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Copyright is a form of protection grounded in the U. Constitution and granted by law for original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression. Copyright review toronto service article editor both published and unpublished works. A quick internet search on the subject of how to copyright an idea and idea protection will yield a massive number of potentially relevant search results.

People care about this website popular essays editor liverpool. In part, this is because there are serious legal issues and real money involved. They are a part of us. We want to see them live, and we want to profit from their expression.

There are three kinds of copyright issues I see best problem solving ghostwriters website australia where you need to know how to copyright an idea and protect yourself. If you are considering adapting a book to a movie, it is crucial that you investigate optioning the rights first. Without securing the rights, any work you do on the adaptation is link to be sellable.

This applies not only to books, but also sequels or prequels of existing movies, comic books, magazine articles, and short stories.

A first step in securing the rights would be to contact the publisher to see if they have a subsidiary rights division that can tell you who controls the rights or represents the author. However, for writers with more experience and credits, I recommend working with an entertainment attorney just to be on the safe side.

These are all situations where you want to know how to copyright an idea because copyright issues are so important, and where I recommend working with an entertainment attorney.

This is a good article explaining the top ten reasons click the following article a writer needs an entertainment lawyer. Development executive and bestselling author Chad Gervich provides a good example of exactly what is and is not protected for a given idea. You do NOT own that idea. A TV company, a fellow writer, or your best friend could all write their own movies about boys befriending lost chupacabras… and you would probably have NO LEGITIMATE CLAIM they stole your idea.

Even if you discussed it with people… you DO NOT OWN THE IDEA. You own only your execution. Not protection… just best problem solving ghostwriters website australia pieces of evidence. In other words, one folder with all of the evidence. A program I use for putting password protection on things is Archiver. This should be someone whom you know keeps their email forever. If something does happen where you best problem solving ghostwriters website australia a victim of theft, clear records of who sent what material to whom and when can help.

You should be keeping track of who you meet with, when, where, and what you discuss. This is most important as part of your meeting strategy to sell your work, but in the event something happens, these records can be useful. Best problem solving ghostwriters website australia can also pre-register certain works in progress.

This registration is required to sue for copyright infringement in federal court. See the website for more details. The best protection for your ideas and your career is to get feedback, adapt, and constantly improve. She has helped many writers best problem solving ghostwriters website australia agents and managers… More About Stephanie Click here to cancel reply.

By the way, lawyers have said to pitch to people who you trust. Although this makes logical sense, is there anything practical about this? In my opinion, the risks of someone potentially stealing an idea are very low in comparison to rewards of selling a project and launching a successful career. And yes, keeping a paper trail is a smart business practice for many reasons. Thanks for the shout-out, Stephanie! Another reason not to be scared of sharing your ideas, Blaire: ideas are a dime a dozen.

You should have 20 ideas… and tomorrow you should think of 20 more… and the next day — 20 more. Most of them will never happen for one reason or another, but you need to keep pumping them out. AND… you need to keep sharing them. Hollywood is an industry based almost entirely on relationships — and one of the ways those relationship are formed is by engaging in the free trade of ideas. For example, I had a pilot deal at 20th Century Fox last year, and when I was about to turn in the script, I put together a room of professional TV writers and producers to help punch up the script.

They all did it COMPLETELY FOR FREE, contributing their jokes, rewrites, suggestions, pitches, etc. First of all, your goal should be to SELL THIS SHOW and your vision of the shownot to be the host. Many networks even insist on having a celebrity host, believing that a Zinksalbe, custom school biography assistance official will bring with them a built-in fan base and publicity opportunities.

In fact, as I said earlier, ideas themselves — even ideas that have been partially developed — are a dime a dozen. Probably at several somewheres. The only thing that makes an idea unique is the EXECUTION of it — and execution takes much more than conceiving an idea. It needs formatting, an understanding of budgeting, casting, locations, scheduling — and these are skills that are only learned with YEARS of television production experience.

So you need to partner with a producer, showrunner, or production company that can provide this. But that is part of the collaborative process. A few years ago, a friend of mine sold a sitcom idea to a major cable network.

The idea got on the air and ran for two seasons. My advice: here someone legit wants to buy your show, you fight to stay on board as some sort of producer depending on the network, you could be as high as Co-EP or as low as Co-Producerand nothing else. But I do appreciate your point of view and honesty, so thank you for that.

Anyway — thank you again and enjoy your trip to Israel! So my solution is to put my name on everything. Will somebody please explain to me why it is a rookie move for a screenwriter to put a copyright registration number on check this out script?

Providing these registrations makes it easier for the receiving party to complete their due diligence. If a copyright registration is considered evidence in a dispute, a stronger case could be made if it can be shown that the infringing party was aware of the copyright when the script best problem solving ghostwriters website australia received.

Screenplays are now used for more than just films. They may be adapted to another medium or used directly. Not having the copyright printed on the document may complicate business and legal proceedings for these other applications.

So this certainty, of being perceived as an amateur, is what weighs against the extremely small possibility that someone will infringe on a copyright and that putting the registration number on esl uk writing hire thesis proposal for cover page not just having the number, but putting it on the cover page makes a difference in the case.

Thank you for sharing this information. Always enjoy reading your content, of course I love your book, Good in a Room. After all, in a capitalistic society, every job involves sales in one way or another. Do you have mental telepathy or what? I live in kingdom site analysis united proofreading essay popular U.

I was using the free software,Adobe Story. I would feel comfortable distributing a script that way, but feel free to make the choice that feels right to you.

Thanks so much, Keith. Yes, I will be at AFM this year. Hope to see you at the Pitch Conference on Saturday, November 9. Stephanie, i have several ideas for Tv shows and a couple of outlines for a movie for Tv.

I have had these for about 8 years now. I just ran across them when cleaning out my closet. To me they still would be original. I have not shown them to anyone except my family and naturally they think some of them would really work on Best problem solving ghostwriters website australia. I have no idea how to talk to the right person or how to go about getting them copy wright or even if i should.

I am not too computer smart. Please if you could help me in any way for me to get started i would so appreciate what ever you could do if anything. Sincerely Larry Jackson Hi Larry, Thanks for your note. This site and your book best problem solving ghostwriters website australia awesome! Any public free online resources I can use best problem solving ghostwriters website australia search and undertand getting the rights to this?

Ok I came up with a tv show help with esl creative essay online that is about me learning,how to become a martial arts actor and do voice acting on video games also do dubstep dances an free running. I will want to tell you more I just dont want to come out to much detials. You mentioned the goal of being an actor. I recommend getting as many jobs as an actor as you can in your local area paid or unpaid first, before trying to get work on a national best problem solving ghostwriters website australia. Best of luck to you.

Thank you Likewise Stephanie. I am making the relevant plans to attend the AMF in November this year. I want to be fully prepared for the trip and is it correct to say you can offer consulting assistance? Regards, Andy Hi Andy. Yes, I would be happy to help you.

My question relates to feature treatments and outlines. How do I protect an idea about me and this industry? Would a network be interested in providing a team that they like working with? You have me intrigued. This will be an important consideration for anyone who would be interested in buying your show.

I would focus on finding an experienced producer who has credits in the same genre as your show first. Without a producer, it will be much harder to get interest from writers or networks.

I have an idea of a network. The title of the channel is the initials of a celebrity. I want to best problem solving ghostwriters website australia my idea to that specific famous person, so he can create a network of his own.

Can I protect my idea? Can I get money of this idea? Can I say that is my idea at the same time that the initials are the name of the celebrity? Perhaps there is more to the idea than this?

I would like to know what is the best way to go about contacting a producer in order to be able to pitch the idea to networks? This may be disappointing, but best way to contact a producer is through a referral. This is the way almost all writers get meetings, get representation and get hired. I love a great challenge and work on solving the worlds problems and the mysteries of the world.

I have lots of new discoveries but right now I like to focus on the 2 most important ones that I know will help our world. The first is that I found something new that was very damaging to our environment and believe it could be one of the things contributing to global warming.

The scientist blame it best problem solving ghostwriters website australia the Pesticides but there wrong … SurePesticides could be killing some but not in great amounts.

If I had the chance to present my work to the world I know everyone would agree that my proof is correct. I wish that even finding a partner to help me would be nice. What would you do if you were me? Feel free to email me with the attached email to this comment if you want. Thank you for any help. It sounds like you are doing very interesting work.

These are complex questions and hard to answer without knowing more specifics, but I would suggest contacting a local newspaper best problem solving ghostwriters website australia magazine to see if you can get your work published that way. Often, a compelling article in a local paper can get picked up by the local news, then gets picked up by larger papers or news programs.

Also, after you have an article or interview with you published, you can include the clip when you contact environmentalists and scientists. I wish you lots of success! I have several storylines for books and screenplays for movies but they are only stored in my head. Source few are on paper, I could verbally tell you each one of them but transferring to paper is a struggle.

Several of them play out like my own personal movie in my head. I think if I had a ghostwriter or something it wd help. Anyway do you have any suggestions. Please help Hi Madeline. As a next step, try recording yourself talking through the stories. Then, you can transcribe best problem solving ghostwriters website australia pay someone else to transcribe the text. Would that be correct?

I would suggest investigating how special effects technology is patented and perhaps there would be an opportunity in that realm. Hello I have a TV game show idea den cheap essays editor site gb einer I would like to copyright it before sending my idea off so no one else can use it as there own.

I have a TV show idea and I really need to copyright it so that I can publish it. How can I copyright my idea? While the idea alone is not copyrightable, if you publish the complete idea in a written form, you automatically own the copyright.

You cannot copyright an idea, you cannot trademark an idea, nor can you patent an idea. You can only in the way you carry it out best problem solving ghostwriters website australia the expression of it. To a screen writer that means writing.

You also cannot copyright a book title which is why I embed the title within the text of my books. You also cannot copyright a table of data which is why our materials have explanations. You also cannot copyright a recipe which is why my cook books provide instructions. I could go on… All copyrights since are protected for 75 years after the death of the author, 95 years if it was a work for hire, or years from the date of creation.

Box — Orange, CA I was struggled to find out about the innovator beneficiaries and the intellectual thefts. I was surprised to see your site and I would like to know and share my experience with you. Now my question is…l had created many innovative ideas, business concepts, advertising concepts, movie stories, society development themes for politicians, I T concepts, T V show concepts and all. But most I was shared with my friends, strangers by verbally. Few I was written in my dairy.

That dairy I was given to a stranger. That all ideas and concepts became implemented and got profited more than crore. Few ideas worth nearly crore. But I am not the beneficiaries for that. But I best problem solving ghostwriters website australia trying to do that all.

I have written about that all in my dairy. Can I get the benefits from the past without having proof?. If the source machine will implemented maybe it can possible I think write?

Or if there is a way to get back my benefits to me?. Ideas and concepts are very valuable for first step towards do something new for innovate.

Can the doctor or software professionals can give suggestions and ideas for free?. Like that ideas and concepts for the innovator are must be payable in a percentage or depending upon the idea and concept provides. It should be hope for new comers of ideas creator.

Then only the world will become a reality not only from the verbally ideas can change the world technologically. I hope you reply. I have a quick question. I understand what you say about copywriting ideas. This might not bode well for my project! Before turning the outline into a full script and using it to try to secure meetings, do I need to buy the rights?

Or is having established that the rights are available and relatively cheap enough to write up the script and then share that with others? If you want to sell your script based on a book, I strongly recommend that you have the film rights secured to the book before you submit the project. Agents and studio executives will want to know that the rights are locked down before considering the project.

If you decide to negotiate for the rights, definitely work with an experienced attorney. But it sounds like a key goal is to have an excellent writing sample. If your writing sample is exceptional and is based on a book, this work could potentially get you hired to adapt another book into a screenplay.

Do you primarily want to focus on book-to-film adaptations? If yes, go forth. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to share your expertise.

I live in Toronto. I have two screenplays on the Inktip website. Connects writers with industry professionals. They wont accept work unless it best problem solving ghostwriters website australia registered in some way.

They recommend the WGA. Super website by the way. My friend and I have an idea for a TV show which we are trying to develop ourselves as a web series. The issue I am having is that when it comes to anything outside of having an idea, my friend is not involved. I do not want to get burned should the show start generating revenue, but my friend seemed offended at the idea of a contract.

He also randomly loses interest in the project and I best problem solving ghostwriters website australia bring him back around. In my non-legal-professional opinion, this sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Here are two articles about writing partnerships as popular for hire london is related to your experience: 9 Questions Writing Partners Should Ask Each Other and 6 Tips To Creating A Writing Partnership That Works.

Thanks for bringing attention to this topic! I was wondering what your thoughts are on whether you can copyright a spec TV script on a preexisting series? What are best problem solving ghostwriters website australia thoughts? Could you, please, let me know which form should I fill to register a reality show TV program at the library of Congress through Eco.

Hi Stephanie and thank you very much for the write up! I dont have the means to manufacture a click at this page representation of it, but rather have created a detailed image link it, with description. Can I copyright the image? And will that give me the protection of the idea itself?

And if so, would I file it under copyright. I realize its a bit of a distance from screenplays, and the like, but hoping you have advice nevertheless. I recommend consulting an attorney who specializes in intellectual property. Your knowledge is golden.

I got two questions. Question one; I created a paranormal cop show and the department my character works in is called Special Crimes Unit. I recently found out that a show and a book series uses the term Special Crimes Unit. Also, I found a few law enforcement groups use the term as well, none are associated to paranormal work. Can you copyright the term Special Crimes Unit?

Question two; my brother stole my paranormal cop idea and created his own Special Crimes Unit and is now trying to sell that to book publishers. Can I sue for him stealing my copy best problem solving ghostwriters website australia concept or do I have to sit back and let him make my idea.

If you decide to pursue this idea further, focus on writing the very best version of the project so that people will want to work with you. If writer is the producer of the movie does he have to worry about registering the screenplay? I was going to do 2 shows filmed with my camera in article source 3 times in 3 different angles to look professional.

Thing is when I do them, there will be no written work, just me directing others on what to say in the current tone, like open directing. Would best problem solving ghostwriters website australia be wise to maybe tape record it for proof of concept of your idea? So I thought maybe do the same for what could be a really good movie or sitcom could work, any ideas. Thank you so much for the useful information. I was wondering about getting feedback, do you find it better to reach out and ask people to read a script or pay for a professional company to do this?

I have had a script go through both ways and the professional showed me a lot of flaws in the script, but then I would need best problem solving ghostwriters website australia pay them again to re-read. What is your opinion? Both options can work. Initially, I would ask people you know and look for patterns in their feedback.

I recommend paying for coverage before you send out a script to potential buyers, producers or representatives. Thanks for all you do BTW…2 questions. Now, what kind of rights may here be involved? And will again this be considered as an adaptation vs an original work? Pixer is my inspiration and i know they would love it, but since I do not work there, they can not make it happen.

So i was wandering what my first step needs to be and who do i need to try to contact? Thank you for the help. Pixar develops their projects in-house. Typically if a film producer is interested in purchasing the rights, the producer will contact the book publisher, rarely does it work the other way around.

Does a copyright count for a movie you have written, filmed, and published all by yourself? I already have a few good ideas in my head, am working on scripts, and will be doing the animating myself.

Can you help me? Do the same rules apply for the copywrite? My best guess is that yes, they do, but game shows are not my area. Follow the recommendations and if and when things start to get more serious, consult with an attorney right away.

He is trying to make a movie and everyone around him thinks it is a great idea and the story is very inspiring and has a global reach. In order to secure the rights is it good for him to write a best problem solving ghostwriters website australia level script himself so he secures it and then pitch it to producers etc? In general, it is services united editor professional essay states persuasive required for him to write a script if there are long-form articles written about him in major publications.

If the writer who approached him has established credits in a similar genre, this can be very helpful. I definitely recommend having a signed agreement, negotiated by an attorney, between your friend and the writer before any projects are pitched as too often, people have conflicting understandings especially when money is involved.

After obtaining a copyright on an program idea, I was considering beginning a make of the idea. Good or bad to do that?

You can respond to feedback and start to build an audience— both very important skills for career success. Hi, I loved your article! I was just wondering how can I go about protecting and registering my program that focuses on leadership development in youth, who do i contact? With respect to your program, the content you create books, powerpoints, handouts, etc. But you may also want to consider getting a trademark for the name of your program if best problem solving ghostwriters website australia is unique.

You might want to protect it. But, like doctors, when you best problem solving ghostwriters website australia them, you need them.

And start with Copyrights. They are cheaper and enforced by the government. Trademarks are much more expensive and you MUST pay to monitor and protect your marks. Best problem solving ghostwriters website australia for your article. I just finished a pilot script that was intended for TV series. But because i have heard it is so difficult to get your work read by entertainment people, I changed my mind and I am thinking in publishing it as a book so people can have a chance to read it.

It is much easier to get books published than to TV series picked up. There are also many avenues available for self-publishing books. Best of luck to you! I got it USA copyrighted. Someone like me from israel. Can I copyright my script by wga and us copyright?? Hi Stephanie, Thank you for this article, it was very informative.

If you do send it out, there is always a risk that someone could steal your script, but in my opinion, this risk is very low. If your script was stolen, you own the copyright as soon as you have written the document, so you could sue and potentially get a monetary settlement for damages. This has best problem solving ghostwriters website australia, though very rarely and unfortunately, this kind of case is very expensive for an individual. Good practice is to keep notes of your drafts, keep notes of when and where you send the script and methodology best ghostwriters nyc dissertation services is reading it.

Something that people have no time investing their time in and always looking forward to watch it. I wanted to know I if there are any networks out there that would even consider picking up more serious animated series. I also would like to know if share you have any experiences with animated series and any suggestions you have about writing a scripting for one.

Yes, networks are always looking for terrific material and source includes more serious animated fare. Yes, writing for TV and film are quite different. To suggest best problem solving ghostwriters website australia one can copyright and idea is misleading and perpetuates misunderstanding. Would you copyright a game show the same you would a TV show?

If not, how would you copyright a game show? I recommend consulting with an attorney. My movie name is. I know you wrote this years ago but I would like some advice.

I have been wanting to write for TV for most of my life. I already know everything I want to happen in the show from beginning to end. I have been developing it for years. I just want my show seen. It is a show that is supposed to make people think and educate them while also being entertaining. If too many changes are made to it, it will destroy the message. Is there a way I could make some kind of agreement where I get consulted and can approve changes? Not crediting people seems unreasonable.

TV is a medium that is typically developed by a group of writers, unlike writing a novel or non-fiction which is often the work of one writer. If your goal is to get your work out into the world and you want to control the final work, I suggest writing the story as a book. The original writer of a TV series does get credit, but it is very rare for someone to sell a TV project without having prior credits writing on other TV shows. There are many books published each year by first-time authors and you will have significantly more creative control.

I would write a book, but I literally best problem solving ghostwriters website australia it thought out in episodes. It must be seen. I need to start small. Hi Stephanie I was so happy to find this blog. I have around 10 story ideas for movies or books in my mind, 3 of which I have already outlined the plot and stories 1 romance and 2 science fiction stories.

I believe these stories though inspired by other movies I have seen, are quite original or at least a refreshing take on their own. My question is, I am originally from the Philippines now living in New Zealand, can I copyright my stories in the US? And how would you suggest to write it first, in my native language Filipino or in English?

Best problem solving ghostwriters website australia where to pitch it first, in the Philippines or New Zealand or the US? Now whichever country I pitch it first, can you suggest me how to protect and copyright them because my stories have twists or surprise endings that I worry about it getting stolen or best problem solving ghostwriters website australia once I pitch to someone.

Right now I have not told or let anyone read these stories except my wife and daughter due to these worries. Copyright law varies in different countries and you could talk to an NZ-based entertainment attorney about this to get your questions answered. I have read an old book and think it woukd make an excellent film but do not know how or where to begin? Paul hello madam i want to ask something. Former MGM exec Stephanie Palmer talks about how to copyright your ideas.

I came across your blog while gathering information on what to do with a TV idea. As mentioned earlier in this blog, many times best problem solving ghostwriters website australia most important thing for success is who you know. Well, I know nobody. Hi Shad, I love Iowa and I was born there. TV is developed internally and by established TV writers. But if you have an idea that you want to share, I recommend writing it as an article, short story, novel or other written work that you can control and publish.

The photos are of a famous person with ties to two countries. Although this person is regarded as the literal father of a particular sport in their home country this person also made important contributions to engineering, music, painting, and other fields — a literal polymath that started as best problem solving ghostwriters website australia troubled youth.

This person deserves a movie. I am not involved in the industry, but have developed reasonable good writing skills from my high school newspaper and from 16 years of writing online product descriptions. That does not qualify me as click to see more book author though. This person also frankly deserves a written biography as there are only scattered information on him on the internet. Could I provide myself some protection by registering a work with the copyright office that would consist of two main parts: a a biography of research and b a description of a movie based upon a timeline of events and places constructed from the research?

In general, the more you have written down, the better. I recommend consulting with esl creative essay editing websites nyc attorney about your specific situation.

I got an idea for a TV show. The problem for me is that my English is ok, but not excellent. But for what I understand I need to write a document with my idea. And then I have to send it to a writer, or is it to a director? Plz tell me how I register my idea or concept for my safety.

BC fwa is best problem solving ghostwriters website australia proper way. Give me suggestions … Hi Mohammad. Ideas themselves are not copyrightable. The specific expression embodiment of your idea is copyrightable. Yes, I believe you can, Isabel. Please let me know if you discover something different and I will update this post.

Almost Every Screenwriter Struggles with 1 of 3 Common Obstacles. Take the Quiz to Find Out Yours. You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. Do You Know the 1 Screenwriting Obstacle that is Holding You Back? Take 1 Min Quiz. Do you want to know how to copyright an idea best problem solving ghostwriters website australia a movie or TV show? What Is A Copyright?

Why Copyright Protection Best problem solving ghostwriters website australia Important. Email will not be published required. Should we just keep a paper trail, do the copyright registration, and hope for the best?

Thanks so much, Chad! I really like your energy! Great info Chad — and yes, I agree. Influencing the show, having it presented in the way or at least sharing input as to how I am and the show is presented. Blaire — some quick knee-jerk reactions. Basically, work is stolen because economically, it pencils out. And still one may find oneself in court. To anyone who has followed my documentary……saw the rough cut last weekend. Most I liked it. Thanks for clearing that up. Thank you once again for your insight.

I wish I had ESP, but glad the timing was good for you, Lisa. I hope to see you there…. Hi Larry, Thanks for your note. I understand that you have a lot of goals. So glad to know you found this helpful, Andy! YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Launch Port - The Open Door Business Blog.

I consider myself an idealist. I could go on…. All copyrights since are protected for 75 years after the death of the author, 95 years if it best problem solving ghostwriters website australia a work for hire, or years from the date of creation. Hi Stephanie, I desired to looking forward with your site. Thanks and best wishes. This is super helpful. Glad to help, Best problem solving ghostwriters website australia. Thanks so much, John.

Thanks again for any advice! Thank you for your time! Yes, registering the script offers some protections in case the script is stolen. Idriss Abdi Ahmed Khalif. Also where can he sell his life story rights if he wants to cash in without people stealing it?

Thanks so much in advance. Awesome, thank you Best problem solving ghostwriters website australia. Really like the article. Helped me understand a great deal. Best regards and thanks for your work with the next generation! Here best problem solving ghostwriters website australia much, Mark. Great info Chad, thanks. Hi, my name is Yasmine and I have a good story here about:.

A sex addict cop who meet and fall in love with a modest Christian patriarchy shy women. I wanted to ask you about animated television shows. For the longest time, I have been extremely passionate about creating animated t. Please help me copyrighting my idea. I just have no clue. I have an idea that I want to copyright before discussing it with a potential partner organization. Thank you for your response. This is so frustrating. TV writing rules make no sense sometimes. Once again, thank you.

Need to know how to register and protect best problem solving ghostwriters website australia movie idea. Thanks for your question, Raju. How To Copyright Your Idea Information. Give me suggestions …. I would like to talk to someone about my ideals. Yes, essay for ghostwriter masters professional admission services is worth considering depending on your needs.

Reply Do You Know the 1 Screenwriting Obstacle that is Holding You Back? Popular Recent The Top 13 Screenwriting Contests To Enter In Writing Science Fiction: Spotlight On Jon Spaihts Most Popular Script Discussions Breaking Bad 30 Rock The Office US Version Mad Men Bee Movie The Sopranos.

Topics Covered in Free 30 Min Video:. TV vs Film Earnings Potential. Highest Price Scripts for New Writers Ever. Payment Schedules, Industry Minimums, and Negotiation Strategies. Exactly How Much Money You Can Expect To Make. Do you know when the filing deadlines are for the most important screenwriting contests? Deadlines for Every Major Screenplay Competition. Odds of Winning from Past Entries. Broken Out into TV and Film Categories.

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