field you are practicing in, they are all relevant at some point. You may or may not need those courses, again, depending on what field you are going into.

A more specific question would narrow down buy cheap critical thinking online answer somewhat, but I am sure you get the idea. You work, live and breathe in a world of math. And no, God is not a number and cannot be quantified. You have been lied to, and lied to big time pal. Get over buy cheap critical thinking online, and move on. God does not fix things, you do. Hey, give me some credit, Robert.

I can only hope. I will admit to you Very arrogant and presumptuous of you, but exactly what I would expect. You vainly attempt to figure out how a combustion engine works, without first buy cheap critical thinking online and consulting the mechanic, who assembled it. Needless to say, 20 million, at the hands of the Nazi regime, rid this world of genetically-inferior undesirables from their perspective.

Are we done, here? No, of course not. Gould, and of course YOU, Robert. Buy cheap critical thinking online the way, I finally found a simple, accessible explanation as to why cross-products are computed the way they are i. Are you at all interested? Speaking of calculus, I also like differential equations.

Do they have much use in your line of work? Is that like a double double?? The futile nature of buy cheap critical thinking online statement overwhelmed me for a moment as well Robert. A double falsehood, or double oxymoron, take your pick. There is grasping at straws and then there is pulling down redwood trees in a single sentence.

Yes, you keep wondering all you like jeffroko, it seems to me, it is pretty obvious why people do not believe in your false God. Statements like you made there say it all, without any doubt whatsoever.

I cannot help but feel sorry for your kind at times. Then I remember the pedophiles abusing young children and being harbored and protected within your beloved Church. Your buy cheap critical thinking online continue reading me physically ill quite honestly. Hypocrites of the worst kind and smart like a bag of Doritos to boot. We do not need a false God for this bud. It is called Zeitgeist and the guy that had these ideas is not God the last time I checked.

Stealing Jacques ideas is about the speed of a bible thumper. Good job on stealing. But we click at this page knew the Church breaks every single Commandment they tout. Unless raping young kids is not a sin, I guess. Your citation of pilates and flatulations continues to side-step the obvious.

My position makes more sense, and is an outgrowth of the observable known universe, and its click the following article laws.

Are you sure of that? Circular arguments are not your original idea, we have heard this before, it is nothing new. More typing from you that amounts to nothing. Do you not tire of circular arguments? You bunnies just cannot process the burden is on you to prove what you say, it is not on us to prove you wrong.

Again, being crazy is nothing to be proud of and trying buy cheap critical thinking online prey on people who are not intelligent enough to understand they are being lied to is reprehensible. This is why my sad friend, you are not taken seriously, are ostracized for the most part by a large percentage of posters for your ridiculous ad hominem arguments.

You and people like you protect and harbor, sexual predators. I do not think anymore needs to be said. Sexual predators are forgiven, sheltered, covered up and hidden within these dens of " sin ". Yeah, some great bunch of people that is. A shining example of humanity. My ammo stays the same, and cannot change I have yet to hear a logical argument detailing where the universe came from, and who caused the Big Bang, and just how did a massive explosion become ordered and complex,with regular orbits.

The truth is, he is right. Psychotic is better though, it fits the bill much tighter. You bible thumpers are all the same. You want us to prove you wrong, it is not our job. It is yours to show us undeniable physical and scientific proof he exists. We are back to square one, after posts. You want us to prove you wrong, we cant be bothered to debate truth with fools, we suffer you enough every day in life. Look around the buy cheap critical thinking online and be happy about how many religious wars are in motion and go pray to your uncaring make believe friend if it floats your boat.

It is not even worth debating such obvious BS at times, but I cannot let fools pass by unchecked and unhindered. You all need a special island for the lot of you to practice your warfare, intolerance and hatred. Leave the rest of us normal intelligent people the hell out of it.

It is pretty foggy to this day, I do not recall what he said, but it was something about " your popular mba essay writing dumbass son! I lied though, I drank again. So what does that make me? Who said anything about honor? Buy cheap critical thinking online, where is the honor in suspending the most powerful critical function of mind? Where is the honor in believing things that may be lies, without checking first?

More to the point, what is the point of believing something that cannot be checked, for true or false? Why would you do that? It indicates you are content and willing to accept and repeat lies as truth, with faith as your excuse. That is both dishonest and dishonorable. You cite coincidence as your evidence, but as I mentioned in a previous post, this argument is well covered and soundly refuted in the latter part of the doc, did you watch it?

It merely refers to the variety of the cabbage. In his later book, Descent of Man, he favors the cultural level of the northern European. As far as that goes, he may be a cultural snob, but he insists that all living humans are one species.

Obviously you are unaware that the term FAVORED RACES has nothing to do with racial bias, but rather with biological survival. It goes beyond the pale of rational, realistic and intelligent thought to posit that one must consult the designer of an internal combustion machine to find out how it works. So by attempting to put them down, you only put yourself down. Obviously, your ignorance and lack of intellection are engendered by your religion. So the sooner your "god" is gotten rid of, the better.

Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Stephen J. Gould have nothing on you. Again, certain types of math are job specific, there are literally billions of computations used in engineering depending on which line of work you are into. Differential equations are numerous and have different uses. There are first order, second order, highest order, LaPlace transform, Fourier series differentials. Vector representations of solutions of linear systems is cool stuff for sure.

This is just scratching the surface really though. It is literally, eat, sleep, breathe and ingest math, everyday I work. You have to love math, or this job is not for you, put it that way. We are talking shop here, Buy cheap critical thinking online feel like I am teaching again Faith when given as reason is fraud because it denies the responsibility of the burden of buy cheap critical thinking online, and curtails intellectual development by services editing united essay states mba professional the duty of doubt and honesty.

The word logic being used in any post you have made so far is frankly, offensive to intelligent people. There is no logic in one sentence you have written. You cannot logically reason out a fact or pass conjecture off as an "outgrowth of the observable known universe," whatever that is and "its governing laws," whatever they are.

Meh, I am lost, its late, I for sure have yet to disagree with one word you have posted, so yeah, wrong guy And your intelligence is like your ammo.

What makes you think the universe has to come from something, much less from your little pixie friend? Did it ever occur to you that the concept of order is a posteriori. From the large number of religees in the world, perhaps it is the intelligent who are abnormal, sad as it may seem. I wrote:"Since Religion and Science took different path, science has always tried to prove brexit essay on descriptive professional disprove that God does exist or not buy cheap critical thinking online indirectlyand it will continue to do so until it can.

If infinity exist ahead of us, then infinity exist behind us. If infinity exist then god exist. But it is by searching that we will find. It is easy to understand that a word like God has spread go here world over.

The word god is not that old but the concept of the mystery of life itself likely goes as far back as before humans could talk. The question: Who am i and what is outside of me? Does not require one to know how to talk. We assume our predecessors knew very little because we compare what their knowledge must have been according to artifacts and tools that are found but who knows how they used their mind Could it be that when the whole world comes to realize that we have this power, that the world will also realise that we can direct it in any direction we wish.

Certain scientists bring the idea that we are nothing but energy, what could that mean? Where could this idea go? Where could someone take buy cheap critical thinking online Where could millions take it? I am not bothered by people who believe in the God of their religion, i say, let them be. To take life without tension is to change the way humanity has always fonctioned and it start with the self in all possible situations. I expect to be misundestood because words never represents the depth of what we feel.

They are whatever the psychos say they are, subject dissertation cheap introduction hire ca for editing change at anytime, at the writers whim, no logic needed.

Along the lines of say, an angry woman perhaps. Rules are subject to change at anytime, without the expressed or implied consent of the opposite party. That metaphor is perfect. I do wonder sometimes if it us that is crazy and blind to truth. Then I woke up from my bad, bad, dream. Nope, still here, and still correct on all counts. So you use LaPlace transforms and Fourier series in your daily work. Personally, I take mathematics from the point of view of an art form--and I still feel like someone lower than an amateur in the field s.

How did you like it? Well, organizations, such as say, oh, the Vatican, who harbors pedos buy cheap critical thinking online religions that protect them, should bother you. But who I am I to say? I will say this in defense of my hatred of the Catholic religion. I am a father of four, two sons, two daughters. That is enough reason for these idiots to bother me, greatly. I taught for 4 years, in the US, and decided I would rather insert bamboo shoots under my fingernails than suffer another semester teaching people who for the most part, were ill prepared to meet the stringent requirements needed for engineering degrees.

Not a slight on Americans, once again, but a slight on how poor they prepare students for College and University degrees that require math skills, above and beyond what the education buy cheap critical thinking online passes off as adequate knowledge.

I cannot say anywhere else if different at this point, I have never taught anywhere other than more info US, but that being said, noone in my classes seemed to struggle so badly with engineering concepts like they did when I taught US students.

I was educated in Canada, from start to finish, even my recent certifications. It seems as though the Canuck system better prepares the students for this career anyways, but again, I have not taught in 28 years to see if this has changed or not. Just about all the intelligent, well-informed and educated posters on this site are Canadian.

So being from Los Angeles, I feel somewhat left buy cheap critical thinking online. As I informed you, my mathematical bent assuming I have one, for I am far from a mathematical genius is more towards the abstract or theoretical as opposed to the applications such as engineering, physics, population dynamics.

Cv writers hire us you have any thoughts on higher math textbooks in general, on subjects such as calculus, esl essay topics algebra, differential equations, differential geometry, etc.?

As if two people read the Bible and they interpret it differently. There buy cheap critical thinking online no "definition" of God and science is not trying to disprove something which is not defined in the first place. Otherwise science would have been examining the possibility of the existence of my unicorn buy cheap critical thinking online Titan - the master of the universe.

Albert Einstein buy cheap critical thinking online not very well scientistonce said : Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe-a spirit vastly superior to that continue reading man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.

To paraphrase one FB comment: If we were only guided by "what makes sense", we would still believe that the Earth is flat and the Sun revolves around the Earth, but through evidence and logic a. Your position makes sense in buy cheap critical thinking online biography writing website uk way as tor the 4 year old makes sense that trees make the wind. Really, you know what I am going to say?

Makes sense to me! I can no longer read this sanctimonious and duplicitous scientific buy cheap critical thinking online dictatorship propaganda malarky anymore without getting sick. Me thinks the gents in the "inner temple white coats" doth protest far too much for someone supposedly giving of their time freely to camp out on "Talking point" topics like this. I possess a BA in Ancient History and an MSC from the Centre for Alternative Technology, am neither a lib or a conservative, a democrat or a republican, a christian or even a Pagan.

I am by definition simply seeking truth and I am willing to share my perch with the truth wherever Buy cheap critical thinking online find it. I see nothing here but agendas.

Science was never meant to be the ultimate answer to anything. It is not a religion. It is not a political system. It is not a cult. It is a language used to describe the world around us and nothing more.

You can no more trust a scientist than you used to be able to trust an inquisitor in the middle ages. Science has become a wh-o-re to the highest bidder and regularly poisons the world and its people every day for profit and power. I had a near death experience many years ago. I did the whole tunnel thing and everything else some of you may have heard about. I even did it with scepticism. I looked both ways up and down the tunnel at the same time because I was a mote of consciousness that could see degrees at once.

The tunnel showed me everything I had ever done. So I turned back - and on the way back to my body I detoured and visited 2 people who later confirmed the visit.

No buy cheap critical thinking online about it because I made sure I could test them later. That was the point. A sense of peace and knowledge of order and harmony amidst the chaos. Now if it were up to the left brained scientists in the crowd my whole story would be consigned to the dust bin. Fortunately the world has buy cheap critical thinking online yet totally succumbed to the mind numbing constraints of an imbalanced world view that seeks to label and constrain what is naturally meant to be free and full of love and compassionate curiosity and replace it with moronic regurgitated rote learning.

Science buy cheap critical thinking online as yet light years from a universal equation that explains everything. Until that time it should remember its place in the scheme of things and stop trying to prove its point at the end of a toxic gun because more and more people can see the emperor is quite naked under that lab coat.

A deity is a being, natural, supernatural or preternatural, with superhuman powers or qualities, and who may be thought of as holy, divine, or sacred. Brian Cox when you buy cheap critical thinking online him? Quoting Einstein out of context is really something. Now read what he really thinks about religion. For example Tesla was in love with a pigeon. As long as I had her, there was a purpose to my life.

Who said that it was in the first place. On buy cheap critical thinking online contrary science is only the best tool devised for arriving at the most logical, reasonable, empirically proven conclusions. No one here said that science is almighty. We tried the "religious moral compass" for the last years and look where we are. Can we try for a while to be moral without religion? Blame capitalism, corporations and politics. The system is in perfect setup for science misuse and abuse.

Yeap, we said it before. On the other hand religions are the ones who claim to have all the answers. I said buy cheap critical thinking online quote him out of context. Read all his letters and everything else where he refers to religion, buy cheap critical thinking online form an opinion whether he was religious or not. Interesting, so you have absolutely no belief in a God? I can get with that. I have absoutely no belief in any gods.

In fact I have a really tough time understanding how other people can. Then spent thousands of years doing nothing but be obsessed with the life only on that planet, demanding worship contradiction, if something has needs, it is not perfect or infallible.

All the arguments presented for the existence of God amounts to less than would prove the existance of Hogwarts, Elves or Darth Vader.




AND YOUR RESPONSE IS DEPRESSINGLY OBTUSE IF YOU DONT MIND ME SAYING. I AM TURNING THE TABLES AROUND RIGHT NOW. Remember, the minute you insult a person in a debate, you buy cheap critical thinking online. I have buy cheap critical thinking online posted that people of faith are under represented here, and earnestly asked for some critical contribution, as has Kateye70 and some others, most of us have not once insulted anyone, rather we have been insulted; by others and now by yourself.

Scroll up and down. At least not like ASAP did, with name calling. What is your solution? Religion to stay in bed with politics instead of science? Science is just a tool Daniel, not dogma, not organization.

Get used to it. At least try to make clear distinctions. Yes there is great unknown out-there, but that is not the reason for building popular cv writer for hire sf dedicated to supernatural beings.

Science never claims to be all knowing. Sorry bout the caps - was an attempt to format for clarity. There were 3 different levels of text there.

Sam if you feel singled buy cheap critical thinking online I apologise. I actually never had you in mind to be honest. And I do not want to name names and I said a small number to make sure I was not painting all with same brush.

I will not bother pointing fingers at the main perpetrators of the intellectual bullying that has taken place on this thread but you can take your "How dare you? And to be clear on this point : I AM NOT A CREATIONIST. I am compelled to offer a counter rebuttal purely based on the degree of psychological intimidation I have seen here being directed at kind souls who merely want to believe in a world that has a God in it.

The implication that they are somehow degenerate apes is offensive and my gut tells me ultimately wrong in spirit if not in letter or actual fact. Quotes "these" buy cheap critical thinking online just fine. You have such words to explain it. Mine sound like a child song played on a piano, yours may be the same song but played by an orchestra. A few of us are buy cheap critical thinking online worn down by having to repeat over and over again the very points made in the documentary--which too few of those trolling buy cheap critical thinking online the religious point of view seem to have even bothered to watch, yet want us to listen to their opinions on.

IMHO, buy cheap critical thinking online of them actually deserve it, buy cheap critical thinking online. This or that nonsense. We need both to survive or we will ultimately lose. Choosing one over the other is like lemmings being stampeded over 2 political cliffs every buy cheap critical thinking online. Scientific genocide is as real as religious genocide.

Have you ever had an experience that occurred in an expanded state of consciousness that compelled you to do so? If not until you stand in the shoes of someone who has you have no right to judge them for attempting to honour that experience in the only buy cheap critical thinking online they know how.

Once again you take my words and play cards with them. Which was expected as i wrote at the bottom. And if someone says you are trolling is it the same as calling them trolls?

Long tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs. Perhaps it was just a bad thread to hop into. Because frankly we know for a fact that is enitrely incorrect. What evidence leads you to such conclusions? What prevents the posts on this forum, simply being from people who think differntly than you about religion and the nature of the universe? Re: "near death experience". And by buy cheap critical thinking online way, just who is to determine this "moral compass?

Some religee who uses his fairty-tale belief system as the basis of his campaign against stem cell research, abortion and birth control?

Someone who believes he knows what should be like that same person? In short, some uneducated boob trying to dictate to the educated? It would be a shame to consign your pointless anecdote to the dust bin pay to get medicine movie review it can furnish so much amusement and recreation to any intelligent, discriminating reader.

By "Openheimer," do you mean Robert Oppenheimer? Who are the "Nasa intelligencia [SIC]? Talk about lack of critical thought--non-existence is more like it. And to think this twaddle comes from someone who prides himself on his education. No all religious conversation turn this way. Actually you could copy paste half the comments on these thread and they would fit right in the thread of other docs. Thanks for trying to bring peace, it is refreshing! Cool picture with the crow, i have a similar pic with a small bird that nestled himself in my hand for 10 minutes after i rescue him from a green house window.

As pointed out, science is neutral. The first hominid who chipped a flint off a stone and stabbed someone with it had the beginnings of genocide in their hand. When you look past the obscenity of it, just ask who benefits from having children NOT taught to use their critical faculties? Society as a whole? Some subset of society? Just think about having whole generations of adults who are taught to be gullible and incapable of reasoning their way out.

Vlatko clearly indicated that it was a quote OUT OF CONTEXT. What an unforgiveable distortion! Gods are not the target of science, the fundamental idea of a "god" whatever it is is though, god being the utmost unknown If you find someone to be insulting, why not call them on it directly by replying to their post? And calling anyone or generalising any group as troll s is as much an insult as any other. So you to play devils advocate?

What would be more appropriate however, would be your thoughts about the documentary itself, if you would be buy cheap critical thinking online kind. Yes, if you say that "god" means the unknown, but then, why not just say that the target of science is the unknown? Most people if quoted from different periods of their life would be shown to have altered their perception along the way.

Quoting them at 15, 25, 35, 45, 55 and so on, is not out of their context, it is showing that through certain thoughts they progressed towards their end thought. Are you saying that science is against discovering the unknown. Science is all about the unknown. And no, people on "my side", in this thread do not insult nor troll. Now take off your biased glasses for once please. I was merely highlighting the portion of the comments policy for Daniel that he was in breach of.

If you read there it explains how to use bolditalics and underline for this type of highlight. Overuse of course would appear to be in the same vein as overuse of CAPS. The odd bit of CAPS is OK for a highlight I think. What I would like to know is - what do you think of this documentary, its content and presentation? I think there is general confusion here between religions, their dogmas and spirituality. Budhism is a very different animal to Roman Catholicism websites united dissertation popular editing kingdom instance.

You can be spiritually minded without ever being tied to a dogmatic religious political system. A world where science was in bed with spirituality would be a perfect ideal for me. Spirituality would imply a system of morality and an internal compass that is sadly lacking in a mechanical android mindset.

Unfortunately uniformitarian science would have us all believe that we are merely carbon based accidents in a clockwork universe and that all that ails us can be cured with science via chemistry, physics or what have you. Allopathic medicine is a perfect example of science gone wrong as it believes petroleum-based products are the only cure to all ailments despite killing more people than heart attacks in the US every buy cheap critical thinking online. Anyone who has ever been fortunate enough to experience the difference in treatment buy cheap critical thinking online attest to this.

And I absolutely agree that the dumbing down of the population is tragic. And in the bible belt no less. I call for more rigorous science education in schools along with a firm foundation in ethics, philosophy and history. Can I suggest just simply reading the thread? The answers you claim to seek are found within. Have a great day buy cheap critical thinking online Cool.

Mine was a wild visitor just learning buy cheap critical thinking online fly. He stayed for a few hours and I have photos of him on the shoulders of my kids and nieces.

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